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    Grooming services for men a boon . . . the ladies say ‘Aye!’

    We admit it guys, our posts regarding ‘grooming for men,’ have been pretty sparse (still informative) over the years, but the truth is the ladies haven’t had much rivalry from the opposite sex in regards to the subject of grooming . . . until now that is. Typically, our site is more focused towards women’s grooming, while men usually go to sites like onpointfresh for fashion and grooming tips and advice.

    While doing some research for an article I happened upon some information on men’s hair that got me thinking about what is happening that is long overdue. Grooming services for men are reaching new heights and more and more hair dressing salons, manufacturers and hair stylists are turning their attention towards the guys. Why? It’s simple . . . women aren’t the only ones who like pampering . . . men want to look and feel better too! Men may also be feeling the pressure to keep up appearances as the job market crisis looms. Hairdresser salons are helping men to look younger and fresher which in turn sets one up for more success.

    The macho-macho man image is evolving into a new paradigm of potentialities. Bieber fever, Clooney wanna-be’s, Pitt passion and even some vampires are being emulated as to what the modern man looks like. And, the proof is that men are clearly making their vote for their fashion enthusiasm at hair salons with their pocketbooks!

    Just a few years back, the term “metrosexual” was coined to describe a man who was flaunting his style from head to toe and unfortunately the term loosely carried a critical connotation to it. Have you noticed this term has literally dropped off the map? Proof that evolution happens. At least it’s evident in the beauty industry, says Salon Today, as the men’s grooming market is out-pacing the overall beauty market with men spending an astounding $61.3 billion on grooming annually.

    Ladies love the new impending trend that men are so readily embracing. So guys, you might want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world of men’s grooming today. We will be giving you the ladies perspective on what’s hot and what’s not with grooming for men. Stay tuned or better yet sign up to be notified when our next article is posted in our new category, ‘Mens Hair’ We will keep you abreast on the newest men’s grooming services, products, the hottest men’s haircuts and hairdressing salons that assure you of looking and feeling your best . . . all of course, from the ladies perspective.

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