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    Mens Salons Just Got Better!

    Mens Salons

    Beer in Mens Salons Not Just For Fun!

    I imagine you’ve noticed the mens salons popping up nationwide, from franchised versions to the revised and updated down home barbershops. Mens salons are back with a vengeance and I’m glad to hear it! Guys have needed a place to go that caters to their grooming needs and life style interests.

    It was already 4 years ago that I posted this article “Mens salons have a big future” which includes a LA Times snippet of a man who saw the market for new mens salons and within 4 years time opened, Major League Trim . . . great name! He was a pioneer in introducing the modernized barbershop including barber stations, each with its own 13-inch TV with access to cable sports stations.

    “Mens Salons Inovating With Beer” Since that time there have been many mens salons that have cropped up with services including, scalp and hand massages, hot towel straight edge shaves, shoe shines, manscaping (shaving or waxing off excess hair) and the sale of mens skin care, hair products, sports paraphernalia and even cigars!But recently I heard of the newest mens salons service menu offering, The Beer Rinse . . . Brilliant!! There are mens salons that serve the occasional beer or wine to their clients but, A mens salon in New York City has improved on the concept by offering a beer rinse as a hair service. Using beer as a rinse for the hair isn’t new, but it is new in some salons as a service to add shine and make hair appear thicker.

    Supposedly, real brewed beer contains vitamins and proteins that nourish the hair and add body and texture to hair. It’s also said to have an acidic quality that strips the hair of product buildup and contains added sugars that tightens the cuticle for extra shine. I haven’t tried it, but If you want to try a “beer rinse” treatment at home, open a bottle of brew, take a few sips and let it sit on the counter to become flat and room temperature. Simply shampoo and rinse as usual. Pour remaining bottle of on hair and massage in. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

    First, mens salons brought in flat screen TV’s with sports, ESPN and cigars, and it keeps evolving. Now ‘beer’ is served as a relaxing beverage AND as an old hair remedy revisited.

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