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    Oscar Hairstyles, My Take

    Oscar Hair

    Charlize Theron wins first annual Oscar, Hairs Best of Show award

    Charlize Theron, gets the Oscar hair for,  Best Hairstyle in Show. Heavy backcombing at the crown and swept into a french twist gave her up-do hairstyle a more formal look. Note the similar hair color to Reese’s, with intended darker roots and the shades of blonde almost identical. It’s THE color this year for blondes.

    The 78th annual Oscar hair, from my perspective, seemed like everybody told their hairdresser just play it safe. Not a lot of creativity in hair styling went on at tonight’s Oscar ceremony. Although the girls looked pretty, Oscar hair became rather ho-hum, I kept seeing the same hairstyle over and over again. Midway through the Oscar ceremony, I found myself wanting some hair diversity or excitement. Dresses were sleeveless and more often than not, black. Not to many chances taken here; classic dress, classic hairstyles . . . even Samuel Adams, left his hat at home.

    But, here they are and some received my first annual Oscar hair awards.

    Nicole Kidman’s hairdresser doesn’t do her justice with this blonde, straightened . . . blaaah . . . hairstyle. The blonde hair color with her pale tone, washes her out. Nicole best look; loosely done updo hairstyle with curls left out all around in a strawberry blonde hair color, she then wins most feminine.

    Reese Witherspoon gets the Oscar hair for, Best Actress in Supporting Role, in Walk The Line. She gets the Oscar hair award for, Most down-home Girl Look, with hair color of dark ash blonde with lots of cool beige high lights. Roots were intentionally colored darker than high lighted hair, but lighter than her natural base color. This new hair coloring process looks more natural and blends high lights while making it easier to go longer between touch-ups. Her casual up-do personified her down home look, and showed off her heart-shaped, beautiful fresh face.

    Rachael Weisz, who won Best Supporting Actress for, Constant Gardner, gets the Oscar hair award for the Most Ordinary Hairstyle. This is it folks, this is the hairstyle I dare to say, 80% of the Oscar women wore tonight. It’s pretty but, yawn . . . it got rather tiresome as the night wore on.

    Jennifer Aniston gets an Oscar hair for, Most Un-original Hairstyle, she did a zigzag parting that’s it! Nothing different for the big night? You would think for this night a different do would be due?

    Jennifer Lopez – the only attendee to wear this severely slicked back look, which she normally wears unlike anyone can, but, well . . . did you get a headache? What this hairstyle does so well for her is to show off her dynamic bone structure. This hairstyle also looks best when bigger in back to offset the severity of the front.

    Sandra Bullock, in Crash which took an upset, Best Picture Oscar. Beautiful hairstyle, off back loosely, slightly lifted off scalp high pony, soft pieces, soft waves.

    Salma Hayek – get the Oscar hair for Best Hair Color. Salma gets all of it right, her hair color, make-up and dress color; couldn’t be more BEAUTIFUL!

    Keira Knightley, gets Oscar hair for Best Ponytail and Dress.

    Jennifer Garner, gets the Oscar hair award for,Best Recovery, when she caught herself from falling, almost tripping on her long dress. She arrived at the podium to present and she recovers saying,I do my own stunts. Bravo! To bad her hairdresser couldn’t have come up with an equally stunning performance.

    Michelle Williams gets the Oscar hair award for,Worst Hairstyle and Dress, both in design and color. Nothing matches up here; color of hair, makeup, skin tone, it’s all wrong. What was she thinking?

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