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    As I have studied success over the last decade, I have come to realize...

    As I have studied success over the last decade, I have come to realize that the truly successful people have at least one thing in common. They all have someone they can go to for advice, support and knowledge.

    There is great wisdom in seeking a mentor, but unfortunately it is a practice commonly underutilized due to not understanding how to find the right person and establish an effective relationship. Most good mentors have a system in place and they want to share their information. They are at a pivotal point in their lives, when the benefits of helping another person succeed out weighs the benefit of holding on to their information. They need to help others create their fortunes.

    This post will teach you how to find a mentor and get the most out of the relationship.

    Your mentor should be a person who has succeeded in the career or field that you want to be successful in. They should have accomplished what you want to accomplish and they should have a proven track record of helping other peopleespecially if they are charging money. If you are not ready to hire a professional mentor, find someone who has accomplished more that you in your field and ask them to show you how they have done it. In the workplace setting, they may be someone in your office that has a good track record of success, or they may be someone from another office that you have heard of. In an entrepreneur setting, they might be a successful person that you meet through social media, or someone that you are referred to. They idea is to humble yourself and ask for advice.

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    The good mentors will not want to work with just anyone. Their time is just as valuable as yours. If their main goal is to help you, then you need to be willing to reciprocate the value. To establish a mentorship, you need to be willing to show value before receiving it. Show them that you are willing to listen and willing to give them something for their time. Most good mentors do not have to work with you, so they want to see how working with you will benefit them. In some mentorships a value exchange will take the form of money, in others it will be in the form of information or work. Either way a solid and valuable mentorship will include an exchange of value.

    You know there are things in life that at first will seem uncomfortable. You need to understand that most of the time having the aid of a mentor will get you where you want to go faster, in a bigger way, and they will help you get to places and in front of people that you will need someone help you get to. The money that you spend hiring someone should be considered an investment in yourself. You are the only person in charge of the size of return you get. In order to get the most out of a mentor, you need to be willing to sacrifice and work hard. A mentors job is to teach you how to get down a specific path, not do it for you.

    The difference between a coach and mentor is that a coach can be someone who has no experience in your field that simply has techniques for keeping you motivated toward your goals. A mentor is someone who has been successful in a specific area and who can help you find the same success.

    Your first step is to determine what you want and develop intention. Based on your intention, find the person that can help you the greatest. Next, contact them and let them know your intention and offer value. Then listen, obey and act on the advice they give you. Trust that they know what you are talking about and be willing to work as hard as your mentor suggests. If you want to get the most out of their advice, you need to be willing to do whatever they say.

    Do hope you found this interesting. I should mention this was requested by someone at CanType2DiabetesBeReversed. of course always appreciate suggestions and comments.

    Post Resources - Definitely worth exploring. - Your grammatical ability are fabulous! - Great site.

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