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    Your goal is to lose weight and have more energy.

    Your goal is to lose weight and have more energy. You are committed to the gym and your diet. Are you getting the results you are looking for? Are you finding that you are lacking energy and you are not as toned as you wish you could be? Did you fuel your body?

    The solution might be you are not eating enough calories. If your caloric intake is too low the weight loss is mainly coming from lean body weight not fat. It takes a lot of energy to maintain muscle tissue. Caloric deficiencies will cause the body to compensate by lowering the tissue that requires energy. (1) The body fat percentage will increase due to the ratio of the lean body mass decreasing and fat staying the same or decreasing at a slower rate. The metabolism will slow down requiring less energy to be consumed. This is not a good outcome for an athlete or an individual trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

    If planed a family vacation and where to drive cross country, the first thing you would do before taking off is making sure your Gas tank is full. You would also keep an eye on how much fuel your car has along the long drive. The last thing you would want is for you and your family to be stranded on the road with no gas. Your body is a machine and needs fuel to perform it's best. Plan out your meals and fuel your body.

    To lose fat perform a resistance routine. Perform aerobic exercise for your cardiovascular system. Fuel your body with the energy and macronutrients that are required for your body type and activity. This will have you looking and feeling your best inside and out.

    My oh my! I almost forgot. I have been making plans for updating my website. There's I really enjoy about the website Not positive exactly just what but wanted responses :-) Feedback on this would be fantastic. Okay back to it!

    For best results from your workout, have a protein and carbohydrate meal immediately after your exercise program. Protein syntheses occurs after a resistance routine. Your goal is to keep that going for as long as you can. The carbohydrates will restore your energy banks for the rest of the day. Do not skip that crucial meal after your workout. If it is hard to get that meal in because of your schedule, grab a protein shake and add some fruit in it. This is a quick and easy way to get the nutrients your body needs to start repairing from your workout.

    Train smart and eat smart, you will soon have the body you always dreamed of. Fuel your body for best results!

    a big thank you goes to Life wellness who essentially provided me with the seed idea for this article in an Facebook message they sent to me. They certainly are a terrific health site with heart in the event that anyone's curious.

    Post Resources - Absolutely worth checking out. - You always help me break it down to make the article the best it can be :-) - Good web site.

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