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    Getting out of Comfort Zone with Public Speaking

    I strongly admire the people that act on conquering their fears, such as public speaking. Oftentimes we see amazing speakers and think they we're just born with the talent for communicating and engaging the audience. Far from the truth! It is a skill that can be learned with the right support system, practice and determination.

    The first time I went to a Toastmasters event in Chicago and started to talk with the members I noticed that they we're warriors; constantly working on self-improvement, accomplishing things they never thought could be possible. And on top of it, they we're having so much fun!

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    I was inspired! I wanted to be like them!

    This is not so much about becoming a speaker but to improve my level of confidence, projection, improvisation and persuasiveness while communicating my ideas in English as a second language.

    So happy that I finally joined a club a few months ago in San Francisco! I felt the difference with my first speech!. Ok, I have done presentations in public before as part of my job or hobby but the difference this time relies on the creative process while following Toastmasters guidelines, also the constructive feedback provides a lot of value.

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    Posted in Personal Development Post Date 12/28/2015






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