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    The Top Ten Ways My Wife Astounds Me

    In honor of my wife's recent birthday (and simply because she is awesome) I've decided to devote this post to the top ten ways she continually amazes and astounds me. This process proved a challenge, not because I had to come up with ten things, but because I had to choose only ten. Otherwise, this post would have been long indeed! Please enjoy the attributes of a true work of art:

    1)She is thrifty. I discovered this quickly in our first weeks of marriage. Though we ate like royalty with gourmet sandwiches and soups, flavorful curries, and an array of signature dishes, somehow she managed to pull this off on an incredibly small budget. On more than one occasion her ability to stretch the dollar has kept us from financial ruin. She doesn't buy designer clothes or overpriced facial products, though still managing to look and dress beautifully. Though she loves to shop, she is ever on the lookout for killer deals. She understands the value of a dollar and spends only by necessity. Considering the fact that I'm not altogether gifted at managing money, her skills are imperative for our family.

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    2)She's a gourmet. The art of cooking, for many, is a lost art. But not for Heather. Her creativity and culinary instincts (in my humble opinion) are second to none. Whats even more amazing, as I mentioned above, is her ability to cook unbelievable food unbelievably cheap. Shell roast a chicken with root vegetables, use the broth to make a soup for later, any extra meat for chicken salad, chicken curry, and whatever poultry creation that comes to mind. She hardly ever buys salad dressing, but makes them from scratch. Her mind is an endless cornucopia of ideas. *Youll be glad to know she's developing a cooking blog called The Fuller Kitchen where she'll help others hit dinnertime home runs on the cheap. Well keep you posted on when it comes out.

    3)She's kind of a nerd. Some of you might be wondering why I would insult my bride with such a description. But rest assured, I consider this a profound compliment. Her brain is quite substantial. Shes obsessed with history. She reads so much she has to wear glasses now. She can't stop watching Antique Road Show because of it's historical discoveries. She enjoys feisty debates at the dinner table, and even when she's wrong, is too stubborn to concede, which I find rather sexy.

    4)She is disciplined. Whatever Heather says she will do, she will do, regardless of personal discomfort. Whether exercise, eating healthy, or guarding her words, when she commits to something, few things short of death will hinder her.

    5)She is compassionate. Ive never met anyone with such empathy for others as my wife. She can just look at someone eating alone at a restaurant and assume they have no family or friends. While I'm chowing down on my chicken fried steak she's fighting back tears.

    6)She is wise. Heather has such a sense of right and wrong. This has saved my bacon many times. While I often dive headlong into whatever idea pops in my head, she stands calmly behind, offering tidbits of advice. Something I've learned well after almost a decade of marriage: listen to your wife.

    7)She is beautiful. Though it's obvious my wife is hot (see picture above), I'm actually not talking about external appearances. Now, I know she has long luxurious brown hair, piercing eyes, and a smile so brilliant it rivals the sun, but it's character I want to talk about. Down to the core of her soul she is stunning. I see more of it year by year and I'm progressively in awe of her integrity, love, selflessness, and humility. Even when she's old and gray and wrinkled, these attributes will have only deepened. And I'll think her all the hotter, checking her out from my wheel chair at the nursing home.

    8)She's an amazing Mom. One has only to look at our children to see how true this is. I don't profess them to be perfect. Far from it. They can destroy a clean home as swift as the worst of them. But they are whole. They are kind. And they are smart. As soon as they could hold their heads up as babies she'd start teaching them, talking with them about every subject under the sun. She loves them with a fierce and unbridled love. Most Moms out there would claim the same. But, of course, I'm heavily biased. As I should be.

    9) She's an amazing wife. I could go on and on about this one. I consider myself truly blessed. She is my best friend. My confidant. The one I would choose to spend time with over anyone on the planet. She is deeply feminine, but tough as nails. Loves tea parties as well as roughing it on a camping trip. She is hopelessly romantic, constantly selfless, and loves being in love. Though I snore and eat too much candy, she sees me as quite the prince charming. Shes either blind, crazy, or a wife of true grace.

    10) She loves God more than anything. In the end, what more could a husband want or need than a bride whose heart is wholly Gods? Heathers devotion to Jesus has always been a pillar of her character, ever since she was a little girl. Even through years of difficulty, health problems and chronic pain, she remains ever vigilant in her faith. I can know without a trace of hesitation, that my wife will always obey God. She knows that she is loved. She knows that she is His.

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    Posted in Personal Development Post Date 01/07/2016






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