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    Be more positive and Be Healthier

    A lot of people want to to how you can be more positive, it's a long running topic. Positive thinking, being more positive and how these translate into beneficial outcomes in life. There are probably hundreds of published works about being more positive and steps to take that can help you think more positively. Although this thinking is powerful, the best way to be more positive is to be healthier . One of the hardest things for people to realize is that they don't take their health into consideration, it isn't "important" unless it's failing, which is a dangerous mind-set.

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    The most amazing thing about this is how it all translates into a big circle. The healthier you are the more joyful you are and the more satisfied you are with life, the more positive you become and the more positive you are the healthier you become. It's an expanding circular path that isn't even news to anyone, most people are quite aware of these facts. People who have a healthier weight experience significantly higher levels of life satisfaction than people who fight with weight gain. In relation, people who are more satisfied with life tend to be healthier and experience better future health.[1] This all connects to how you can be more positive in life and improving your health.

    The important thing is understanding how poor health (not necessarily illness) can have negative impacts on your life.[2] Everyone has experienced that day that was continually miserable. You didn't sleep well, you we're agitated at work, everything you tried to do was fighting with you. The entire day seemed to go from bad to worse, and a lot of people experience this on a regular basis. Stress is a prime example of an unhealthy life and stress is the cornerstone for an alarmingly large amount of illness. Though I won't get into the intricacies of stress in this post, it's just an example of how poor health breeds negative life side effects.

    Can you be more positive by being healthy?

    Well the answer is yes, definitely. Just take a look at that ever so common phrase people say when they're no longer sick. I " feel better " and that's exactly what it is a feeling, which is also to be more positive. This is one of the reasons I recommend people take HCF Happy Calm Focused as a supplement, because it helps these feelings. However, that isn't the solution to all your problems, plus, you can start small and work your way up. There are literally hundreds of very little, easy to do things that can help you be healthier and in turn be more positive. The side effect of those two is having a more enjoyable life.[3]

    A lot of people also look at "being healthy" as a matter of perception, which is true in a sense. After all, it stands to reason that if you aren't ill then by some extension you must be healthy, right? Well that isn't actually the case, a lot of significant health issues are "waiting to take place". But you don't have to take 10 supplements a day, measure your ideal vitamin and nutrient intake, eat a strict health centered diet and adhere to an exhausting daily fitness routine to be healthy. There isn't anything wrong with that, but it isn't necessary in the immediate sense. We can all stand to be a little more healthy which will help us be more positive.

    What can I do to be more healthy and be more positive without turning my life upside down? It's easy, do one thing that will be an improvement to your health, and maintain that. I encourage you to do something simple that is super easy to maintain and to keep up with it. I know for certain that if it's something I've introduced here, you'll notice a difference in short order. That will create a way for you to be more positive, because you'll recognize that you "feel better". The great thing about this is that it will start a chain reaction, you'll see the benefits and you'll want to try something else. That's how easy it is to start really making yourself have a more satisfying life, when you start considering your health as a major priority.

    Healthy + Be More Positive = Benefit Others

    What are you talking about here? I'm saying that you can directly influence other people in a beneficial way by being more healthy. It's a little something called "inspiration" and it sets trends. When you are generally feeling better and experiencing a more positive life, people notice and they ask what you're doing different. This scenario takes place all the time, I've had a lot of people tell me their friends ask them why they seem so " better ". When you tell them that you decided to try and be more healthy, there are usually two types of reactions. "Oh yeah, I tried that it didn't go well / work out" or "What exactly are you doing". When you emphasize how easy it is to do what you're doing, (especially if you started small) it becomes contagious. Now you are responsible for improving the quality of someone else's life so they can be more positive and influence someone else

    This is exactly what I'm doing I feel great and I'm doing well so I'm sharing how easy it can be for you to do. When you make a small change to be more healthy you also will be more positive and the chain reaction will spread. I'm not asking you to buy anything from me, at this point in time I'm not offering anything up for sale even I genuinely want to help you be more positive and experience a better life. I believe this could be the start of making the world a better place campaign. :)

    The best part is that it's not rocket science, it requires very little investment (asmidgenof personal motivation) and it will make your life better. I'm not saying you'll forever walk around with a smile on your face and that you'll never encounter negative issues. But, you usually won't have an adverse predisposition so you can handle the little things life throws at you with more finesse. The bottom line is that you can be more positive , it will have a big impact on all aspects of your life and it's so easy to start moving in that direction.

    I have to give credit for this post mainly to I actually got the idea for this post as a result of I little piece I read from there site.

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    Posted in Personal Development Post Date 08/14/2015






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