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    How to Accomplish Goals Quickly

    What Time of day are you most productive?

    Do you jump out of bed in the morning hitting the ground with both feet running? Or do you prefer to do most of your errands in the afternoon? Or perhaps you feel that you accomplish the most in the evening?

    Whichever one of these three scenarios you relate to the most.that is probably when YOU are at your most productive! This is when need to be scheduling your 'income producing' activities! Uh!

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    Block In your Tasks!

    This is the time to 'get things done' in your 'peak time frame'. If you know you accomplish more in morning, noon or eveningthen this is when you need to "BLOCK" in your time to do your key things. Hostess coaching calls, booking calls.or even your 'training time'. These are the things that will make you money so do them!

    Get Rid of Distractions!

    Seems simple enough.but this is where lots of home business owners get Stuck! Take the phone off the hook if you are training. Close the door to your office and train your family that this is 'business time'. Turn off your cell phone if you are making your calls!

    Create an Great Work Environment

    It always amazes me that most women still use the family dinner table as their place of business. (even I do that sometimes) The important thing is to have it look nice! Having open bills laying around to remind you to 'pay them' and other distractors are not going to help you with your 'creative genius'. Get rid of the clutter.put out a few flowersI have a pic of my kids to remind me of "Why" and for 'who' I create my business results.

    Take a Break

    Sometimes 'overwhelm' can happen. You aren't getting the results you set out for.that's ok. Take a ten minute 'zen' break. After you have stretched your muscles, grabbed a teayou will feel like 'getting to it again'. In fact, I can guarantee that you will attack your biz with even more zest and more great ideas! (mmmm sounds like I'm speaking from experience)

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    KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart)

    Kissies and smoochies to YOU! Don't try to re-invent the wheel here! A home business thrives on three things: Customer service, getting customersand keeping them wanting more! Focus on thatand you already have the biggest ingredients for a KISSABLE and easy to manage business!

    Hugs to All!

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    Posted in Personal Development Post Date 09/02/2015






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