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    Moving forward

    When you speak with someone successful, doesn't it sometimes feel that success is just engrained in their soul; like they we're born genetically enhanced or something? The successful seem to have a presence about them that exudes confidence and success. We base our judgment on what is present. However, if asked that successful person would probably tell you that their life or journey rather, has been anything but success and luxury. The truth is that most self-made success stories begin with multiple failures. Failure stories seem go hand in hand with success stories. I mean just think about every Disney movie. The reason; successful minded people have a perspective that is different than 98% of everyone else on the planet. They see there failures as challenges rather than short comings, and they know how to use failure to succeed.

    How you handle failure determines how likely you are to obtain success. If you find the seed of wisdom in your failures and utilize them to build upon for your next venture, you are using that failure productively. The problem is that very few people do this. Most people do not understand how to have faith and keep moving forward after a failure. Most people have a hint of paranoia and honestly believe for themselves that they are not meant for success or entrepreneurship. Instead of turning their failures into strengths for their next project, they turn their failure into a weakness, and let it lead them back to confines of comfort and mediocrity.

    It is not easy to dust yourself off after a beating, especially if consumer trust was broken. However, humility is a great quality, it keeps us in check. Rising from a failure takes something special. It takes a specific mindset. Everyone has the ability to develop this mindset it just takes mental conditioning.

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    From my past experience I have thought of four main characteristics necessary to pick you up after a failure and keep moving forward.

    1. Faith for persistence.Persistence is key. In order to be persistent, you must have an unwavering knowledge that you are going to one day complete your objective. Just like anything else faith can be acquired by practicing. Practicing faith means to constantly condition your mind. Through affirmations tell yourself that you can do something. Tell yourself that what you want is a part of you. You will start to believe it, and then you will not be able to get it out of your mind. You will ignore distractions and get to work. Failure will not be able to stop you.

    2. Finding or seeing the good that came out of the failure.Mastering the ability to the take your failure and turn it into lessons to learn from is necessary for success. If you see only the good things in your temporary defeats you will avoid the emotional lows. Consider your failures an expensive college course. You are paying for your education with experience. There is not a college class room in the world that can give you the knowledge that you will get from one failure.

    3. Performing your passion.Doing what you love will give you confidence and make you an expert. It doesn't matter how many times you fail if you are doing what you absolutely love. Performing your passion will give you a deeper sense of fulfillment that will help soften any temporary setback.

    4. Surround yourself with good minds.Failure is not for the weak hearted it is very hard on a mind to fail. If you are constantly surrounded by good people who lift you mentally, it will make it that much easier to pick yourself up again after a failure. Keep positive people around you and read positive material often.

    When considering failure, remember that life is about feelings and emotions. The extremes are what keep you feeling alive. None of this matters in the end if you are doing the right things. Keep your chin up after a failure and remember the great words from Og Mandino, This too shall pass. You will be back on top of that mountain soon enough. Do good things and enjoy the ride. Remember that failure is a stepping stone. Now get out there and embrace the failure in you! : )

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