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    Building yourself up

    Building yourself up will help your confidence when going into a job interview or some other opportunity where you may have someone in a more powerful position than yourself and you are going in scared and self confidence is low. She talked about the different positions that you are seated or standing in that show how powerful you are feeling.

    I completely agreed with the way that someone may be sitting greatly influences how powerful they are feeling. Slouched down, making themselves small, would generally mean that someone is scared, rather, someone who is confident would be sitting with somewhat good posture and you feel them when you walk into the room.

    The hormone levels are influenced by how powerful the person is feeling. I agreed, someone in a more powerful position would be high in testosterone. Being in a situation where someone is being looked down upon by a boss, or someone with more power, would because someone to become a little more intimidated and cause them to become more scared and their testosterone to drop.

    I definitely have noticed someone assume a leadership role and they become a completely different person. Someone can go from a quiet shy person to someone who becomes more talkative and more sociable.

    It was an inspiring story. So seeing that it really is possible to overcome something like she had overcome in her life, it gives hope to those who are still trying to overcome something in their lives hope that they can do it. She was that quiet person in the class that made herself small and became the person that is strong and empowered.

    It was inspirational to hear her help a college student with the exact same stuff that she had gone through herself. She then helped that student become very empowered and have a high self-worth.

    Many thanks needs to go to WallaceLiving who basically provided me with the concept for this article in an message they sent me. They appear to be an efficient assisted living service if anyone's interested.

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    Posted in Personal Development Post Date 09/22/2015






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