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    Ponytail Hairstyles Hot for All

    sleek ponytail

    Learn a few new ponytail hairstyles to suit your style this summer!

    If you haven’t mastered at least a few new ways to create ponytail hairstyles . . . it’s high time you do!! Ponytail hairstyles not only top the charts for hairstyle trends, but they are also the easiest and most versatile hairstyles to create!
    There are an unprecedented amount of women who are wearing their hair long right now, at least in the celebrity and media world. One reason is baby boomers have checked-out on the old but long held idea that 50 somethings need to wear short hair. They are growing their locks almost in defiance, are looking great and thereby are creating the new 50 (which is 30?) Love it!No matter if you’re young or (not as young,) ponytail hairstyles are ageless and are stirring up a whirlwind in 2010! And the fact that summer is right around the corner means it’s time to get your ponytail hairstyles skills in line.


    I’m pretty sure these ponytail hairstyles can be copied easy enough by any of you who have worn a ponytail hairstyle before, but you may just need a little practice to get it down quick and easy.Slight differences in ponytail placement, curling, straightening, adding length, mussing-up or braiding and product usage, can give you a variety of ponytail hairstyles to go with your mood!


    Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles

    Ponytail hairstyles look totally elegant when swept entirely away from the face and are coupled with elegant earrings. Either slightly backcombed on top or slicked down with a styling gel, these ponytails scream posh!

    Jessica Alba Ponytail Hairstyles
    Jessica Alba in a Ponytail Hairstyle
    Ponytail Hairstyles with Bump & Sideswept Bangs
    These ponytail hairstyles only take some backcombing and a touch of finishing spray for a flirty look. Straightened or curled ponytails with flattened side swept bangs look feminine, fun or dressy. Wrap the ponytail with some hair pinning it underneath for a finished look!
    Nicole Ritchie Ponytail Hairstyles

    Nicole Ritchie in Ponytail Hairstyle

    Side Ponytail Hairstyles are Versatile

    The side ponytail hairstyles showing up now are braided, coupled with braids, mussy curled and straight . . . anything goes. Remember you can buy hair extensions to create big thick braids, or ponytail extensions for even easier hairstyles!

    Molly Sims Ponytail Hairstyles
    Molly Sims Ponytail Hairstyles

    Ponytail hairstyles are a feminine way to pump up the coquette side in you this summer and change some bad hair days into good. Take a little bit of time to get down the mastery of ponytail hairstyles . . . and voila! . . . you’re adorable!!

    Ponytail Hairstyles

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