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    Secrets to Styling Formal Hair

    Styling Formal Hair Article

    Use Kristle’s Secrets to Styling Formal Hair for any Formal Occasion

    Between weddings, business parties, holidays and any other special occasion, you will probably need to know how to style your hair for a formal occasion at one time or another. Take my secrets to styling formal hair and practice them now so that you’ll be prepared for any special occasion that comes up on your calendar.
    Styling Formal Hair Secret #1:

    • Keep it simple!! Simplicity, is the key to pulling off a great formal hair style. Don’t choose a formal hair style that is especially intricate or complex looking. It will more than likely be too much work to do on your own and you’ll end up just getting frustrated and giving up. Keep your formal hair style simple and it will look more sophisticated than if you were to try something more elaborate. A great simple formal hair style to try is one like the picture below.To get this hair style, simply pull hair back into a bun, letting a few pieces fall forward around your face. Secure loose strands in the bun with a few bobby pins and then curl the front pieces with a curling iron, directing the curl away from your face. Then add a beautiful hair accessories in the back and voila, you’ve got a beautiful formal hair style that took about 10 minutes!
    Styling Formal Hair Article
    Styling This Formal Hair Style

    Styling Formal Hair Secret #2

    • Keep it dirty!! Second day hair works wonders when it comes to styling formal hair. Try washing your hair the day before you have a special occasion to go to and then style your hair ‘dirty’. The additional hair care products from second day hair will help to hold curls, bends and updo’s much better than squeaky clean hair. To fake second day hair, try using a product like, Jonathan Product Spray Dirt , which gives second day texture to clean hair.
    Styling Formal Hair Article
    Jonathan Product Spray Dirt

    Styling Formal Hair Secret #3

    • Keep styling stash staples!! Be prepared. Styling formal hair takes practice, along with the right tools for the job. Stock up on hot rollers, velcro rollers, different sized curling irons, hair pins, bobby pins, a teasing comb and hair care product if you want the ability to create different types of formal hair styles. If not, you can always borrow said items from a friend or family member. One styling item that I highly recommend you have in your hair styling stash for any formal hair style, is hair spray. Don’t leave home without it! My personal favorite is Big Sexy Hair’s Spray and Play Volumizing Hair Spray. This hairspray is my multipurpose stand in for just about anything and everything from adding extra volume to finishing a formal hair style. Give it a try next time you style your hair for a special occasion.
    Styling Formal Hair Article
    Big Sexy Hair’s Spray and Play Volumizing Hair Spray

    Styling your hair can be simple if you have the secrets on how to do it. I’m happy to share my formal hair style secrets with you and I hope they help out next time you need to style your hair for a special occasion. Like I said before, you’ll need to have a formal hair style at one point in your life, if not many, so keep these secrets stored for that upcoming special occasion.

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    1. I like the 40+ hairstyles. I also like the simple wedding updo’s.

      Comment by Becky Hansen — May 26, 2009 @ 11:05 pm

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