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    9 Simple Straight Hair Hacks

    Straight hair with some body, if this is your hair type count yourself lucky

    Unlike the fine, thin or coarse, heavy hair that is in the straight hair category, your hair will hold when styled. . . at least for some time. It can be formed and usually shaped into soft bouncy curls, although to get these looks you’ll need to do some type of styling to your hair. Your hair takes nicely to chemical treatments, perms, hair color and highlighting when done right with the right hair care products. Your hair type is also receptive to a variety of hair cutting techniques, one length hairstyles, asymmetrical bobs, layering of all sorts, texturizing and razor cuts. Your face shape and your individual lifestyle issues will be more of a determining factor in finding the right hair style for you than your hair type, being that you can do so much with it.


    Carrie Underwood straight hair tips

    Carrie Underwood with loose, free falling, curls. Carrie has your hair type, to replicate her look iron-curl in large sections. If your hair is long, you will be able to easily wear it straight by simply blow-drying with a straightening serum and a flat brush, or flat iron. Just as easily you can coax it into this season’s hair style of loose, soft waves with a large barrel curling iron, 1 1/4 inch barrel is a great size for these waves. Use a Thermal Active Spray before curling to protect your hair and to hold in the curl. Kenra’s, Thermal Active Spray, is a good choice among others.

    Your hair should be washed daily or possibly every other day with a gentle shampoo. If your hair has been colored or permed, choose a shampoo specified for that to keep it in good shape. Your hair will benefit from using a clarifying shampoo periodically, if you use product on your hair. Also a deep conditioning treatment after using a clarifying shampoo can give your hair a big lift in shine and body. You can use any good heavy conditioner as a deep conditioner.

    9 Simple Straight Hair Hacks

    Tip 1 ~~ To make straight look great, try a heavy bang and lots of textured layers . . . Don’t be shy with taking the layers shorter for a shaggy look. Keep the bang heavy, rounded and right at brow-length for a modern look. For a dual-textured style, dry bangs straight and sleek, then loosely curl the rest of your hair.

    Tip 2 ~~ To add movement and body, start with a hair primer. Wella Professionals Velvet Amplifier creates even porosity, which allows even distribution of other styling products. Follow with Wella Professionals Flowing Form, which has a light-to-medium hold for manageability and flexibility. Then blow-dry sections toward your face using a natural boar-bristle paddle brush like a Mason Pearson brush.

    Tip 3 ~~ Make straight hair fun and versatile by switching up the texture. Wear your hair down and straight the first day. Then, braid your hair and sleep on it. The next day, pull out the braids and you’ll have soft, undulating waves. On day three, you can still skip the shampoo and pin your hair up into a loose updo, using the remaining waves to add tendrils and extra texture.

    Tip 4 ~~ Get out the volumizing spray, like Bumble and bumble surf spray, which injects body and texture in minutes . . . Just spray directly on your dry hair and scrunch. Or try two big braids. Before going to bed, lightly mist surf spray into your dry hair. Split your hair down the center and create a braid behind each ear In the morning, release the elastics and finger-comb. Finish with a little light spritz of hair spray.

    Tip 5 ~~ If it’s thick, it’s important to maintain balance in the silhouette to avoid a bushy look. Add a little lift as you blow-dry the top and crown area. Keep your hair close to your head as you dry the shaft and ends. Section the top area out of the way and dry under layers first. I like to apply Biomega Up All Night Volume Foam to the bang area if lift is needed, and Aquage Straightening Ultragel to the rest of the hair for control.

    Tip 6 ~~ Another way to make straight hair simple and fresh is to try an undone bun To create it, mist Redken Vinyl Glam 02 shine spray onto your dry hair, then sweep it back with your fingers. Fasten it into an eye-level ponytail, then twist and wrap your hair to make a bun and pin it into place.

    Tip 7 ~~ With straight hair, you can either style it smooth or add curl. If you’re going to be wearing your hair straight, keeping your locks healthy and shiny is what’s most important. Using Moroccan Oil Treatment every time you shampoo helps keep the cuticle smooth and healthy.

    Tip 8 ~~ To add control without weight, use a styling cream like Nez Kupetian Flex Shine & Control styling cream. After applying the cream to damp hair, blow-dry by lifting each section up and directing the air flow from your dryer toward your scalp.

    Tip 9 ~~ No Heat Curls

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