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    Straight Hair

    Straight Hair

    Here are Some Hair Styling Tips for Those of You With Fine Straight Hair

    Gwyneth Paltrow has your hair type, fine straight . . . note the variety of hair styles her hairdressers have chosen for her down through the years.


    Some other celebrities with your fine, straight hair type include: Cameron Diaz and Cher.
    Your hair is silky, fine and straight. It lies close to your head and is, by nature, extremely shiny and hard to damage. That is because your hair type has about six layers of cuticle protecting the hair and that’s more than any other hair type. The cuticle layer is the outermost part of the hair shaft and it protects your hair from the elements and manhandling.

    Generally speaking, your hair will not hold a curl. Your hair will tend to be more oily than dry. Strangely enough, this is a result of the oil from your scalp being able to travel down a straight hair shaft versus needing to travel around bends or curves as in curly or kinky, more dry, hair types.

    For your hair to look it’s best, shampoo daily. Use a gentle shampoo specified for oily hair, for daily use or maybe for adding volume. Which shampoo particularly? So many shampoo’s . . . so little time. There are many shampoo’s you can choose from that will do the work of cleaning the hair gently and leaving it in good condition. You may not need a conditioner or possibly just a light conditioner. You may benefit from a light cream rinse or a detangler. But remember less is more when it comes to using hair products and that is especially important for those with straight hair. Using too much product can make all of your styling efforts less successful.

    Here are some winning top manufacturers, as voted by hair professionals at the “Professional Choice Awards.” New shampoo’s, conditioners and styling products emerge in all lines every year as they update their products. Aveda; Paul Mitchell; RedKen; Bumble and Bumble; PureOlogy; Matrix; Sebastian.

    The next best advice for those who have straight hair, is to find a hairdresser who knows how to cut your hair type. Finding the right hairdresser is essential in making your hair work for you.  Start paying attention to women with straight hair, when you see someone who has a great look, ask who their hairdresser is. Trust me, she will be glad to share the name with you. You are paying her a great compliment. This technique never fails.

    A great haircut for you should fall into place, with little or no effort on your part.

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