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    Style Hair With More Shine and Less Damage?

    Round Styling Brush

    Style Hair with Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

    Just when you think nothing more can be done to improve the way we style hair, out comes the next new thing!  I swear life just keeps getting better and better . . . or at least that was what I THOUGHT!

    Don’t believe everything you read. I just read an article the other day in American Salon Magazine, that noted a new product that has just “gotten better with age.” The Cricket Company, who has the most popular line of thermal round styling brushes, has just gone the next step to improve their product.

    I’m not sure, but it would be a good guess that they invented the ‘thermal round brush,” when they first came out with their collection in 1989. I used their brushes probably as my #1 way to style hair for almost everyone back at that time. I still have a collection and still use a selected few now and then.

    When they first came out with the thermal round brush, it featured anti-static bristles and an aluminum barrel that would retain heat. We used these brushes to create every look from big soft curls to smoothed out hair with lots of body.  It was an instant ‘hit’ with hairdressers for a quick and easy way to style hair what ever length. Round thermal brushes of all sizes, flew off the shelves as the next new tool!

    Cricket Company’s round thermal brush, “has just gotten better,” per American Salon Magazine anyways. Their brushes “now include tourmaline ceramic technology to leave hair shiny and moisturized and prevent damage.”

    Well, great I thought, this is something new I can share with my readers! Maybe we should all go out and update our stash of Cricket’s Technique Thermal Round Brushes for the new improved, better for our hair type model.  Well . . . not so fast!

    I went to Cricket’s website to get more information about those “new brushes,” but was only more confused.  I found nothing that was “new” and the descriptions left me with questions. So, long story short, I spoke with a gal from marketing, who supposedly was the person who could answer my questions.

    I asked the obvious question to me, I didn’t understand which brush had the ‘new’ technology? Was it the bristles or the barrel or both that were infused with this new technology etc. etc. etc.

    Sad but true her answer was:  “There are no “new” round thermal brushes with the tourmaline ceramic technology. Our brushes have always had that technology. I just told the person from American Salon that it was new, because there are a lot of people in the business who haven’t tried them yet, you know, it’s such a transient business, but we do have the most highly used brushes!”

    If you haven’t tried any tools that contain the tourmaline ceramic technology, they really do make a difference to the look, feel and health of your hair. It helps prevent damage and leaves hair shinier and more moisturized.

    Oh yeah, and the folks at Cricket Co. have also included an “antimicrobial agent into the plastic” of their new brushes, so I guess there is something new about it after all.

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