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    Bridal Hair Styles in the Comfort of Your Home!

    Attractive Bride with a Wedding Hair Updo With a Bun
    Bridal Hair Styles Done In-Home

    Picture this, your wedding day is finally here and all your careful planning and fussing is about to come to fruition!  At this point your main concern should be to enjoy your special day!

    There are professional hair stylists and makeup artists whose special talents are in taking great care of you on your wedding day. They know how to sooth jittery nerves and make sure your day is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and making you drop-dead gorgeous at the same time!

    Hair Stylist Doing Hair Styles for Wedding

    No bride should have to drive to the salon on her wedding day!

    There is a special art in doing wedding hair styles and makeup; the updo’s, the waterproof mascara, the extra-hold hair products and the photo-ready makeup that lasts all day.  Searching out hairdressers who specialize in hair styles for weddings and makeup should be on every bride’s to-do list. Now, in home or on-site services are more available than ever before, and it’s worth your while to check it out.

    Give yourself time to find a stylist and service that you feel comfortable with and one that is able to capture your essence in a bridal hairdo that fits your personal style.  Consider having a trial run with at least a couple of different possibilities to be able to choose your best fit.

    Where do you find bridal hair stylists and makeup artists?

    I found a Google search for “on location stylists + your state” gives a large number of relevant sites. Another good site that lists hair salons in your area that specialize in bridal hair styles and makeup is

    How much will it cost?

    Prices will vary from salon to salon and for your specific needs. Yes, it will cost more for the convenience of having your wedding hair and make-up done at home, but it may not be that much difference depending on who you choose, so be sure to shop around.  And if you’re lucky your bridesmaids will join you, you’ll all get gorgeous together and you’ll start this special day out right!

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