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    Hair Headbands and More Sparkle This Season!

    Hair Headbands

    Consider Sparkly Hair Headbands for More Bling!

    Winter is the time for glitz and glamor. Accessories that sparkle, such as hair headbands, hair pins and clips are just about everywhere you look. Celebrities are dazzling up their hairstyles with these sparkly hair accessories and you can too.

    Hair Headbands

    Nicole Kidman Classes Up Her Simple Style

    Nicole Kidman turns her simple chignon hairstyle into a glamorous up-do thanks to the help of the sparkly hair pin. You can get a look like this by styling hair into a loose up-do of any style and then adding a hair pin with sparkle like the ones found at Banana Republic.

    Hair Headbands

    Glitzy hair headbands are not a new fashion trend, but one that has stood the test of time. We’ve seen glitzy hair headbands on celebrities and in fashion magazines for quite some time now, so it looks like this hair accessory is here to stay. This hair accessory is easy to find at most retailers now and works well with all different types of hair textures and lengths.

    Sparkly hair barrette’s like the one work well with most hairstyles. One of my favorite looks to wear with a hair accessory like this is retro curls. Retro curls like the pin curls of the 40’s and 50’s look beautiful with a deep side part and a sparkly hair barrette on one side. Not sure how to do retro curls on your own hair? Watch this easy how-to video:

    Wear sparkly hair headbands and other glitzy hair accessories any time. I’d suggest the sparkly hair headbands for day and other accessories like the barrette’s and hair pins for special occasions. For more great accessory ideas check out our Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Board.


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    Want Affordable Holiday Hair Accessories?

    Crystal extensions and hair feather extensions chic for holidays!

    It’s not too early to be contemplating new hair ideas for the holiday season. I mean really, did anyone else find spring and summer to breeze by with barely the time to notice? Well that was my experience . . . too much peripheral stuff was going on in my household this year, it involved a move . . . but now we’re about settled.

    Anyways, now is a good time to ponder, or mull over some hair ideas for the upcoming holiday season. You know how quickly an unexpected invitation can come your way for some unexpected soiree . . . so don’t be caught trying to figure out a distinctly unique and charming new hair style at the last moment. . . I’ve been there, done that, it doesn’t usually work.

    The trend this holiday season in hair may be best described as “casual elegant,” . . . ahhhh, perfect if you ask me! An elegant hair accessory is the key in making your do’ exceptional! Here are a few hair ideas for this season, just to get you pondering . . .

    This elegant black feather and silk bow by Goody, is at Target for just $6.99 and can be worn to accent a chignon, a French twist or anywhere to secure hair up and away. This Colette Marlouf blue feather clip makes the look and can be found online at

    These chic Swarovski hair crystals come in a variety of colors with loads of different way to wear them. The real beauty is they are easy to put in and take out. Why bother fussing with hair crystal strands that need to be sewn or glued in when it can be this easy? These hair crystals are on invisible strands with 8 crystals per strand, 10.1/2 ” long and are held firmly in the hair by two small magnets. And, all this for only $5.99 per strand . . . gimmee, gimmee!

    A lovely swarovski crystal barrette , just $18.50, will amp up any soft, casual, hairstyle and make it holiday ready. Curl your hair, pull one side up and secure with this barrette, or create a half updo or a low, mussy, ponytail, many options really! Or, try a rose clip or two like these at,worn to pin down a fringe with a deep side part. This creates a 30’s retro look to your locks . . . which by the way, is another hot look this season!

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    Homecoming Hairstyles With Headbands

    Taylor Swift in a 70's Style Head Band Hair Style

    Homecoming hairstyles with headbands are easy!

    Hoorah!! It’s “Homecoming” season again!  It’s the traditional time of year when colleges, universities and high schools across the U.S.A. celebrate the coming home of alumni and other former students.  Celebrations most often include a football game on the schools home field, a parade featuring the schools marching band and other sports teams, the crowning of the king and queen and the forever popular and long remembered homecoming dance.

    Of course, there are about as many homecoming hair style options to show you as there are dresses you can choose from, so today let’s focus on easy, casual, hairstyles with headbands. The beauty of using a headband to make a unique homecoming hairdo is that headbands are readily accessible, reasonably priced, easy to make cute hair styles with and there are a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. First choose your dress and that will dictate how casual or formal your hair should be.

    Homecoming hairdos are generally not as formal as prom or wedding hairstyles, but it’s a personal choice. The more casual look of homecoming goes hand in hand with the theme of this festive outdoorsy celebration.  Of course you’ll have pictures to look at to commemorate the big event for years to come, so it’s a good idea to make your look authentically you and of course . . . fabulous!

    Homecoming Hairstyles this season include the hot feather hair trend we’ve been reporting on of late! So many feathers, so many different styles . . . what’s a woman to choose??

    Messy Updo Hairstyle with a Wide Headband

    Wide headband, messy updo

    Paris Hilton with a Bob Haircut and Sequence Headband

    Bob haircut with pearl & sequence headband

    Short Grecian Hair Style with a Flowered Headband

    Short hair. Grecian flowered headband

    Messy Quiff Hair Style with a Double Headband

    Double headband on messy quiff style updo

    Simple Cropped Haircut with a Silk Flowered Headband

    Simple and sweet silk flowered headband

    Hippie Hair Style From the 1970's with a Feathered Headband

    70’s hippee feathered flower power

    Layered Bob Haircut with Feather Headband

    Layered bob with feather/flowered band

    Side Bun Hair Style with a Pheasant Feather Headband

    Side bun with pheasant feather headband

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    For more great accessory ideas check out our Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Board


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