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    I remember feeling, apprehension, and self-doubt of whether I was making a good decision here. After all, I hadn’t had a hairdresser who wasn’t a hairdresser friend and or coworker for over 20 years! I could go to a number of hairdresser/friends who were located close by. I decided to venture out into the unknown, for a few good reasons – to practice what I preach in my class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You!, to see what someone who doesn’t know what I do has to offer, and to make my life less stressful to get to an appointment

    I had moved about 45 min from my hairdresser and this was the worst, annoying, stress inducing, stop and go traffic in the Twin Cities. When teaching a hair style class in the new area of town, I had two students who really had cute hair styles. I asked both who was their hairdresser – both went to the same hairdresser, by the way-and lo and behold, the hair care salon was only 5 minutes away from my home!

    I went slow with her, on my first appointment. I let her know my background, and also let her know how I came to making an appointment with her. I wasn’t ready to let her do whatever she wanted at first. I needed to get a feel for what I thought of her abilities and asked her to give me a similar cut to the one I had. (I say similar because there really are no two hairdressers who cut the same.) So I knew she would have to reveal a couple of things to me, her ability to listen to what is important to me, as well as her hair cutting skills and lastly her hair styling techniques. (I say lastly hair styling techniques, because to me no one can style my hair the way I want it styled. Sound familiar?)

    I was impressed, but at home I styled it my own way. My first few cuts with her went without surprises. That is, we would talk about and make small changes to my hairstyle that I would be comfortable with..

    She has done a great job. I knew she had the ability because I saw her work on other women. She has everything I look for in a good hairdresser – good listening skills, creative and artistic ability, professionalism, consistency and she is priced right. She charges $41.00 by the way.

    How do you feel when you have just lost your friend and hairdresser? It can be pretty unsettling, like leaving your well-being to the hands of anyone who has passed the test. They’ve spent their 9 months in school and received a certificate that says they can make your life whole again? Face it. If you don’t do your homework, you are leaving a part of your self-esteem (there I said it, as shallow as you might think it sounds-it has a lot of truth to it) to the wind.

    I ate my own words, that is, hooked up with a new hairdresser, by the same way I tell those in my clients to do it.

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