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    What’s Your Best Hair Style?

    Top Hair Styles

    What’s Your Best Hair Style

    Best Hair Styles for You

    Have you ever wished you could be someone new for a night, or that you could try out a whole new attitude? Being you is great, but sometimes a girl just wants to have fun. If you want to mix things up, consider getting a daring, different hair style than the one you normally sport.“What’s Your
    Best Hair Style”

    Believe it or not, your hair speaks volumes about you. We frequently make conclusions about what people are like based solely on their hair style. There’s no need to make like a celebrity, spending hundreds of dollars on a day-long hair salon marathon; plenty of simple transformations can be done.


    Best hair styles for a sexy, flirty, feminine you!

    Top Hair Styles

    Best Hair Styles

    There’s a reason so many celebrities and models sport long, wavy locks; it transforms you perfectly into the part of a sexy, flirty woman who isn’t afraid to steal the show. Long hair is ultra flattering on most women, and dark brunette hair will make your gorgeous peepers pop.


    Best hair styles for a carefree, playful, and beach sexy you!

    What's your best Hair Style
    Farrah Fawcett and Bridget Bardot knew how to work the beach babe look; big, voluminous, long layered locks.  And with big curls and sun-kissed hair, you’ll easily slip into the role of fun, fancy free, and sexy, even when you’re just at the office.


    Best hair styles for a classic, sophisticated, coy you!

    Best Hair Styles

    Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate blonde bombshell, famous for her sophisticated and super sexy trademark short blonde wavy hair style. Why not take a note from Marilyn’s book and have a classic come-hither, bombshell makeover? This length works with most face shapes; complete the look with ruby red lipstick and lots of mascara.


    Best hair styles for a modern, confident, magnificent you!

    What's Your Best Hair Style

    Not all women can pull off deep side parted bangs, long big soft curls, and sexy blonde tresses. If you want to take over the room in a hair style that says you’re trendy, oozing confidence, but never too stuffy for fun, this hair style is it.


    Best hair styles for a classy, assertive, stylish you!

    What's Your Best Hair Style

    More and more celebrities are turning up sans extra long locks and sporting a chic and super short bob hair style. This modern meets classic top hair style says you’ve got nothing but self-assurance and more than a little sex appeal. It will make you fabulous in your office and on the weekend.

    Even though this is the shortest hair style of them all (aside from the pixie) you don’t have to necessarily take the leap with this one. There’s plenty of angled bob wigs that you can sport so you don’t go through transformation shock. Get comfortable with it. Celebs and smart fashionistas know wigs are a great style tool every girl should have . . . especially when trying a new hair style for the first time.

    Which look will you be sporting for the summer?

    Guest Blogger Julee Russo is a dog trainer and fashionista who is obsessed with changing her hair color like the weather changes. She has a Twitter (it’s pretty lonely) @JBarkRusso

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    1. Hi Nice website.Classic Hair and women go together

      Comment by Denie Schach — May 17, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

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