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Hair Report: Hot Hair Trends to Try at Home

Tess Holliday

Check out Hair Report: Hot Hair Trends to Try at Home

by Glam Editor at Mode

Transform Your Look With Clip In Hair Extensions

The Fashionista’s Guide to Great Looking

As all girls know your hair is a very important part of every outfit and can make or break your look. When going out on a special occasion we always try to enhance everything possible, the best way to enhance your hair is with clip in hair extensions. Whether you’re just using a few pieces to add a touch of volume or if you’re going all out with a thick set to add significant length and volume, the possibilities are endless. The best part about this hair extension method is that there is absolutely no long term commitment and no damage to your natural hair!

I personally just wear my clip ins over the weekend, they are so easy to install/remove and require much less maintenance that permanent methods. After a night out I simply just hang them in the cupboard on a specially designed hair extension hanger to air out, this way they are ready to go for the next time I need them. They don’t need to be washed after every use either, just wash them when needed as this will help extend their life span. Always use a hair extension shampoo and conditioner that is sulfate free, you will be able to find this at your local hair salon or from an online hair extension store.

Some girls don’t like the idea of hair extensions, this is generally because they have never seen how amazing they look in them! When it comes to events like their wedding day or a school prom almost every girl considers getting a set. Once they have worn them on their special day, it’s hard not to fall in love and use them again!

Clip in hair extensions are very affordable compared to permanent methods. Depending on how often you wear them, how you care for them and the quality you purchased will determine the life span of these extensions. This can vary from a few months to a few years, so take care of them and they will be very cost effective. I recommend always spending a little more and make sure you purchase 100% remy human hair. With these extensions you can cut, curl, straighten and color just like your natural hair. Cheap hair and synthetic hair extensions just aren’t worth the hassle as you’ll be forever removing tangles and the lifespan will be much shorter.

Hottest Hair Color Trends for 2015

Hair Color Trends for 2015

Hair Color Trends for 2015 Have Changed the Way We Think About “Pops” of Color

If your mantra is “new year, new hair color”, you are probably busy searching for new ideas or forecasts for the hottest hair color trends for 2015. Well, you’re in the right place, as we are compiling those new trends for you here. On one hand, there are no major changes when it comes to hair color trends – however, there is a notable shift in the focus of color. At the moment, natural looking tresses with a “pop” of color is what is defining hair color trends for 2015.

If you are planning to book an appointment with your hairdresser for a new hair color, make sure you check out the trends below for these fun possibilities. You can also check out celebrity hair inspirations to find the perfect match for your skin tone or hair type.


Hair Color Trends for 2015

If you are a hair color aficionado, then this isn’t the first time that you’ve heard of the “balayage” technique. This hair color technique has been combined with “ombre” coloring and is referred to as “blended ombre”. It is a highlighting technique that originated in France. Balayage is characterized by painted highlights that are very close to the natural color of the hair, which produces a more gradual color transition in the strands. This technique can create the perfect sun-kissed effect on your hair!

Ecaille aka Tortoiseshell Hair

Hair Color Trends for 2015

Hair Color Trends for 2015 ecaille

Ecaille or tortoiseshell hair is emerging as the top hair color trend for 2015. It has been around for some time, but it has finally decided to take over ombre and step into the center stage. This highlighting technique provides a beautifully contrasted blend of colors with its use of dark and rich caramel tones along with some golden highlights.


Hair Color Trends for 2015 babylights

Hair Color Trends for 2015 babylights2

You might find the name funny or weird, but babylights is a new favorite amongst celebrities and supermodels. In fact, it is the ideal kind of hair color for spring or summer due to the use of light hues and color tones. The reason why it works so well for the warm weather months is because it looks as if the sun lightened it!  It is all about subtlety. With babylights, the highlights blend more with your base color as the tiniest bits of hair are sectioned out to be colored. Most of the color that shines through is your natural hair color. A few well placed babylights can also make your hair look healthier and the color more dynamic.

Soft Reds

Hair Color Trends for 2015 soft red

Hair Color Trends for 2015 soft red2

As hair color trends for 2015 are shifting towards more natural looks, vibrant reds are being upstaged by softer red tones like auburn, or reds with a hint of gold. You can take inspiration on this particular hair color from celebrities like Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Jessica Chastain and even Kate Middleton.

Golden Highlights

Hair Color Trends for 2015 golden highlights1

Hair Color Trends for 2015 golden highlights2

Golden highlights, whether bold or subtle, add dimension, interest and warmth and seem to be a mainstay in the hair color industry, regardless of the trends. So, if you are in dilemma as of what to do, ask your hairstylist if golden highlights will work for you!

Which of these hair color trends are you excited to try in 2015?

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
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