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    Hair Talk Terminology Glossary

    A hairdresser having a conversation with client on a couch in hair styling salon

    Hair Styling Industry Jargon Glossary of Hair Terms

    The other day I was on an audio consultation with a student from my online class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! and I used the hairstyle term “graduated layers“, I could tell by the tone of her response that she had no clue what kind of hairstyle I was talking about. I had been guilty of using insider buzz words.

    When an insider talks with an outsider the conversation can become gibberish real fast. How do you feel when you have to converse with tech support? They even have a term for it they call it “geeking out“.

    I couldn’t help wondering how often in my almost 30 years in the hair styling business have I been guilty of using “Hair Talk” that my clients had no clue what I was talking about, but where too embarrassed to say “would you restate that in English”.

    I think it is time I create a glossary on the site of industry buzz words, don’t you? But I need your help, I’m too close to the forest I can’t see the trees, I need your help. Please share with me those confusing terms that you have heard your hairdresser use that you would like to see included in the glossary.

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    Hair Color Remover Revisited

    A hairdresser applying hair color to a clients hair

    Hair Color Remove

    “Hair Color Remover”

    After reading your comments and questions regarding hair color remover, I clearly see that you folks want more on this issue. There are a lot of you who have the problem of your hair getting too dark . . . or worse yet, is dyed black and you want to remove the hair color. I really do feel for you, along with the hair color problem, money often becomes an issue. It can be an expensive fix, because it can take hours for a professional hair colorist to correct.

    I took a look at my original article, Hair color too dark — here are your options, and thought, “Is there more I can and should add?” Sure!

    Easiest, safest and cheapest trick to remove hair color is to try:

    • Multiple shampoos with, Dawn dish soap and/or Prell Shampoo.
    • Be sure to condition afterwards.
    • Sally Beauty Supply — They are a local beauty supply store that sells to the public as well as beauty professionals. I’m sure you have a similar store in your area.
    • Salon Care – Color Corrector
    • L’Oreal – Color Zap
    • Clarifying Mixture Granules for $2.99

    All of these will require bleaching out the old hair color evenly and to an acceptable level of hair color shade lightness. That will require you to have that eye to know when to wash the bleach out of the hair. Then tinting the hair back to a hair color shade that you desire. The Sally Beauty Supply representative felt they would be able to talk you through the procedure of how do to this on the phone, but sounds like disaster waiting to happen to me.

    • L’Oreal —
    • L.H.C. Removal Kit– sells at major retailers, such as : Wal-Mart, Target etc.

    They have many restrictions as to what hair types should not use this product. You should not use this hair color remover product if you have permed hair, relaxed hair or high lighted hair, which should tell you something about the company having the need of being protective about liability issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if the other kits mentioned above have similar hair type warnings. (Another hint that you should leave these procedures to a professional hairdresser).

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    Become a Hairdresser

    Cosmetology School

    Cosmetology School is a Great Career Choice

    “Cosmetology School Database”How to become a hairdresser is a topic that a lot of my readers and students have interest in. I get quite a few questions about cosmetology schools and becoming a hairdresser via email and comments from readers. So I’m passing along one of my favorite destinations Cosmetology Schools Directory In addition to a State by State searchable database they have some good information about the cosmetology school industry, here is a sampling of what you’ll find:


    Common Questions and Answers

    Find answers to commonly asked questions and learn more about careers and education in the beauty arts. Choose an area of study, or a question category using the Q&A box on the right.

    Vital Statistics

    According to the NACCAS 2003 Job Demand Survey ?

    • There were more than 1,600,00 professionals working in more than 312,000 beauty salons, skin care salons, nail salons, and barber shops in January of 2003.

    Since 1999?

    • The number of salon professionals is up 24%
    • The number of salons is up 5.6%
    • The number of workstations/chairs is up 9%
    • The number of employees leaving their positions is down 12%
    • The number of new hires is up 37%
    • Where can I find information about beauty and cosmetology schools?

    Choosing the Right School


    • Is there any difference between a beauty school and a cosmetology school?
    • Is there anything I can do to help facilitate my decision making process?
    • Should I visit the cosmetology school before making a final decision?
    • Should I limit my search for cosmetology schools to ones that are located in close proximity to where I live?

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