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Lighten Hair Color That is Too Dark

A woman who's hair color turned too dark

Lighten hair color when your hair color is too dark

Here is a typical comment from one of my most popular articles, Hair Color Too Dark:

Hi. i had blonde hair. i just dyed my hair “cola brown” but it turned out almost black! not what i was looking for. how can i lighten hair color fast? i wanted brown but not black! i leave for school on Saturday, so it must be fixed. i also planned on dying more reddish-gold-brown or quote “cocoa brown” into it, but haven’t done so yet. what should i do? please help.


There are many causes and considerations for home hair coloring going wrong when attempting to lighten hair color. When your hair color gets too dark, well, you now have “a horse of a different color” to contend with.

“Let the Professionals Lighten Hair Color”

In the last couple of years, celebrity hairstyles have been leading the way to a new surge in “beautiful brunettes.” The hairstyles are gorgeous with drizzles of colors in hues named, caramel, creme brulee or cafe au lait, that bring out surface strands and give a depth or warmth to the hair, unmatched by any single step hair color you can do at home.

It’s not uncommon for those coloring hair at home to end up with a head of hair much darker than that which was intended. Home hair coloring kits fly off the shelves and into the hands and hair of the unexperienced. Top that off with the fact that reading directions is moot and . . . bingo . . . you’ve got problems; enough said.

My absolute best advice is . . . carefully search for a hair colorist who is familiar with lightening hair color. Do not try to lighten hair color yourself, you’re sure to make matters worse, resulting not only in more expense, but more importantly, damage to your hair. A hair colorist who is experienced in how to lighten hair color can remove the unwanted dark dye pigment on a damaged and unruly head of hair, leaving it ready for corrective dimensional hair coloring. This is an extremely tricky procedure and to try this yourself is a sure accident waiting to happen.

In my article, I give some home remedies you can try, but I give them reluctantly, just read directions and be careful!


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Perms go Digital

Digital Perm

Not your mothers hair perm . . . hair perms go digital

Spotted this article that sounded kind of interesting, that talks about new technologies in hair perms and perming, until I got to the paragraph that talks about using asbestos. I don’t think so . . . wasn’t that stuff banned a while back? Boy, if I were a product manufacturer the last thing I would admit to would be that I had asbestos in my product, and I would at least get an Asbestos survey done first. But it is interesting none the less.

Hi-tech Digital Perms
By Pam Pastor
YOU KNOW YOU’RE LIVING IN A hi-tech world when even hair salons go digital perming.

If you’re sick of spending tedious hours having your hair re-bonded, if your straight hair has become blah and boring, if you want to breathe life into your limp locks, here are two words for you: digital perms.

Yes, digital perm, not your regular run-of-the-mill perm. What’s the difference, you might wonder. “The curls are shinier. They’re bigger. There’s movement so it looks sexier. Mas may bounce and there’s no frizz,” said Cherry Reyes, who runs Essensuals Toni & Guy in 6750.

And, unlike the regular perm, your digital perm will last for only three months, which means you’re not tied down to a lifetime of curliness — you can change your mind.

The secret lies in the process and in the tools used. “We use ceramic rods — they seal the moisture in the hair so the hair doesn’t become frizzy,” Cherry said.

Digital perm isn’t the only thing that makes Essensuals Toni & Guy different from your regular salon. They offer a unique experience — from start to finish.

Clients are welcomed with a lovely massage, thanks to physical therapists who are part of the salon’s staff. The salon also has private rooms — complete with your own cable TV — if you want to enjoy your treatments away from everyone else.

And if your treatment crosses into lunchtime, Glorietta and its whole myriad of restaurants are just a few steps away — you can always have food delivered or someone can pick up lunch for you.

The digital perm starts with a shampoo and a cut. Layers need to be added to your hair to show off the curls properly. It’s important for the hair to be cut before the hair perm because cutting the hair after would make the curls pop.

Pre-hair perm solution is then added to your hair. Then another solution follows — one that softens the hair so your hairdresser can mold it into beautiful curls after.

Another thing which makes the digital perm different from the regular hair perm is that the solution is washed off before the actual perming starts.

Hair perm proper

The ceramic rods are then secured to your hair and covered with asbestos pads to protect your scalp from the heatDigital Perm. This is where the digital part comes in — each ceramic rod is hooked up to a heating machine.

The waiting time will depend on the texture of your hair. I have unbelievably thick hair so my time was a little longer than normal. After the rods are removed, the hair is washed and blown dry again and neutralizer is applied. Then, your beautiful curls will be revealed.

You can request for smaller or bigger curls. Hair care products to keep your curls in tip-top shape will be recommended.

I’ve been using Bed Head’s Small Talk and I love it equally for its effects and its delicious grape bubble gum smell.

I’ve also happily discovered that even during the few times I forgot to take my hair arsenal with me on out-of-town trips, my curls still look pretty even without products.

During the first few days after the hair perm, the curls would tighten only to become loose with the passing of days. And unlike some hair treatments with effects that fade over time — the digital perm looks better and better even as weeks pass.

After living with painstakingly re-bonded hair for three years and not being able to go out of the house until every strand is dried perfectly in place, I realized with glee that digitally permed hair is wash and wear.

I can pop into the bathroom, pop back out, get ready in five minutes and run out of the house without worrying about having a massive mess.



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Your Hairdresser Knows More Than You Think

Hair Talk

Talking to your hairdresser, is more than just hair talk

This article about hair talk from the Home News Tribune, is so true . . . a hairdresser hears it all. Especially in smaller rural communities, they are “gossip central”.

Hairdressers provide their brand of therapy
Home News Tribune Online

Women love to talk. No matter where we are, we instinctively start to socialize with the people around us. We’ll start a conversation with the next person in line at the store, the plumber who walks in the door, or the neighbor across the street.

Outside of friends and family, the person we often talk with more than anyone else is our hairdresser. This, after all, is the person who knows we have dandruff, gray hair, and split ends, yet never judges us for it.

He or she seems always happy to see us, does magical things to make our hair look great, and listens attentively to whatever is on our minds.

I recently asked my hairdresser Jordan about the things people talk about with him. Being the true confidante that he is, he immediately said that he can’t share any specific stories, but . . .

“Women say more than men,” said Jordan, a second-generation hairdresser whose father and uncle are also hairdressers. “A lot of men talk abou“Hairdressers
Hear it All,”
t sports. They don’t get into personal stuff as much as women, unless it’s a big thing. Even if they’re getting a divorce, it takes a while for them to mention it.”

Jordan, who has an equal number of male and female clients, said men are pickier than women when it comes to their hair.

“Men don’t want people to know they have gray hair, and some are insecure about people knowing that they color it,” Jordan said. “Women start coloring whenever the gray bugs them, and young people color their hair just to do something different.”

What’s the trend in hairstyles today?

“It’s all about individuality,” Jordan said. “People aren’t really following anybody’s look now, like they did with the Jennifer Aniston haircut. It’s all about what looks good on you. Most women keep their hair too long, though. For some, it may be a security blanket, something for them to hide behind. Or maybe their husbands like long hair.”

When I was in college, I had shoulder-length hair because the guys I dated liked long hair. But with each passing year, the length started getting shorter and shorter because it was easier to maintain, and frankly, looked better on me.



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