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Discount Hair Products


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For regular readers of this space you might remember a very controversial article hair care product labels . . . are they truthful? which stirred up a lot of fuss in the discount hair products industry. I keep running across articles that reinforce my long standing claim that the hair care industry really stretches corporate ethics by charging vastly different prices for virtually the identical hair product marketed in different bottles or with a different label.

“Salon Only brands
Discount Hair Products”

They keep trying to sell us this baloney about “Salon Only” hair product brands. Fact is that virtually that a trip down the discount hair products isle at your local Wal-Mart or Target store can save you up to 75%, especially if you start ignoring the front of the bottle and start paying attention to the back where the fine print is. You will usually find an identical chemical makeup as the pricey “Salon Only” hair products. Usually the discount hair products contains just as good a product as the most expensive.

Here is another article that supports my theory.

I reluctantly purchased a $30 Kerastase hair masque for my dry, brittle, broken ends. After using this masque every week, I did notice that it softened my hair, but it really wasn’t worth the high price. I noticed that Kerastase was, in fact, a L’Oreal discount hair product, so I headed to the nearest Walgreens to find a L’Oreal conditioner that was comparable. Sure enough I found that L’Oreal’s drugstore brand called Smooth Intense had a masque for $4.99 with the same ingredients!



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Hair and Beauty Salons – Be Thankful

hair and beauty salons

Hair and Beauty Salons – What Would we do Without Them

Many moons ago I wrote Hair salon on the battlefield it was an article on how important hair and beauty salons had become to our female troops overseas. When I wrote it, hubby pooh-poohed it and thought it was kind of silly. I tried to explain how much better those female soldiers would perform in their jobs, but he was having none of it. What is they say, “men are from Mars”

Every woman on the face of the earth wants to look her best. Its in our genes. It is something that men just don’t get. As much as I love hubby, he just cannot relate to our fascination with our look.

“could not go to a hair and beauty salon”

How we look affects everything we do.

Whenever I read an article like the one below, I can’t help but think about how much we take for granted our wonderfully diverse hair and beauty salons. Almost every American woman is within 10 to 15 minutes of services that simply cannot be had in other parts of world. In fact I read a story recently that Afghan women have been stoned to death for having visited a black-market hair and Beauty Salon.

Can you imagine living in a place where you could not go to a hair and beauty salon on a regular basis? Thank You Lord, for birthing me in America. Anyway here is another article that confirms my theory, that is in our genes. For regular readers of this space you’ve probably followed the story of one of my favorite sources for hair care supplies. Sally Beauty is a fine company and doesn’t deserve abuse that it has taken at the hands of its founder, parent company and other vultures who only seem to be in the picture to strip her of any assets or management.

During the dark pre-1991 days of Soviet Ukraine, only two hair and beauty salons served the needs of more than one million women then in the capital Kiev – and appointments were fought over tooth and nail.

‘The demand for female hair and beauty salons in Ukraine, is like the demand for rice in China,’ said Inge Shishchenko, a Kiev-based cosmetics consultant. ‘The secret to an attractive appearance is hard work, and no one works harder at being pretty than our Ukrainian girls.’



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Hairstyling How To Videos

Hairstyling How To Videos

Looking for Hair Styling How To Videos?

Video is getting big all around the Internet. Now that Google has acquired YouTube, buckle up your seat belts. Soon your going to have a variety of options to choose from if your looking for hairstyling how to videos on those tricky hairstyling techniques.

I must admit that I have not been doing too much prowling around the Internet looking for hairstyling how to videos, but just recently I started noticing more and more. So I’m going to make it part of my ongoing search for hair stuff each day.

Here is the first one WCCO TV in my hometown of the Twin Cities has a nice series of hairs tyling how to videos. It is pretty basic stuff for those of you who make your hair a priority, but hey they are worth a glance especially if you are struggling with any of these hairstyle issues.

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