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Your Hair Stylist Has Thick Skin

Hair Stylist Cutting a Clients Hair With a Scissors

Some Clients Are Overly Sensitive

Your hairdresser is a professional and is very adult when it comes to their relationship with clients. Sure you can really grow to care about a client and have concerns for the welfare of clients and their families. But it is not the end of the world to lose a client or hear criticism. I have written many articles about this issues in the past hoping to get you to look at your relationship in a more assertive way.

Yet over and over again I read comments on discussion boards and in articles around the hair styling media about the trauma that women go through when it comes time to express opinions or finding a new hairdresser. The article below is an example.

From a hairdresser standpoint there is a voice inside that wants to say “come on folks, get a grip” but I’m beginning to realize that the relationship that women have with a hairdresser is very different from any other professional relationship. I’m not sure the industry understands it fully. It really would be interesting to see a university psychology department somewhere do an in-depth scientific study. I think we would all learn lots from it. But I’m holding my breath for it.

In the meantime let’s do our own study . . . leave some comments about why your relationship with your hairdresser is different from that of other professionals like your doctor, lawyer, banker or financial adviser?

How could I even think of ending a friendship just for the thrill of a zippy new hair style?
by Liz Curtis Higgs

But last month I came frighteningly close to committing hairdresser infidelity. Just the memory of it makes my scalp itch. I was having my photo taken, and arrangements were made for my makeup and hair. After the cosmetician did a bang-up job on eyes, lips, and cheeks, it was time to put my thinning red (this year) hair in the hands of a stranger named Steve. Steve the hairdresser rested his hands lightly on my shoulders, and my stomach tightened. I felt like a nervous teenager on a first date.




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Dying Hair, Protect Skin




Dyeing Hair Can Be Hard on Your Skin

Dying hair . . . be sure to protect your skin. It will come as no great surprise to those of you who are regular readers, that I read an awful lot of hair information, press releases, Websites and articles. Generally these articles are rather routine and boring, as not very often do I encounter material about hair or dying hair that is really new or a different slant. So it was with particular delight that I read the article mentioned below.

This article really gave me something to think about something that I’ve not seen addressed before . . . the chemistry that goes on between hair care products, skin care products and how each interacts with our facial skin.

“Dyeing hair a real witches brew”

This should be of particular concern on hair styles that will cover your face in some way where the hair touches skin. The fact that hair care products are specifically engineered for hair and not for skin it would naturally follow that we would encounter incompatibility issues. You’ve got your own little chemistry lab experiment going on everyday. Some of it becoming a real witches brew.

This article does at a very good job of exploring the whole arena and gives us some hints on hair dying products which we should avoid. This is especially true if you have bangs.

One product in particular that makes sense to avoid contact with the skin is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

I highly recommend that you review this article.  These people know what they’re talking about and it just isn’t some hyped up theory.

Bangs . . . Long, short, thick or wispy, maintaining these essential strands of hair can make or break your complexion and make your skincare regimen ineffective. Sweep them to the side so that they aren’t in constant contact with your forehead. If you have short wispy bangs that can’t be brushed aside, switch up your look by clipping your short bangs up and out of your face so your skin can breathe. To avoid bothersome pimples on your forehead or hairline, the article suggests staying away from such necessary hair care products such as hair gel and mousse to name a few, but the article also reassures readers that they don’t have to throw out their entire hair care product supplies.



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Cameron Diaz Hair Style Blunder

Cameron Diaz Hair

The “What Was She Thinking Award,” goes to . . .

Cameron Diaz Hair
“Cameron Diaz Hair”

  • . . . what was Cameron Diaz’s hairdresser thinking???

  • . . . what was her makeup artist thinking???

  • . . . what was her fashion consultant thinking???

The “Breath of Fresh Air Award,” goes to . . .

Kate Hudson Hair

Jennifer Hudson surprised herself winning, “Best Supporting Actress” for the movie Dreamgirls. She also won many hearts with her down home personality as she exemplifies what sheer determination can achieve. Up after being shot down on American Idol, she not only showed she can sing but . . . she can act too! Bravo!! Bravo!!

Annette Bening Hair

The “Cutest Couple Award,” goes to . . .

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty . . . hands down! So fun to see a happy couple, especially in Hollywood, where the curse of the inflated egos rule. Anytime the camera caught a glimpse of these two the truth of the moment came through . . . they were having fun, fun, fun! Annette’s winning, most genuine smile and Warrens winning, most genuine acceptance speech seals the deal . . . definitely cutest couple! Warren Beatty was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for lifetime achievement.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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