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Oscar Hairstyles

Oscar Hairstyles the Best and Worst

The Oscar Awards were nothing to write home about when it came to creative Oscar hairstyles. Not much to get excited about. I had a hard time picking a favorite because nothing stood out.

Am I missing something here? If you saw an Oscar hairstyle that was a knockout, please share it with us. I would like to hear what you thought was smashing! Haven’t we all been programmed to look to these shows to see the top fashion styles?

The, what-not-to-do Oscar hairstyle award, was easy . . . it goes to Meryl Streep. Being a nominee for best actress, one of the biggest awards of the evening, you would think would call for a coif of some sort. Her hair looked as if nothing more than a comb had been run through it after getting out of the shower. Nothing, no style, not even the casual looking style applies here, as even the casual look takes a bit of foofing.

The straight hairstyle look showed up again and looked good on Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. But again, nothing new, kind of boring for the big Oscar night.

So my best Oscar hairstyle award of goes to . . . .

Jodie Foster . . . for these reasons. It’s always fun to see a new hairstyle on someone and it was a breath of fresh air to see hair other than the long, slightly layered look. This hairstyle flatters her square face shape with the soft, long razored layering, giving a light fullness and height on top. An airiness and texture was created also with the right amount of high lights.


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Hair Lice Treatment Causes Breast Enlargement in Boys


hair lice treatment causes breast enlargemet in boys


Examine Hair Lice Treatment Labels Just in Case

A Colorado hormone specialist has found three boys between the ages of 4 and 10 suddenly experiencing a hormone imbalance after the boys had been exposed to scented oils which contain lavender and tee tree oils.

“Breast Enlargement
in Boys”

The hormone imbalance caused a temporary condition known as gynecomastia, which causes breast enlargement in boys. Probably not much here to get alarmed about as it’s only a very small study and the symptoms seem to disappear as soon as the hair lice products were no longer being applied to the boys skin.

I don’t imagine too many of you are using scented oils on your boys, some of are very likely to see these ingredients showing up in hair lice treatments, That is something that often gets used in boys hair of this age.

These plant oils, sometimes called essential oils, are added to many health-care products, usually for their scent. The oils are sometimes found in other household products or sold in purer forms.

Tea tree oil is sometimes used in shampoos for head lice treatment. The suspected effect in this study is blamed on some chemical within the oils that the body processes such as estrogen, the female hormone that promotes breast growth.



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Chlorine Hair Remedy

Chlorine Hair

Gadget Will Help You Avoid Chlorine Hair

Any of you who have had an athlete in the family who spent time in a swimming pool knows how damaging chlorine hair can be. It goes well beyond just the yucky green hair look. Even a little can break down the natural oils in your hair and leave without any sheen and dull and lifeless.

“a shower head attachment helps chlorine hair”

This chemical is really a mild form of bleach. Some municipal water systems contain enough concentrations of chlorine to damage your hair. There are shampoo and conditioning products that are specially formulated for chlorine hair.

But if you’re in one of those localities, you’re going to love this product. Here now comes a shower head attachment that will filter out harmful chlorine levels.

I just love these kinds of products.

Personal Wellness Company Launches All New Dechlorinating Shower Filter

This shower product is useful for everyone concerned about heavily chlorinated municipal water which has been known to leave your skin and chlorine hair looking and feeling dull and lifeless,” said Lacy. “Unlike standard shower filters, the Vitashower VS-1 relies solely on powerful antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin and chlorine hair by completely neutralizing the disinfectants found in public water supplies. Ultimately, we believe that health conscious consumers will realize the benefit of keeping dangerous chlorinated water and vapors from being absorbed into their bodies through their skin or inhaled directly into the lungs while showering.



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