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Hard Water Hair, Use Less Shampoo

Hard Water Hair

Hard Water Hair? Don’t Miss This!

I hate to admit how long I’ve been struggling with the results of hard water hair. Let’s just say, it’s been longer than need be. My hubby and I couldn’t come to an agreement to install a water softener after our last move, so I pretty much resolved my routine to moisturizers, clarifying shampoos and vinegar rinses to rid the savages of hard water. But that’s not enough!

“Hard Water
Hair Tips”

There is a much better solution and I’m here to verify to it’s effectiveness! I’m not sure where I first read about it but thank you, thank you, whoever you are, my skin and hair feel softer and smoother already!

A simple enough invention, the shower head filter, so why haven’t I heard of it before? It’s an attachment that you can install within minutes and feel the results from almost immediately. I could feel the difference by my second shower. My hair and skin feel much softer and much less dry. The filter reduces the effects of chlorine on the skin and hair. It also reduces any chlorine odor, rust and sediment from the water.

I found one, a GE SmartWater Shower Filter, at our local Home Depot store for just $20.00. I only paid about $10.00 for the replacement filter, which only needs replacing every 6 months. This is the only brand that Home Depot carried. Some units will sell a shower head along with the filter which costs more, but you don’t need if you like your shower head.

If you aren’t aware of the difference that softened water can do for your skin and hair, you probably won’t miss it. But, if you have hard water and want to treat yourself, try a shower head filter. You’ll also find you will use less shampoo and get more lather with softened water.



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Sabino Lock and Block Tames Frizzy Hair

Sabino Lock and Block

Beat the Frizz This Summer with Sabino Lock and Block

I’m a lucky girl, I get to test drive hair products periodically and here’s one I think is blog-worthy, especially with the heat and humidity of summer right around the corner.

A lack of moisture as well as too much moisture in the hair can wreak havoc with our locks. When hair is dried out and lacking moisture, it becomes dull, brittle, fly away. When summers humidity is high, hair explodes into a ball of uncontrollable frizz or becomes limp and flat.

So what’s a girl to do? Sabino Lock and Block, Moisture Manager is an excellent product. You feel immediate results from this hair frizz product. It locks in essential moisture you need to keep your hair supple, shiny silky and manageable. My hair type is fine textured, wavy, colored and I have a medium amount of it. I needed to experiment to find the right amount of Sabino Lock and Block to use. Too much product and my hair became too soft , limp and greasy the next day. But finding the right amount of product for my hair, gave my hair extreme silkiness, softness and shine.

My niece Lisa, had a somewhat similar experience using Sabino Lock and Block Moisture Manager, with her extremely thick hair, (think horse-tail) long, coarse, curly hair. She loves to wear her hair long, but rarely wears it down because it requires so much time to style it and if she doesn’t, it’s out of control. With Sabino Lock and Block Moisture Manager, she was able to straighten it, it stayed straightened and it left her hair softer and shinier than anything she’s used before. That’s impressive for her hair type! She did find when she left her hair air dry, that her curl got too limp. (I think she needs their gel, Curls for Curly Hair, when defining the natural curl.)

Sabino Lock and Block Moisture Manager is their signature product, but check out all their products and before and after video and pictures at



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Dana Gets My Vote in Episode One

Entertaining, For Those of us in The Trade, But Will it Attract Others

Reality TV comes to the hair styling. Hair dressers are thrown into the ring where they’ll either make it or break it. And that they did in the first episode of Bravo TV, “Shear Genius,” which aired on Wednesday.

I’ve got mixed feelings on the show, but I’ll be back next week to see how things change-up, so I guess they’ve done their job.

Twelve hairdressers clip, sweat and flex their creative muscles to be the last one standing, and winner of the “Shear Genius” title. This episode had two competitions and eliminated one hairdresser in the end.

In the first competition the judges were a bit vague about their expectations. I wasn’t sure what the judges were looking for and I’m not sure the hairdressers knew either. I think the challenge was to create their, signature short-hair-style, on a mannequin head in one hours time. Interesting challenge, mannequin heads are not easy to cut, style and be made to look good, no matter how much time you have. Only one of them did a short hair style.

The second round the hairdressers were given $75.00 and 10 minutes to shop in a craft store for items to create a,”hair art masterpiece”. This was an all out free-for-all to show their flair and creative imagination. Each hairdresser picked their own model from a group of 12 and had two hours and their native abilities to accomplish a masterpiece. This was a tough competition, they were putting themselves out there. Some fell flat, with concoctions that no one would want to own up to.

My fav, was by Dana, she created a really creative look with a headband and balls of twine. A panel of three judges, and guest judge, Frederick Fekkai, founder of the hair care line with the same name, did the evaluating. I was surprised at who they eliminated, Paul-Jean. I thought he showed more potential than some of the others, although his “hair art masterpiece” was a disaster.

Check it out if you have a flair for hair, or if you want to see an artiste come to fruition, you can view the entire episode online. They have ways for us to get involved too . . . an online challenge . . . and my favorite, a call in text-messaging vote for your choice who was the top “drama queen” of the episode. You’ll be eligible for a drawing for $5,000 and a hair style from the Shear Genius winner as the prize! Believe me there were a number of the hairdresser vying for this episodes drama queen title . . . Paul-Jean was the winner this episode, but Tabatha gave him a run for the money.

That’s entertainment! Check it all out.


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