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How To Get The Soft and Tousled Hairstyles

Soft Tousled Hairstyles

Tips to Getting the Soft Tousled Hairstyle Look

The tousled hairstyle is not for everybody, but for many of you it can be a simple way to get a great sultry look. Keep in mind that it’s hard to pull it off with short hair, as it will end up too fluffy. But if your hair is longer, you’re in business! Here are some easy-to-follow secrets to getting the sexiest tousled hairstyle ever.

“a simple way to get
a great tousled hairstyle”
If you have super-curly hair: The trick is to loosen it up and reconstruct the shape of those tight curls

  • Start with wet hair. Wrap it in a towel to remove the moisture. Do NOT blow it dry–it will become frizzy. While it’s still damp, apply a large dollop of straightening balm throughout.

  • Divide and braid hair into four sections, securing each with an elastic hair band. Leave braids in for only a couple of hours-if you sleep like this, you’ll get a “Bozo the Clown” look.

  • After you unwind your braids, use your fingers to distribute a hair styling product from roots to ends. Skip the hairspray.

If you have straight hair: Start the night before.

  • Begin with freshly shampooed hair. Bend over and blow-dry hair upside down, leaving it a little damp. Apply a dollop of styling gel or mousse, combing through with a wide-toothed comb.

  • Decide where you want your part, then divide hair into 6 sections with your comb. Braid each tightly, leaving a couple of inches free near your scalp (so you don t get too much volume and turn into a frizz-head) and at the ends (so your split ends don’t frizz out). Fasten the braids with an elastic hair band and keep them in overnight. (You need 6-8 hours for the look to set).

  • Remove the elastics. Shake out and undo the braids gently with your fingers-a comb or brush will instantly ruin the effect.

  • Throw your head upside down and squeeze a tiny bit of hair styling gel through your locks while heating with a diffuser. Smooth out ends (the bottom 1-2″) with a brush and hair dryer if they look frayed.

  • Afterward, tousle your waves as you like them, and spray with a little touchable-hold hairspray. (Avoid shine enhancers; they’ll weigh your hair down.)

If you have wavy hair: This is a perfect hair type for the loose, sexy tousled hairstyle look.

  • Follow the directions for straight hair but don’t start with wet locks-just mist dry hair lightly with water until it’s semi-damp, then follow braiding and hair styling instructions.


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Did Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon get Cut?

making the cut vidal sassoon



Making the cut Vidal Sassoon is nowhere to be found

Episode 2 of Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon was scheduled to be aired last Friday night. I forgot to record it. On Saturday I went to the TLC Website that originally contained the schedule to find out when it was going to be aired again so I could record it. Nothing, nada, neyt, zero, zilch, not a chance . . . the page was blank.

“Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon Hopefully
it is Gone”

I note that several readers posted comments on my post about episode 1 and judging by those comments and my email, it appears as though Friday nights episode never aired. Please someone let me know if it did. But I suspect that the grown ups at Vidal Sassoon looked at the audience reaction to episode 1 and decided the they were tanking their brand . . . big time.

Episode 1 made the whole organization look like a bunch of rank amateurs. It was awful, almost painful to watch.

If in fact the management pulled the show, they earned back a little of my respect. Now if they would just return my call to them, I’d be a happy camper.


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Shear Genius – Episode Seven

deep side part with sleek straight hair runway style

Shear Genius – and then there were three!

One more time the producers came up with a great show. Two excellent challenges that had me on edge for all four hairdressers. The elimination challenge was awesome. The four hairdressers were to create a specific “look” for a photo shoot with world renown fashion photographer, Matthew Rolstron. Matthew expressed what was important to him for end results on every model and worked with them during the photo shoot as well. They would be judged on, how well they worked with Matthew, creativity and their end product.

They had 3 hours to produce the look and needed to share that time with a makeup artist and a manicurist. Whew! Daisey took the win for her representation of “sex kitten” which Matthew wanted done “wet.” She started by curling the hair with a small iron which was then wetted down, she was able to manipulate in piecey soft waves. She also made the smart choice of not using too much hair care product. She knew when the hair would be soaked down with water, that it would turn to a milky looking mess of hair. Kudo’s Daisey!

The favorite of mine in this competition was Ben with his interpretation of “retro rocker.” I found myself sweating with him when after two hours working with his model, he had nothing! I think he intuitively knew what to do but didn’t have the confidence in himself that he could pull it off. He pulled off his “rocker” look in the final moments during the photo shoot. Matthew wanted a look of “vertical” in this style that Ben hadn’t achieved to his liking. Ben was able to work with Matthew during the photo shoot to meet his expectations . . . and then some.

Anthony, what a great team player he shows himself to be today. Having won the first challenge, he had first choice of what “look” he wanted to take on. He then divvied out the remaining looks to his competitors. He chose to give the others a style “look” that he knew suited them or that they would be most comfortable. They clearly all liked what he chose for them. Even though he fell short of pleasing the judges and Matthew with his “retro-glamour girl” horizontal hair, he won in my book for sportsmanship and camaraderie.

It’s too sad any of these talented hairdressers have to lose now, but, Dr. Boogie was the one who had to go. In over correcting his work, he weighed down the “diva star,” lighter than air look, he was suppose to achieve. His model looked better at the beginning of the shoot than at the end. He also showed a lack of “team” skills during the photo shoot, that hurt his chances of moving into the final round.

Next week is the final episode . . . I’m not ready for this fun show and competition to end!


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