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Hair Care Product Tutorial

Store shelves with dozens of hair care product brands

If you’re confused about which hair care product to use . . . Here are some tips that will help.

If you need to figure out what does what, and who are these hair care products best for . . . this article should help. If you have fine hair, can you use a silicone shiner? Will smoothing balms really tame curly hair? Read on for the hair helpers that you’ll want to incorporate into your daily hair styling routine.

Hair Care Product~~Hairstyling Gels

Today’s gels are more lightweight and flake-free than ever; they’re best for fine to medium textured hair. But even if your hair is thick, you can perform some slick tricks in seconds. For traditional hair styling, apply to the roots only for lift. Add heat from a hair dryer, lift hair as it dries and you’ve got instant lift and volume.

Gels can also be used with a roller set—either along the whole strand or just to smooth ends so they don’t get the bends.

In general, avoid applying gel to the ends of fine hair; it’ll weigh locks down and discourage movement. The exception is if you use gel to slick all your hair back or if you have curly hair that you want to tame a bit. Then, comb a small amount of gel all the way through to the ends.

Today’s gels contain sun-screen, so you can protect hair from UV rays.

The products come in tubes for hand styling and in spray-on versions; the choice is totally up to you.

Hair Care Product~~Hairsprays—Working & Finishing

Working sprays dry slowly, so you can continue to detail a hairstyle before it “sets;” finishing sprays add both hold and shine. Some contain sunscreen, All have been recently reformulated with lowered VOCs (volatile organic compounds—ozone-eaters that we can do without.) This causes them to come out wetter. When choosing a hairspray, select one by the desired degree of hold and other benefits, such as increasing shine or subduing frizzy hair,

Even if you want moveable, touchable hair, “flexible” sprays create style memory and let you brush your hair during the day without losing your hairstyle. Who are they best for? Everyone!

Hair Care Product~~Pomades, Glossers & Shiners

These hair care products add shine to hair, so they are best for smooth, sleek styles or for very curly locks, which tend to reflect light less.

Pomades are thicker, which means they can be a little greasier, but they can also attract moisture to dry hair. Pomades are best for thick or curly hair and are ideal for slicked-back hairstyles.

Glossers and shiners come in liquid-drop form and in spray-on versions. Just a few drops are all it takes to add super shine to hair and smooth frizzies. (Liquefy the product between your palms and smooth it over the hair surface, just as you would with a pomade.) Spray-in shiners are best for straight hair or “dressed” hairstyles that you don’t want to disturb, like fingerwaves.

While you can spritz on a shiner anytime, only use the product once or twice a day if you have fine hair. All these products will build up on the hair with over-use, particularly if they contain silicone.

Hair Care Product~~Hairstyling Volumizers

Traditionally, volumizers add body and volume to hair when you’re heat styling it, volumizing shampoos and conditioners provide you with a complete regimen. The shampoos add body while the conditioners won’t weigh hair down. Volumizing hair styling products include mousses, gels, foam-stylers and even styling cremes. All are perfect for plumping up fine hair and all are heat-activated.

If you have thick, full hair, there isn’t much reason to use a volumizer, unless you are creating an updo or a super-full hairstyle. Then, since your hair is probably heavy, stick with mousses and gels.

Hair Care Product~~Hair Thickeners

Hair thickeners are heat-activated and will not work their magic unless you blow-dry your hair after applying them. They’re terrific for fine hair that lacks body. Start with a quarter-sized amount and apply it underneath the hair, from the nape forward. The easiest way to do this is by bending over with your head upside down. Comb the product through evenly, then blow-dry as you lift hair away from the scalp with your hands. When hair is almost dried, flip your head up and complete styling. At this point, you can add a small amount of mousse or gel, if desired.

These products tend to add more fullness than volumizing products, but the trade-off can be a more “matte” look and less shine. Test them all, starting with a small amount.

Hair Care Product~~Hair Styling Waxes

Waxes are used for “spot styling” and can have a hard, stiff finish. They are best for medium to dense hair and very short cuts with layers that you can style in any direction. Always rub them between your fingers or palms, then work them through your hair, Detail ends or sideburns, or lift roots straight up for a spiky feeling. Waxes, along with firm-hold cremes and pomades, can be used to add texture to medium to dense hair.

For further discussion on saving money on your hair care product purchase.


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Give Limp Hair a Lift

Limp Hair

Here are some simple suggestions to add texture and give your hairstyle a fabulous finish

Crimps, separation, flirty pieces, curls and waves are all elements that can make any hairstyle look lots more exciting. But if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines because your hair is super-fine and flat, there is hope. Here’s a step-by-step plan to transform your locks from fine to texturized . . . and it’s easier than you think!


With the right haircut, most hair types can take on a fabulously textured finish in minutes!

For starters, when consulting with your hairdresser, advise him/her that you would like to add more texture to your hairstyle. There are several cutting techniques that have been created especially to increase texture, For example, layers cut at the interior can boost volume, while cropped haircuts can help add dimension and give the illusion of thicker locks. Haircuts that feature heavily notched perimeters, especially at the bang area and framing the face increase visual excitement and makes it go from flat and boring to super-bold!

Whatever the design, talk with your hairdresser about hair cutting options that might help solve your texture problem.


Many hair care product companies have spent millions of dollars and hours of time in their labs, developing amplifying hair care products that help build texture. Most are heat-activated and help boost hair, especially during blow-drying. Gels work wonders when you want to piece out your texture. Hairspray has the power to double the volume when sprayed at the root area. Combination products, such as gel-mousse, add softer texture, while new texturizing crèmes offer a customized finish for “bed- head” looks.


Having the right styling know-how is a must to help texturize your style. Crimpers, irons, special rollers and hair dryer attachments have been designed specifically to texture, not curl. The newest styling products are intended to be used specifically with heated tools and can actually protect your hair during the process. Some even have heat-activated conditioners that improve your hair as you heat-style. Bendies can give you tons of temporary spirals so you can try out the look before you go permanent or just play around with a fresh change for a special occasion,

Your hairdresser can tell you which hair care product is best for your hair type, and can even give you a lesson in using the tools properly. If you want a lesson, make sure you tell the hair salon when you book your next appointment, so there’s enough time to get the instructions and practice a little under your hairdresser’s guidance.


When you really want to turn up the texture there are a variety of chemical services that are user-friendly. All over waves add volume, while tighter curls give a more texturized finish and make hair appear thicker. Body-wave formulas can add volume and texture with little curl.

Rod selection will determine the type and sizes of curls, and a variety can be combined on one head for a more natural looking feel.


Coloring your hair also helps accentuate the appearance of a texturized haircut. The placement and shades of high lights or lowlights can create more depth. While it’s fine to color your own hair to cover gray or boost shine, it’s best to consult with your hairdresser before trying to create your own advanced color design. Your hairdresser can customize your haircut and color to work together to give you tons of texture, whether your finish of choice is more rumpled or smooth. Whether you need a quick-fix cut, a new product line or some simple styling suggestions–or maybe all three–there are lots of ways for you to boost your look. With a little practice and some homework assigned by your hairdresser, you will see a noticeable difference in practically no time!

For further discussion on how to add volume and fullness to your hair you might want to check out these other articles:


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Hairstyle and Beauty News

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  • Celebrity Haircolor Makeovers ~~ My friend and fellow Glam’er Fabian at the Bosh always a fun read, has an interesting article on the inside scoop on what your favorite celebrities are up to these days with hair coloring. The article features the hairstyles of Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Mandy Moore, Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Bangs are Back ~~ If you like to be on the leading edge of a hairstyle trend, pay attention to your bangs. I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that bangs will be a hot hairstyle this summer and fall. Why am I confident? I have seen lots of chatter in the hairstyling realm about bangs, here are a couple of examples: The Boston Globe, Video from CBS News,

  • Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba Hairstyle Tiff ~~ It appears that Jessica Alba really got pissed recently, when a reporter asked if she was copying Paris Hilton’s hairstyle in her recent appearance in the movie Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer in London. Just like I predicted, the Paris Hilton spoiled brat image is starting to get old.

  • Katie Holmes copies Victoria Beckham Hairstyle ~~ Speaking of copying hairstyles it seems Katie Holmes showed up at dinner the other night with hubby Tom Cruise sporting a cute bob (see above) that had been seen on Katie Holmes recently.

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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