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Emo Hair Styles are not Really New

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Choosing Trendy Over Natural Beauty is Always a Mistake

Today I happened across an article at fellow Glamer StyleGuru on Emo Hair Styles. As I looked through the Emo Hair Style Gallery I couldn’t help noticing how unattractive most of the Emo hair styles were.
“Emo Hair Styles are Usually a Mistake”
A hairdresser cringes when an attractive female with a great face shape and wonderful hair to work with comes in to the hair salon and asks for a trendy hair cut that is bound to make her look less attractive. This is almost always a beauty faux paus and is a complete waste of natural beauty.

Yet generation after generation of women fall for naturally unattractive styles only to look trendy or fashionable. In the 60’s we had the beehive look that was hideous on almost everybody except the tiniest segment. Then we had the back-combed look of the 70’s and 80’s that looked stupid and tortured the hair. In the 90’s we had punk, then the Goth look and now Emo hair styles.

Classic beauties become classics by maximizing every natural beauty asset and never ever compromising attractiveness for style. Whenever you’re about to opt for a stylish look ask yourself: Do I want to be a classic beauty or just another yawner with this weeks hot, but ugly hairstyle.




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