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Halloween Party? Try These Celebrity Hair How-To’s!

Adams Family Cousin Itt Halloween Costume Hairstyle

Some Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you find yourself at a loss of the creative ideas for this Halloween’s party, fear not. Hollywood is always able and willing to give up the ideas. “Cousin Itt” is most probably a bit too involved for last-minute but, couldn’t let that look get passed by. You will need, lots of hair, a flat iron for the smooth bangs, a crimping iron for rest, a good backcomb and lot’s and lot’s of volumizing spray.

Paris Hilton Linsay Lohan
It’s simple to become one of these celebrity icons this Halloween. All you need is hair extensions and your basic black and white striped ensemble!

Tina Turner, Simply the Best
First requirement is good gams! Pick up a shoulder length blonde wig and make it big! A little black dress, red lipstick, dark hose, little black shoes, and carry a microphone just in case your asked to improvise!

Katie Price
Winding up the October Cancer Awareness Month . . . wear lots of PINK with some ribbons, and carry a donation basket for the cause!

Just think of the possibilities! These wenches are portraying Madonna over the years; “Like a Virgin”, “Express Yourself”, “Music”, and “Hung Up”, including baby!

Amy Winehouse
Especially easy to recreate with, cheap hair extensions, fake tattoo’s, liquid eyeliner, false eyelashes, cut-off’s, black lacy things, don’t forget to backcomb, backcomb, backcomb and spray, spray, spray!!!


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Christina Aguilera, Keeps Gettin Better

Christina Aguilera Keeps Gettin Better with Barbie Hair Style

Christina Aguilera “Keeps Gettin Better” video release features Barbie hair style

I get it now, thanks to I didn’t understand Christina Aguilera’s morphing from the glamorous, sexy, 30’s hair style she refashioned, to the revisited 60’s Cher hairdo.

When she showed up at Hollywood’s,”Rock the Vote” party, she was all pink, black and blonde. These are the colors and look brought back to life by the combined marketing of M.A.C. Cosmetics and Mattel last March.

A limited edition of cosmetics called,”Barbie Loves MAC” was created then using a logo with a pink on black silhouette of Barbie in her ponytail. The collection includes bright, fun colors for lips, cheeks, nails and eyes.

The “Barbie” being brought back to life here is the 1959 iconic version of Barbie with the blonde ponytail. I know her so well, my older sister had this exact Barbie and I had the 1961 red-headed, bubble hair styled Barbie. The funny thing is, I still have her! She has been kept in her classic black and pink paten leather case with all her original outfits from head to toe. She was setting the fashion back then and still has the power today to shape and set trends in Hollywood!

I wasn’t sure what Christina Aguilera was going for with this hairstyle and first wrote about it in my article Bad Hair Styles for Madonna and Christina Aguilera;  But, with the tell-tale pink lips, black dress and blonde hair . . . she’s Barbie alright!  I still don’t think it’s a look that defines her style very well though. She made much more of a statement with her 30’s hairdo and she was able to create more interesting variety of looks with that hair style as well. But she loves to change her look and that’s always fun to watch.

Christina Aguilera launched her new music video “Keeps Gettin Better” yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, here it is. It will be part of a ‘Greatest Hits’ album to be released on November 11th, exclusively at Target Stores and is available now as a single.


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Angelina Jolie Hair Style

Angelina Jolie Hair Style

Angelina Jolie hair style and easy roller set

Hairdresser Richard Ashforth, has created an instructional video for all you who have interest in getting the how to’s of an Angelina Jolie hair style, done with a velcro roller set for maximum body. In this video he is rolling long, fine textured hair, medium amount of it, basically one length with a long bang. He may get a bit anal in his exactness with partings for the average person, but take that with a grain of salt. Just pay attention to the rest of the video and you will be able to achieve similar results.

If you have layers in your hair, like Angelina Jolie’s, you will get big, soft, bouncy curls, full of body like her hair also. The more layers you have the more curls you will be able to achieve. Play around with the roller sizes you use to achieve different results. Smooth your hair out first with a blow dryer to give the finished result a smoother texture also.


Angelina Jolie Hair Style


The steps most important to follow to achieve a hairstyle with body, fullness, smoothness and hold are:

  • Spray each section before rolling and comb through evenly
  • Wrap ends and shaft smoothly and with an even tension
  • Spray entire head after rolled
  • Heat up rollers (can heat with blow dryer periodically)
  • Keep rollers in at least twenty minutes
  • Make sure hair is cool when unwinding
  • Finger comb upside down and mist lightly with spray

To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.


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