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Halloween Hair Styles

Spooky Halloween Hair Styles

It’s that time of year again! One of the most celebrated holidays of the year is just around the corner. Have you been thinking of who, or what to be at this years Halloween soiree? According to the media hype, if you want to be ‘chic,’ this year do it up as a Sarah Palin or a Tina Fey morph. But . . . you’ll be seeing your disguised self everywhere.

So, if you want to break out, get more creative and have a little more fun with this whole Halloween dress up thing, check out these video’s. You can copy these do’s or, let them lead your imagination into creating your own Halloween hair style fantasy!

hairdresser David Evangelista, shows here that a ‘spooktacular hair style’ is the crutch of any Halloween outfit! Click on the picture below to view the video.

Halloween Hair Styles
If an Amy Winehouse look-alike is more your style, check this out. Amy still stands alone as the only celebrity doning the kickback to the 1960’s Beehive! To update this look . . . don’t forget the tattoos!



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Blonde Hair for Fall, No Faux Pas!

Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair at Fashion Week dictates the trend for upcoming season!

As the days get shorter and the sun is less likely to get its due worship many women seek darker hair to compensate for their absence of beautifully bronzed complexions. This is a very common misconception.“Blonde Hair is
In This Fall”
 Fashion week dictates the trend for the upcoming seasons and last March, New York and Los Angeles displayed to us blonde hair, blonde hair, blonde hair and the occasional red head. Prada showed us delicate lace draped models. Alexander McQueen displayed vibrant reds, silvers, and bombastic blues betrothing sensual red heads. So how does this translate to everyday life? Immense use of these broad color palettes have been used in every local retailer so far as we’ve seen, so the tradition of going darker with our locks is a farce for fall.

So where is this trend guiding us? Golden blonde hair, it’s your time to sing. Scream to those brunettes “brassy is back.” You may not be able to pull off those platimumesque blonde hair tones, like our good southern women are hooked on, but you can tone it down without turning it off. Try going a bit more golden with your blonde hair, or even a champagne tone to keep that beautiful blonde hair bubbly.

Blonde Hair
If blonde hair isn’t ambitious enough for you, don’t be afraid to reach for the red, just make sure the color saturates the hair enough so that it won’t look foggy or thin throughout the fading process. Red is the least fade resistant hair color, that is, it fades out of the hair the quickest of all hair colors. The technical reason is that red is the smallest color molecule resulting in it falling out of the hair at a very rapid rate.

So if you’re going red, it definitely calls for periodic use of a good pigmented conditioner, like Aveda Madder Root Conditioner. Make sure you use the conditioner especially because the proteins in it act like a transfer agent allowing the pigment to stick to the hair shaft keeping your red hair radiant. Just be sure to follow the directions on all pigmented conditioners and to choose the right shade for your hair color.

So, this fall complement that expensive looking garb with equally expensive looking hair color with vivid contrast to keep from looking like the ominous fall brown bore.


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Bad Hair Styles for Madonna and Christina Aguilera

Madonna Hair style

Madonna, Christina Aguilera . . . what were you thinking hair styles

I’m sorry things are not going well for Madonna and Guy Ritchie as it’s been reported lately. I almost hate to bring their names up but I just have to have my say on what I think is Madonna’s worst hair style to date! Is it just me, or does it seem like Madonna is having an extended bad hair day lately?

Who supports the Material Girl, that this is a good look for her? I’m thinking she looking kind of spooky lately with this hairdo’. The eye makeup . . . it’s not helping! What’s wrong with this hair style you ask??? Almost everything. This hair style is too flat on top for her with the middle part and length and the exaggerated dark roots . . . is old-looking on her and is just not good, it’s bad, bad, bad!!

Madonna Hair Style
This hairstyle with a side parting, softly frames her heart/diamond face shape. The hair color is more complimentary with her skin tone too!

Christina Aguilera Hair Style
Christina Aguilera, set the stage for the 30’s finger wave hair style comeback and Marilyn Monroe type feminista revival. She is a doll and has pipes that won’t quit and body to match. This boringly stick straight hair style makes no statement what-so-ever. I find the hair color rather boring too with this hair style. The platinum color made a statement with the 30’s look, but here it’s got a rather, “been there, done that” look on this diva.



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