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Haircare Products Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Haircare Products for Him & for Her this Christmas!
“Haircare Products Great Gift Ideas”

The holidays are right around the corner, so that means that finding the perfect haircare products for your sweetie should start about now. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, husband, mother, daughter or anyone else for that matter, haircare products and tools are a wonderful gift idea. Here are a few suggestions made easy . . . just click and save.

Haircare Products under $15.00

Haircare Products

For Him:

Choose simple haircare products such as an invigorating shampoo and conditioner like Redken Men’s Mint Clean Invigorating Shampoo. The smell is heavenly and every time he uses it, he’ll be thinking of you! For Her: A haircare product like a microfiber hair turban or towel is sure to please any lady on your list. Get one like the Magic Hair-Drying Towel found on Amazon. The microfiber hair towel reduces drying time by being a super soaker of water.Haircare Products under $30.00

For Him:

Jack Black skin care products are a favorite among men. Why not get him a Jack Black Jet Set Kit, which is perfect for traveling. Although it doesn’t come with any haircare products, it does come with their cleanser, moisturizer and shave lotion. My husband loves their shave lotion, and even better . . . so do I!

Hair Care Prodcts

For Her:

A great hair brush is a woman’s best friend. It can help style hair with ease and leave hair feeling soft, smooth and tangle free. Sephora has a great Bamboo Boar Brush that is both eco-friendly and offers boar bristle, which is great at controlling and smoothing hair.

Haircare Products under $40.00

Hair Care Prodcts

For Him:

The Anthony Logistics for Men Grab and Go set comes with all the haircare products and skin care products the guy in your life would need for traveling. This kit contains all he will need for a quick trip AND it all is airline approved. Two cleansers, a scrub, everyday shampoo, after shave and shave cream round out this gift pack which comes with a quart size zip lock plastic bag.For Her:

Get her favorite haircare products by choosing a trio of her favorite brand of shampoo, conditioner and styling product. If you aren’t sure what her favorite brand is, feel free to call the salon she is a regular at and I’m sure the hairdresser has her brand written down. Some tried and true favorites of my clients include Redken brand, TIGI brand and Bumble and Bumble brand products.

Haircare Products under $50.00

For Him: Get your guy a gift certificate to his favorite salon or spa for $50. He can enjoy a professional haircut and professional shave or perhaps a massage. Or, if he chooses, he can spend it on his favorite hair styling products.

Hair Care Prodcts

For Her:

Got a gal pal who loves those big, sexy waves that are so big right now? Well one of my favorite styling tools, Bed Head Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic Styling Iron, is a great tool for achieving that look as it has hair conditioning, frizz taming ions! Get it on Amazon (right now they are offering this gem at 45% off regular price) Haircare Products under $100.00

Hair Care Prodcts

For Both Him and Her:

This luxury item, the Jonathan Product Beauty Water Shower Purification System filters all the nasty stuff from your water, giving you clean, pure water that promises to leave your hair and skin in amazing condition. I haven’t been privy enough to try this product yet but I promise that anyone you get this gift for will love it.

Anyone and everyone can use haircare products and tools and with this economy, some may not be able to treat themselves to the haircare products they are used to. Head to a local beauty supply, salon or spa and ask for their advice on what haircare products and tools would work best for the person you are gifting.

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Eyebrow Tint Tips

Eyebrow Tint

Color Your Brows with Eyebrow Tint

When coloring a clients hair, I often get asked about eyebrow tint. Colorists have been using hair color for years to tint eyebrows to make them match someone’s preferred hair color or to deepen the color making the eyebrows pop and become more obvious.
“Eyebrow Tint Tips” Since hair color is not recommended (or safe) for use around the eye area, eyebrow tint was created. Eyebrow tint is color made specifically for the eyebrows. It is typically used to darken eyebrow color, but there are eyebrow tint kits available to lighten eyebrows as well. There are many reasons to alter eyebrow shapes and colors. Some of the most popular reasons that I hear in the salon include:

  • ‘My eyebrows are too light; they are almost invisible on my face.’
  • For this situation, I would suggest using eyebrow tint to subtly darken eyebrow color to a light to medium brown.
  • ‘I am beginning to see gray hair in my eyebrows, can I color my brows?’
  • Yes, this is a great reason to use an eyebrow tint. Many of us who are trying to hide gray hairs on our head don’t expect to see them on our eyebrows, so this is a great option to conceal them.
  • ‘I want to keep my hair color very light, but my eyebrows are so dark, won’t that look strange?’
  • I don’t hesitate to tell people in this situation that they are able to lighten brows safely and easily if they prefer it that way. They can use an eyebrow tint lightening kit to do so.
Eyebrow Tint
Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Lightening Kit

To lighten brows at home, use a kit like the Godefroy Eybrow Tint Lightening Cream Kit, here on This kit will gently lighten eyebrows up to 4 shades with no drip and no odor and will last 4 to 5 weeks.

Eyebrow Tint
Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Shape and Tint Kit

Godefroy makes another eyebrow tint kit I like called ‘Godefroy Brow Shape & Tint’ which also is available on Amazon.

If you are too nervous to attempt a DIY eyebrow tint at home, many salon and spas offer Eyebrow tinting. Whether you do it or have a professional perform the eyebrow tint, the color should last about six weeks (the same as a typical hair color lasts). For those of you who are even too scared to have a professional do an eyebrow tint service, there is always non-permanent color options like colored eyebrow pencils and powders that can be used to help alter the color of your eyebrows.


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Haircare Products Sampled Via Vending Machines?

Haircare Products

Haircare products and beauty products for less?

Apparently, deluxe size samples of luxury haircare products, skin care, make-up products and bath products are now available at bargain prices for a trial run via vending machines! That’s original!

This sounds intriguing, that high end haircare products and beauty products are now available to try (in ‘deluxe’ sizes) at bargain prices. For instance that means, so they advertise, that the normally priced $110.00 skin repair potion, will be sold as a 2 weeks supply for just somewhere between $3.00 to $10.00. The prices of their products are $3.00, $5.00 or $10.00 for a two weeks supply. The samplings are haircare products that New Beauty advertises in their magazine.

“Sample Haircare Products on the Cheap”NBC reported this week that New Beauty Magazine in Boca Raton Florida has opened it’s first “Sample Bar.” New Beauty products sold in the first vending machine in Aventura Mall, reportedly the 5th largest mall in the country.

“If you’re really looking for new brands and haircare products to fit into your beauty regimen, the New Beauty sample bar is the perfect opportunity for you to try the products at an inexpensive price,” explained National client services manager, Erin Piper. “When consumers read about the products within the pages, they can come and sample the products in the machine.”

In looking for more information about the New Beauty products and magazine, I couldn’t track down, at least in a reasonable amount of time, just what “high end products” are in their machines. It took me too long to try to find any concrete answers on their site and there was no real person to answer questions I had. This leaves me a little suspicious of what they are selling and advertising. If anyone from New Beauty can help fill me in, please do and I’ll pass along the information to our readers.

The packaging of the products on their video looks like all the same brand. Is a variety of product manufacturers represented or just their own product brand?



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