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    Top Hairdressers of North America 2010 Announced!

    How to Find a Great Hairstylist

    See into the Mind’s Eye of Top Hairdressers!

    Ever wonder what top hairdressers do in their time off???  For those stylists who are especially competitive and love what they do . . . here’s a sampling of just what can happen when they are left to their own imagination!

    North America’s Hairstyling Awards 2010 was part of the Cosmoprof North America show this past weekend in Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas Nevada. This is the 21st Anniversary of the show where top hair stylists from North America competed in the most prestigious photographic hair styling competition in North America.

    Don’t get all aghast and horror-struck now, with these new top styling ideas that just happen to be a wee-bit out of the norm . . . this just might be where your stylist get’s their next inspiration!

    Hair Stylist of the Year

    Pictures of the top 5 finalist hair styles Hair Stylist of the Year
    Photographer, Ara Sassoonian

    Toni Ricci, of Ricci Hair Co., Edmonton, Alberta takes home top honors as Hair Stylist of the Year!

    Master Hair Stylist

    Montage of 5 hair styles from Master Hair Stylist Award Winners
    Photographer, Trevor Owsley

    Wendy and Oscar Bond, Bond Academy, Upper Montclair, New Jersey win Master Hair Stylist!

    Avant Garde Hair Stylist

    Hair Style Montage of Avant Garde Hair Stylist Award Winner
    Photographer, Roberto Ligresti

    Nicholas French, Matrix C.R.A.F.T. Global Academy, West Hampton, New York


    Montage of 3 Haircolor Award Winner Hair Styles Funky Hair Colors
    Photographer, Joseph Cartright

    Chrystopher Benson, Salon Tantrum, New York, New York

    Editorial Hair Stylist

    Hair Style Montage of 8 Editorial Hair Stylist Award Winners
    Photographer, Tony Maesto

    Steve Elias, Elixir Salon Spa, Berkeley, California

    Student Hair Stylist

    Hair Style Montage of Student Hair Stylist Award Winner
    Photographer, Babak

    Patrick Mathes, Aveda Fredric’s Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana

    Hair Salon Team

    5 Hair Style Montage of Hair Salon Team Award Winners

    Anna Pacitto, Salon Pure, Montreal, QuebecTexture

    3 Funky Hair Styles
    Photographer, Babak

    Dimitrios Tsioumas, Mizu New York, New York, New York

    Fashion Forward

    3 Wierd Funky Hairstyles of the Future
    Photographer, Ara Sassoonian

    Antoine Vadacchino, Salon Pure, Montreal Quebec

    Contemporary Classic
    Modern Version of 3 Classic 30's Bob Hair Style
    Photographer, Ara Sassoonian

    Alain Pereque, Salon Pure, Montreal Quebec

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    Carrie Underwood’s Wedding Hair

    Carrie Underwood Wedding Hair

    Wedding hair style for country American Idol, sweet and simple!

    We haven’t caught site of any more pictures than this of Carrie Underwood’s wedding hair style to date, but more will be released in this Friday’s issue of People Magazine. Our country singing American Idol tied the knot with her long time sweetie, Canadian pro hockey player Mike Fisher, on Saturday, July 10th at the Ritz-Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, Georgia.

    “Carrie Underwood Wedding Hair” Carrie’s wedding hair style was a sweet and simple up do, with side-swept bangs and face framing, softly curled tendrils. It was a DIY type of wedding hair style that at least some of you might imagine being able to achieve at home, don’t you think?

    I think it was a good choice for Carrie and it reflects her style . . . important when looking back on pictures in years to come.Another plus, was that her uncomplicated wedding hair style showed off a diamond tiara, (Mikes bridal gift to her) and the Chantilly lace and silk organza dress she wore, perfectly. She told People magazine that “The dress was huge.” She changed into a strapless cocktail dress after the ceremony she said, “I wanted to get my boogie on, so I had to change.”

    Carrie’s wedding hair style reflects a wedding hair trend that says simple and casual looking hair is perfectly in good taste on your big day. See these celebrities who recently went with seriously casual wedding hair styles and looked totally stunning.

    Here the couple shows their casual side when spotted in Tahiti, for the start of their Honeymoon!  They are on to Bora Bora next.  Congratulations to a lovely couple!!

    Carrie Underwood Wedding Hair
    Carrie Underwood Fisher and hubby Mike Fisher

    More pictures of her wedding hair will be released in this Friday’s issue of People magazine.

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    Fringe Trim How To Tips for DIY’ers

    Fringe Trim
    4 Tips for an Easy Fringe Trim!

    I hope your hairdresser has offered to do a free fringe trim in-between your regular hairstyling appointment. If not, you might find out by asking the question; what do you charge for a fringe trim?

    The subject may have simply never come up during your appointment or, may have just slipped their mind, so asking is worth it. If you find out it will cost more than you want to pay or, it just doesn’t fit into your schedule, consider doing a fringe trim at home between appointments.

    “How to Give Yourself a Fringe Trim” It’s really not that difficult to trim your own bangs. The main thing to know is it’s a detail orientated task. Take your time, be patient and pay attention to these details to get it right. (It’s smart to be honest with yourself and if you have two left thumbs, leave it to your hairdresser.) You probably already know, it’s easy to get it wrong if you wing-it without a plan, so for those who feel it’s an amiable task, here’s a plan and a video on how-to do a fringe trim at home.

    Wash and dry your hair, smoothing out fringe as straight as possible. If you have a flat-iron, pull through bangs to straighten..

    1. Separate previously cut fringe out from the rest of your hair, securing the rest out of the way with a headband or putting by into a ponytail. .
    2. Keep in mind you only want to snip off about 1/8th to 1/4th inch of length at a time, following the line the hairdresser has previously cut. You can always cut more later if needed..
    3. Using a fine-toothed comb and a sharp small scissors, start by taking small sections. Be aware to keep a soft and even tension on the hair as you cut, slight tension differation will make a difference in the final length. Also, remember your bangs will bounce up some after you cut them..
    4. Once you’ve completed the cut following the previously cut fringe, step back and view the results all together. You can soften the line by ‘point cutting’ into the tips of the hair as shown in the video below.

    Cowlicks are worth mentioning here. If you have a strong cowlick in front, it is better to wear a long, angled fringe rather than trying to wear a fringe that is trimmed straight across. If you have a more subdued cowlick in front, you may be able to style it straight with a flat iron . . . your hairdresser will be able to help you out with what type of fringe trim works best for you!

    Fringe Trim

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