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Cool Hairstyles for School

School Hairstyles . . . Want to get noticed by the guys?

I got tasked to write an article about school hairstyles earlier this week and kinda came up with writer’s block at first. Then my wife and I took a day off and went to the Great Minnesota Get Together! The Minnesota State Fair. The minute I got through the gates we were greeted with a throbbing gaggle of humanity everywhere there were people.

“School Hairstyles
Just Say No to
Long and Straight”
After about two hours of stuffing myself with every food concoction that could be deep-fried and put on a stick. I decided it was time for a cold one, a bench in the shade, and some serious people watchin. We started watching the school hairstyles to see what was hot and what was different from last year to see if we could spot any interesting hairstyle trends.

What became immediately apparent was that not much is changed . . . It is was hair school look a like contest that was going on with every high school lass. Sure, there was occasionally a nice low light job here and there, but other than that, it’s the same old, same old school hairstyles. Every single one of them had long, below the shoulder straight hair. They all look the same . . . it is hard to tell one from another. They all seemed to have simple hairstyles for school, here is the look that they all copy:


Cute Easy Hairstyles for School
School Hairstyles

Come on gang, get a grip . . . you won’t be noticed by a guy if you have the same school hairstyle as every other girl in the hallway. If the guys in your high school are as sick of this tired school hairstyle as I know they are . . . they are really going to pay attention to you if you change it up and do something a bit different in a school hairstyle.

That is especially true of those of you who have oblong or rectangular face shapes. This hairstyle makes your face look way, way too long. If you have a long face shape or a long nose run, don’t walk to your hairdresser and get one of the cool hairstyles for school . . . now!Also those of you who have oval and heart-shaped faces should avoid these long stringy looks as well, as you are pulling the focal point away from your gorgeous face shape.

Anyway lets Just Say No . . . to the long straight hairstyle. Here are a few easy hair styles for school to try:

Hair School


Easy Hairstyles for School


Quick Hairstyles for School

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Head Lice Treatment is a Louse Buster

Hair Lice Treatment

New Head Lice Treatment for the new strain of head lice!

Praise the Lord! There is a new head lice treatment on the block that claims to get rid of the little head lice beasts with a treatment that takes between 30 minutes to an hour or so . . .  AND without the need to slather on all sorts of toxic chemicals!  A new head lice treatment device that looks like a cross between a hair dryer and a vacuum is being used at specialty hair salons and homes across the country as a most effective head lice treatment!


ABC’s Nightline ran this piece last night entitled, “Beware of the Superlice.” It’s a creepy, crawly subject that gives just about everyone a touch of the heebie-jeebies’, especially now with all the little ones heading back-to-school!“New Head Lice Treatment” Superlice refers to the same head lice that have been around forever, only these little buggers, that don’t discriminate, seem to have built up a resistance to the chemical treatments we’ve been using for years. These OTC treatments and antibiotics can take weeks to administer without taking care of the problem. To hear from your school or hairdresser that your child has head lice is pretty devastating news for any parent and has meant countless hours of added work, frustration and lost school time.


Head Lice TreatmentThe LouseBuster is a machine that blows warm air through an air hose that has a diffuser-like hand piece on the end. “The LouseBuster is particularly effective because it kills louse eggs, which chemical treatments have never done very well,” said Dale Clayton, a University of Utah biologist who led the research and co-invented the machine. “It also kills hatched lice well enough to eliminate entire infestations.”

The machine was tested on 169 infested children with a reported 80% kill rate that prevented remaining lice from breeding. With this head lice treatment virtually all were cured when examined one week later, reported the National Pediculosis Association (NPA).

There are now specialty hair salons and services across the country that are specifically for the purpose of head lice treatment and they are using the LouseBuster as the means for head lice treatment. A service in my area, Ladibugs, is run by two Moms, nurses, who decided the business of head lice treatment via the LouseBuster was a worthy business to get into. They go into homes to do treatments and also help educate parents on what they need to do to rid the home of head lice and their eggs.

The cost of this type of head lice treatment varies but seems to land somewhere between $200. – $500. The higher cost may well be worth it for quick, effective results sans the use of toxic chemicals.One very promising bit of information shared from the makers of the LouseBuster was that head lice cannot live off-scalp for more than 24 hours. So you shouldn’t have the worry about reinfestation from somewhere in your home after this head lice treatment and initial precautions.

The NPA, celebrates its 25th National Head Lice Prevention Campaign for back-to-school 2010 – 2011. Besides backing the LouseBuster, and a cheaper but effective method using the LiceMeister comb, they say parents need to be attentive to checking their children for head lice. Their advice, “Comb out the lice and nits when there are fewer of them and before the task becomes unnecessarily challenging.”


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