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Mothers Day Gifts

Mother Day Gift

Mothers Day Ideas


Mothers Day Ideas

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year, why not opt for a gift that keeps on giving – like a makeover? A new hairstyle will last long after the flowers have wilted and the greeting cards have been tucked away and it’s something Mom can take with her wherever she goes. Saying this though, I’m sure your mom would also appreciate something like a name necklace or even a day out as part of her mother’s day gift. She’ll be grateful no matter what she gets.

Perhaps Mom’s been stuck in a hairstyle rut for the past few years (decades), but hasn’t changed because it’s the only hairstyle she knows. Maybe she’s recently lost weight or had some other life-changing event that warrants a new look. Maybe it’s just time for something different.“Mothers Day Gift Ideas”

Today’s hairstyles are all about quick and easy. If you anticipate her being leery of a new hairstyle, stay within her comfort zone. If she likes shoulder length or longer hairstyles, schedule a consultation with a hairdresser that can show her easy ways to create updos. If she has naturally curly hair, suggest a style that accentuates her curls in as few steps as possible. If she’s partial to short hair, have a hairdresser show her versatile hairstyles that can be worn several different ways, depending on her outfit or mood.

People are afraid of change. They fear what they don’t know so if Mom seems a little apprehensive about getting a haircut, suggest a new hair color instead. She could go lighter or darker, add high lights or lowlights or she may simply just want to enhance the color she already has by making it more vivid.

Even though this is your gift to her, let her be involved in as much as the process as possible. Trusting someone with your appearance can be scary, especially if you’re not used to the hair salon routine. Try your best to encourage her without overwhelming her with all the possibilities and choices. You might even want to start with trying on some hairstyles at some of the face in hole hairstyle sites that are out there. The more involved she is in the process, the more likely she is to keep up with her new look.


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Temporary Hair Dye

Wash out Hair Color

Try a Temporary Hair Dye for a Fun Night Out!

Looking to give your hairstyle a temporary hair color kick for a big night out? It’s easy with Streekers. Available in a variety of eye-popping hues, including orange, yellow, pink, purple and ultra violet, Streekers bonds to the hair so you can brush your hairdo without flaking it off.

Turn heads with head-turning hues. Streekers is bright, bold, temporary hair color that transform your dull everyday hair color into something unforgettable.

There are no harsh chemicals. No ammonia or peroxide and they claim the temporary hair dye does not leave stains on clothes, skin or towels.

Just apply to small sections of dry hair from root to tip and let dry. The lighter your hair, the brighter the temporary hair color, so blondes will ge the most vibrant results.

To remove the temporary hair dye, simply shampoo as usual. Although bleach blondes may need two to three shampoos to remove the wash out hair color.

Streekers are available at select salons and cosmetic specialty stores, or directly from Streekers.

Wash out Hair Color

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