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Celebrity Hair Styles You Need to Try

Celebrities Hair Jessica Alba

Celebrity Hair Styles, Style Watch: Bangs

With so many celebrity hair styles sporting bangs lately, I thought we could add more info here about this hot celebrity hair trend. Everyone from Ali Larter to Jessica Alba is wearing bangs these days and so can you. Adding bangs or fringe, to your current hairstyle, is an easy way to go from ho-hum hair to a more fashionable, updated look!

If you want a celebrity look that’s both subtle and sexy, try side swept bangs.  Reese Witherspoon sets the stage with this gorgeous look when she was fresh off her breakup from Ryan Phillipe. To style side swept bangs like Reese Witherspoon, use a round brush to blow dry bangs under and then simply sweep them to one side. If you have cowlicks that fight you, use a flat-iron to straighten and sweep to the side. Keep them in place by using a texturizing paste like, Jonathan Product ‘Dirt’, on the ends of your bangs.

Liv Tyler wears celebrity hair styles with a rocker edge

Looking for celebrity hair styles with more of a rock star edge? Then try full bangs like rock star legend Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler wears. To get this look from your bangs; blow dry bangs down flat and then flat iron, rolling the iron slightly under. Add a spritz or two of shine spray to finish the look. I like Kenra Platinum Silkening Mist Shine Spray, because of its delicious smell.

Petra Nemcova’s ‘Betty Paige’ Celebrity Hairstyles

The last celebrity with bangs is the Betty Paige bang. This one is a tough one to pull off for a number of people, but if you can wear them, you will turn heads like Petra Nemcova does it with this stunning hairstyle. Try this look if you are willing to put in some time for upkeep. Styling these bangs may take some work with a flat iron if you have natural wave in your hair. Also you will need to  get to your hairdresser every two to three weeks to keep them looking great.

Bangs are a fabulous way to switch up your current hair style. As I write this, I am contemplating mimicking some celebrity hair styles by adding bangs into my own hair style once again.  Boards.


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Are You a Hot Redhead at Heart?

Hot Redhead Julianne Moore

Take the Hot Redhead Quiz

If at least two of the following apply to you, it may be right to go red-haired:

  • You Can Be a Hot Redhead if~~Your skin is on the pink side, There is a “right” red out there for most women, says Jennifer J, a Matrix celebrity hair colorist and owner of Juan Juan Salons in Southern California (she colors Julia Roberts’s auburn red hair), but women with cool or pinkish skin pull it off best. Conversely, women with golden or olive skin have a tougher time finding a red hair tone that’s flattering.


“The Hot
Redhead Look”

  • You Can Be a Hot Redhead if~~You’re no wallflower, Redhead is a head-turning hue, and you have to be self-assured enough to accept the stares, says Tasha Forgash. red hair color specialist at Shag Salon in Boston. Hair colorist Sarah Gold, the guru behind Lindsay Lohan’s formerly flame red colored hair, concurs: “Remember red hair is like a sequined dress—it walks into the room before you do.”


  • You Can Be a Hot Redhead if~~Your hair is in fairly good condition. If your hair is very dry or damaged, the strands will have a hard time holding on to small, red hair color molecules (which seep out of even the healthiest hair fairly quickly). Your mane has a better chance of becoming radiant redhead if it is well cared-for (read: you deep-condition weekly, get regular trims and don’t heat-style every day).



How to be the best hot redhead:

  1. Hot Redhead Tip~~Wash your hair as infrequently as possible, Ideally this would mean twice a week, says Parvine Klein, a red hair colorist at the John Barrett Salon in New York City, but every other day will suffice if your hair is oily or very fine, says Jennifer J. On alternate days, you can rinse your hair with tepid (never hot) water if necessary or dust your roots with a dry shampoo.


  1. Hot Redhead Tip~~Avoid harsh shampoos. Most dandruff treatments are tough on colored red hair says Jennifer J. But they are death to hot redhead, accelerating the fading process by weeks.


  1. Hot Redhead Tip~~Ask your hair colorist for a “to-go” kit, Jennifer J gives her redheaded clients a small vial of their hair color (at $45 a pop) to apply two weeks after their hair salon visit. This keeps the red hair color looking bright and fiery all month-long. (Tip: If you can’t get a to-go kit, using one of Nice ‘n Easy’s new Color Boosting Glazes can also do the trick.)


  1. Hot Redhead Tip~~Cover up. Red hair color oxidizes faster than any other says Forgash. So, if you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, use a styling product that contains UV filters, or throw a hat or scarf over your red hair.


  1. Hot Redhead Tip~~Don’t be tempted by eggplant tones. Purplish-reds don’t look natural and are rarely flattering, says Jennifer J. Choose a red hair color that can be described as “coppery,” “auburn” or “strawberry” instead.

For more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.

Article courtesy of Harris Publications


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Long Prom Hair Styles: So Pretty, So Easy

Long Prom Hair Styles

Long Prom Hair Styles . . . Go Casual, But Shine!

The prom hair routine of not so long ago was a completely different story than today. Lucky you! I have memories of way too much time spent at the hair salon getting shampooed followed by a roller set that was so tight, it left you with a headache and a face lift at the same time. You then sat under the hair dryer till your ears and face turned red. Next came a violent comb-out, in a sort of rip and tear kind of way.

After that came the main prom hair styling technique of the day, RATTING! These hairdressers knew how to RAT, that is, back-combing or teasing, taken to a violent extreme which made your hair like a rat’s nest and stay put for months. Some-how after lots of combing over, spraying, twisting and pinning, voila . . . the masterpiece . . . love-locks.

We all had long prom hair styles, we all looked the same and basically we all them. Tears, were shed by many as they left the salon that hopeful day, feeling older than dirt. And, that’s just what you asked the hairdresser NOT to do! “Please DON”T make me look old.

Good news for you gals, formal hair routines have evolved eons since that time. If you’re talented with hair styling techniques you may be able to recreate some of these casual long prom hairstyles at home. But, don’t leave it to chance! Practice and if not you’re happy, make that appointment with a professional hairdresser. There are subtleties in making a casual long prom hair style look casual and still have it hold all day and through prom night and make you shine.

Prom Curly Hairstyles
Here is an idea for a long prom hair style from Eva Longoria. This prom updohas a casual, yet polished look but it’s styled to HOLD for the entire evening. Check out my article Prom Updos for more.

Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

 This long prom hair style on Eva Mendes is sooo cute! Check out my other article for more prom hairstyles for long hair.
Long Prom Hairstyles
Easiest to achieve, this curled and teased pony tail long prom hair style can be a real head turner. For more on prom ponytails.

Prom Hair styles for Long Hair
Steal the show with this long prom hair style, but this one is best left to the professionals. For more on the Twist Updos for prom.


Long Prom Hair StylesLong Prom Hairstyles
Easy to achieve but still needs practice prom hair styleFront View of prom hairstyle

Even though long prom hair styles are casual this year, this is still your night to shine. You’ve got the fabulous prom dress, shoes and accessories, now don’t miss out on wearing a knockout hair style! For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.


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