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    Grooming for Men from the Ladies Perspective

    A soft tousled mens hairstyle look

    Grooming services for men a boon . . . the ladies say ‘Aye!’

    We admit it guys, our posts regarding ‘grooming for men,’ have been pretty sparse (still informative) over the years, but the truth is the ladies haven’t had much rivalry from the opposite sex in regards to the subject of grooming . . . until now that is.

    While doing some research for an article I happened upon some information on men’s hair that got me thinking about what is happening that is long overdue. Grooming services for men are reaching new heights and more and more hair dressing salons, manufacturers and hair stylists are turning their attention towards the guys.  Why?  It’s simple . . . women aren’t the only ones who like pampering . . . men want to look and feel better too!  Men may also be feeling the pressure to keep up appearances as the job market crisis looms. Hairdresser salons are helping men to look younger and fresher which in turn sets one up for more success.

    The macho-macho man image is evolving into a new paradigm of potentialities. Bieber fever, Clooney wanna-be’s, Pitt passion and even some vampires are being emulated as to what the modern man looks like.  And, the proof is that men are clearly making their vote for their fashion enthusiasm at hair salons with their pocketbooks!

    Just a few years back, the term “metrosexual” was coined to describe a man who was flaunting his style from head to toe and unfortunately the term loosely carried a critical connotation to it. Have you noticed this term has literally dropped off the map? Proof that evolution happens. At least it’s evident in the beauty industry, says Salon Today, as the men’s grooming market is out-pacing the overall beauty market with men spending an astounding $61.3 billion on grooming annually.

    Ladies love the new impending trend that men are so readily embracing.  So guys, you might want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the world of men’s grooming today.  We will be giving you the ladies perspective on what’s hot and what’s not with grooming for men. Stay tuned or better yet sign up to be notified when our next article is posted in our new category, ‘Just for Men.’ We will keep you abreast on the newest men’s grooming services, products, the hottest men’s haircuts and hairdressing salons that assure you of looking and feeling your best . . . all of course, from the ladies perspective. And for more great looks check out our Pinterest Men’s Hair Board.

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    My Favorite New Hairstyle Trend

    sleek bob

    New Hairstyle Trend, Sleek Bob Haircuts

    A new hairstyle trend is showing up everywhere and I think it’s here to stay for a while! After writing about bob haircuts recently, I haven’t been able to get them out of my head! I see this new hairstyle trend everywhere from celebrities to my neighbor next door. I too, decided to debut a new look with a long version of the sleek bob that I love.

    Sleek bob haircuts are great for this time of year because it allows you to cut away dry, damaged ends from summer and unveils a fresh, new hairstyle. This hairstyle even allows you to have your hair grown out again by next summer! No matter what your face shape, there is a sleek bob haircut that will work for you.

    New Hairstyle Trend
    New hairstyle trend – Jessica Simpson

    Soft layered edges on this new hairstyle trend,  will help to soften square jaw lines.

    New Hairstyle Trend
    New hairstyle trend – Kelly Clarkson

    A super straight and sleek bob with angled bangs deemphasizes a round face shape.

    New Hairstyle Trend
    New hairstyle trend – Reese Witherspoon

    Even those with heart shaped faces look great with bob haircuts when the cut is slightly longer than the jaw-line.

    Oval-faces are considered the ideal face shape and are able to pull off any hairstyle, including this new hairstyle trend..

    As you can see, there are so many variations of this new hairstyle trend, the sleek bob, that most anyone can wear it. I suggest starting the season fresh and trying this new hairstyle trend yourself. If you are a tad bit intimidated by cutting your hair, try a long version of the sleek bob like I did. I just know that you’ll love it and if you are like me, you’ll want to cut off more at your next hair appointment!

    Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends Board.

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    Emmy Hairstyles; My Take

    Emmy Hairstyle winner 1920's hairstyle on Downton Abbey's?Lady Mary Crawley

    Who Should Win The Emmy For Best Hairstyles?

    The Emmys are coming up on Sunday night, and everyone is wondering which of the nominees will pull through with a win. But what’s on our mind is which nominated characters wore the most fabulous Emmy hairstyles this season! While shows such as Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, and Nurse Jackie are all in the running for a statue, some of their stars are also on our list of best hairstyles for the characters they portray.

    Downton Abbey, wins my vote for best hairstyles, costumes, sets, directing . . . where characters like Lady Mary Crawley, portrayed by Michelle Dockery, take on traditional 1920s hairstyles? that are as timeless now as they were then. Dockery looks stunning in a jeweled? headpiece that pins back loose waves rolled at the nape of her neck. This look as well as others from the show, gave a big boost to retro hairstyles and Edwardian-era fashions once again. Then there are always the spin-offs. This style gets an update with a more free-flowing bang, a different accessory or piece of jewelry, or longer hair that has been relaxed into soft waves cascading down the back.

    While many of their dos are credited towards their amazing hair stylists, we have to give actresses such as Christina Hendricks props for pulling off such an amazing stacked bob with flawless grace as Joan Harris in Mad Men. Her side-swept bangs and loose curls? blown back into an old school quaffed bob is what makes this look so award winning. Ladies on the later side of thirty could pull this off with just the same amount of appropriate tact. The stacked, cropped bob, however played, hasn’t gone out of style. Younger generations?don the same look with headbands, clips, or longer bangs and give the cut a more? modern feel.

    Emmy Hairstyle Winner the stacked bob on Joan Harris in Mad Men

    Nurse Jackie has been a constant favorite for the Emmy’s, and Edie Falco wears a short crop haircut with style. Designed in the show for a sleek take on a fast and?easy hairstyle, doctors and nurses can take a cue from Falco’s character Jackie Peyton?and the easily styled crop cut. This short haircut rarely needs to be blown dry, rather, it can be towel dried and styled with fingers and a touch of wax products or gel. The look is both casual and sexy. The versatility of this short haircut shows through in Falco’s neurotic character.

    Edie Falco wears a short crop Emmy hairstyle winner

    Funny girl, Amy Peohler has, once again, been nominated for her show Parks and Rec,?and Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, does not disappoint in her chic shoulder length cut. While Knope is a bit of a joke around the Parks and Rec office, Poehler’s hairstyle is actually a quintessential and appropriate professional hairstyle. Soft side-swept bangs and long face framing layers slightly curled off the face, give off a seventies, Farrah Fawcet feel, that never really goes out of style. Her hairstyle can easily be styled into a loose pony or chignon, for a sexy, flirty, feel at night.

    Funny girl, Amy Peohler in a sholder lenght Emmy Hairstyle

    Finally, there is one of Breaking Bad’s main men, Jesse Pinkman, portrayed by Aaron?Paul. While his look is lawlessly bad-ass, it not only fits the character perfectly, it’s also uncannily attractive on him . . . whew! Buzzed haircuts ?are spotted on more and more men these days, and goes so fabulously with a sexy five o’clock shadow. This haircut works best for those with nicely shaped noggins. The buzz cut also? accentuates the cheek and jaw bone structure and allows someone with a young looking face to appear more mature. While Paul needs no assistance in the bone structure definition area, his haircut makes him look, as his character should, dangerous, and somewhat of a vagabond heart throb. Two things we are certainly okay with in this case.

    Jesse Pinkman, portrayed by Aaron?Paul in a Buzz cut Emmy Hairstyle

    While all the stars will undoubtedly look fabulous on Sunday’s red carpet, it goes without saying that these characters have captured some of the best hairstyles of generations, and the looks that remind us why they have remained timeless. To stay current with what is happening with the celebs follow our Pinterest Celebrities Board.

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