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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair 2014

Wedding Hairstyles

Long wedding hairstyles for the beautiful bride!

Have long hair? Lucky you!  With long hair you won’t have a lack of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose from.  Before making a decision on a hairstyle for your big day, take a look at these stunning wedding hairstyles for long hair!

Wedding Hairstyles

Vintage Roll

Wedding hairstyles often look most stunning when understated like this vintage roll.

Get The Look:

Hair is neatly combed back, rolled under and pinned to secure. For a polished look use a shine product. I like Kiel’s Crème with Silk Groom which adds amazing shine, sans the grease.

Who Can Wear It?

This look works best with one-length or long layered hair and it suits most face shapes. However, the slicked back look can become severe looking with strong square facial features.

Wedding Hairstyles

Long Cascading Curls

A half-updo is the perfect way to show off long, cascading curls.

Get The Look:

Use volumizing products and set with hot rollers. With a side parting, sides are swept up into a high ponytail at the crown. Use a bit of hair to wrap around the pony and hide the elastic. Use an iron to touch any weak curls and a finishing spray to hold the look.

Who Can Wear It?

This style works best on medium to thick hair with lots of body and shine. The long silhouette is ideal for oval, heart, square and round face shapes. If your face shape is oblong, ditch the height at the crown, add bangs and create some fullness on the sides.

Wedding Hairstyles

Grecian Curls 

Not your Mama’s Grecian curls!

Get The Look:

This intriguing adaptation of Grecian curls involves a dramatic deep diagonal parting with colorful extensions for volume and aesthetics. This updo is best left done by professionals.

Who Can Wear It?

This wedding hairstyle works for oval, round, square and heart shape faces. Rectangular and oblong faces can take on a long appearance with this look, but you can try tempering that with full or partial bangs.

Wedding Hairstyles

Half Up – Half Down

This style has become the classic wedding hairstyle.

Get The Look:

Hair is softly curled and backcombed before sweeping sides up and back to meet and pin in the middle. Secure your curls with a strong hold hairspray like Kenra Volume Spray 25.

Who Can Wear It?

This style is perfect for the bride who feels her best just being herself. This look fits oval, round, square and heart shaped faces best. Oblong faces will look longer with the added height at the crown.

Wedding Hairstyles

Braids and Buns 

Braids and buns are a lovely pairing for long bridal hairstyles. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Get The Look:

Hair is sectioned off in front of the ears to be used for braiding. A section on top is backcombed and brushed into a low messy bun. This look combines a French braid in front which becomes a traditional braid across the back.

Who Can Wear It?

This works best with medium to thick hair. Thinner hair types could wear this by adding a braided hair extension.

Wedding Hairstyles

Mad about Mad Men?

Retro wedding hairstyles are romantic, charming and exquisite.

Get The Look:

This elaborate chignon works best on second day hair. The top is backcombed heavily at the crown, smoothed and secured into a ponytail. Wrap pieces of the ponytail around fingers to create curls and pin. The fringe and sides are swept down and back with pieces pinned randomly into the chignon for a romantic effect.

Who Can Wear It?

Any woman who wants to be-a-dream on her wedding day! Take the time to find the perfect headpiece or hair accessory to pull the look together, like this pretty embellished chiffon bow!

Wedding Hairstyles

Soft Flower Braided Updo

A large braid interspersed with flowers and baby’s breath . . . simply delightful.

Get The Look:

Hair is curled, backcombed and brushed into a loosely formed bun. Hair in front of the ears is left out for braiding and for piecing into the bun. Cascading tendrils are enchanting!

Who Can Wear It?

Braids look best with medium and thick hair, but extensions are an option. This style works for all face shapes. Round faces will look best with tendrils that show from the front.

Wedding Hairstyles

 Soft Elegant Updo

So pretty . . . so elegant.

Get The Look:

Keep your hair well hydrated and conditioned to reveal hairs natural body and shine in a glamorous, bride-worthy way. I love Macadamia Deep Conditioning Treatment and Healing Oil to bring out mega body and shine. Elegant wedding hairstyles like this side-swept updo don’t always require every hair to be in perfect place to be stunning!

Who Can Wear It?

The asymmetrical look works with all face shapes. Round or square faces may like to add some height to the crown which will add the appearance of length.

Wedding Hairstyles

 Sophisticated High Bun

An elegantly embellished high bun signifies the utmost in formality.

Get The Look:

It’s always calming to put yourself in the hands of a professional for your wedding hairstyle, but if you choose not to go that route, this sophisticated high bun is a surprisingly simple and easy updo to achieve.  A synthetic braid can be used to wrap around the base of the bun. 

Who Can Wear It?

This works well with medium –thick to fine hair.  Hair that is too heavy can become a big headache or hard to hold in place, so test it ahead of time to be certain it’s comfortable for the entire day.


Long hair allows a bride so many possibilities of gorgeous wedding hairstyles to choose from.  So, where do you start?    Before making a decision, take a look at these thirteen exceptional wedding hairstyles for long hair to match your wedding theme!



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How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Side by side photos of four women with different skin tones
If your skin tone is cool and blonde is your goal; here’s what to do and what not to do.

Laura asks:

Hi, I am pretty confused about what skin tone I am. I can get REALLY tan, but I usually burn before I tan (at least at first). I am a natural brunette, medium to dark, but I get blondish high lights very easily (sometimes they are reddish). My veins are blue, though. I have never dyed my hair and I want to go blonde but I’m scared that I’m too dark for it. Then I see celebrities like Jessica Alba who have a darker complexion rocking blonde and it makes me hopeful. Should I chance it, and if so, what shades won’t look horrible with my skin tone??

Jessica Alba- warm blonde  . . . uuuugRihanna Short Hair Style
Jessica Alba- too blonde!Jessica Alba – warm and cool tones

Hi Laura:

I think Jessica Alba is a good choice to look at when considering a hair color change such as you are. From the above description I think you fall into the ‘cool’ category as does Jessica Alba. That doesn’t mean your skin tone has the same depth of color, but you both still have cool skin tones, cool natural hair colors and cool eye colors.

Consider high lights rather than an all over color to lighten your hair! My eye says, Jessica Alba looks much better when she stays closer to her natural hair color than going too light. My favorite hair colors for her are the chestnut browns with mostly cool (and some warm) highlights. These hair colors compliment her skin tone and eyes best. Darker hair compliments blue and brown eyes better than a light blonde hair color.

The best way to go lighter with your hair is by first placing two or more shades of highlights around your face. Keep your high lights within two shades of your own natural hair color and it will look more natural. Two or more shades of highlights will add dimension to the hair. Start slow and see what you like best. You’ll hear compliments if your hair colorist gets it right.

Don’t make the mistake of opting for such a drastic hair color change all at once (from your dark brunette to an all over blonde.) This especially holds true if you have never colored your hair before. Slight changes with hair color will make a big change in your appearance and not compromise the health of your hair as an overall lightening would.

Another big thing to consider when choosing a new hair color is the time and $$ you are willing to spend on upkeep. To go an overall blonde, you will need a root touch-up every 4 to 6 weeks. With highlighting, you can go possibly 2 to 3 months between tough-ups!

I don’t recommend the over-all blonde for you. I think it could wash you out, like it does on Jessica Alba above. Opt instead for the more natural looking highlights, no more than two shades lighter than your own hair color, and I think it will be just what you’re looking for!



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Kate Delivers Baby, Asks for Hairdresser

Kate Middleton

Royals take backseat to Kate’s hairdresser

The whole of the UK has been celebrating this week with the arrival of Prince George Alexander Louis. Many congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their new arrival and wishing them lots of luck and happiness.

One of the things that really tickled me was that the one person Kate requested to see after giving birth was her hairdresser! And it took me back to when I had my daughter – you have so many people coming to visit you and see the baby taking photos – its a really special time to remember and of course you want to look your best so I thought I’d put together some easy ways to get your hair looking groomed when you don’t have a lot of time to spare and can’t afford your own personal hair stylist!

First things first; good products 

With any good grooming the very first thing you want to invest in is good products. When you’re pregnant and breast feeding or even just with all this hot weather your hair can become dehydrated and straw like. I’ve been using the Philip Kingsley remoisturising shampoo and conditioner and it has totally transformed my hair to silky smooth! The consistency is rich yet it still lathers nicely and it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all – although it may be too rich if your hair is very fine.

The other product I’m loving is the Philip Kingsley Elasticiser – this product wins award after award and really is the best hair treatment I’ve ever used. It’s a pre shampoo treatment – brilliant to sit with in the steam room at the gym as the steam opens the cuticle and really penetrates into the hair. The other thing I’ve been doing is sleeping with it in then shampooing my hair in the morning – this works really well too. This product will help restore the condition and elasticity in your hair and not weigh it down so your hair is still lovely and bouncy afterwards.

 The right tools

So now you’ve got your hair looking and feeling good you just need some simple ideas to finish your look!

I demonstrate a Yogi wand on QVC and quite literally this wand has changed my life – I use it on everyone its amazing! It is so fast and easy to use and can turn your hair around in minutes! You simply plug it in put on your glove and wrap some hair around the wand for around 6 seconds and voila you have a beautiful curl! There’s no need to blow dry the hair first as the tourmaline within the barrel smoothes down the cuticle and actually adds shine – so good! My favourite wand if you have longish hair is the fat barrel as it just gives you a loose wave or curl around the bottom very like how Kate wears her hair!

Hairstylist curling clients hair with a curling iron

You should end up looking like:

Kate Middleton

 The quick ponytail

An even quicker idea is a ponytail, damp the front of your hair down and add some gel, my favourite is the Fudge hair gum. Simply comb your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a band or a hair bungee is my favourite.

If your ponytail looks too fine or thin simply wrap some hair extensions around your hair like I’ve done in this photo, secure the fake hair with a band then take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap around to hide the join and you’re good to go! Or in this photo I used another section of hair extension and plaited it, then wrapped the false braid around to hide any joins.

Or if you have nice thick hair you can tong the bottom of your ponytail – tong it all in the same direction then brush it out carefully with a bristle brush. Then add some hairspray! My absolute favourite hairspray is Fudge Sky Scraper – this is a flexible hairspray that wont turn your hair to rock and it smells amazing – like coconut sun tan lotion!

If you have short hair remember to have your hair cut just before the baby is born so your haircut is still sharp and easy to manage!

And invest in a good hairdryer! The amount of people who show me their hairdryer and its some rubbish looking thing like my Nan used to have! A good hairdryer will shorten the time you take and also give you a much better finish! My favourite is the Babyliss Ferrari! This hairdryer is awesome! Its built with a ferrari engine and boy does it go! Fantastic heat and speed settings, the only downside I would say is its noisy just like the car!

Well I hope that’s helped you become a yummy mummy!

Contributing author Natalie Shirlaw With over 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry and having worked in some of London’s top West End salons, where she provided services for the likes of Warner Bros, QVC, ITV and the The Sunday Times. Natalie made the decision to escape London life and move to the country where she operates the quintessential English countryside salon the Shirlaw Sanctuary.

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