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Celebrity Stylist Sean James Crowns Maria Bello

Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity Stylist Sean James Gives Step by Steps for Classic Updo

Celebrity hairdresser Sean James chose this simple but very appropriately elegant look for actress Maria Bello for a recent awards show. Maria accepted “The Spirit Award for Style and Elegance,” at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

An oval face shape such as Maria Bello’s can hardly go wrong with a hairstyle, but this look is a classic and it was perfect for the women who received this award! This terrific updo hairstyle will work on any face shape and any hair type and is really pretty simple if you follow Sean’s simple DIY how to steps.

How to Get the Hairstyle:

  • Step One: Use RUSK Thick to give hair volume and blow dry the hair back away from the face to create more fullness.
  • Step Two: Curl the ends with a 1″ barrel curling iron
  • Step Three: Take a triangular section of hair at the front of the head from eye to eye to center of the crown and clip it out of the way. Pull the rest of the hair in a low ponytail at the nape of the head, then twist and pin into a bun this is where the pre-curling will make it easier to create a nice shape.
  • Step Four: Back-comb/tease the pinned fringe and then smooth it bringing it back and twisting it. Pin it back into the bun leaving a little volume on the top section. Spray for hold with good hairspray like RUSK Radical Extreme Hold and you are ready to go!

Sean James is a real heavy weight celebrity stylist he has worked on on Kim, Khloe and Kourney Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Jamie Pressly, Jamie Lee Curtis his work has been part of the TV series Walking Dead and Breaking Bad. So when I get a chance to see his work, I pay attention.


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Festival Hair; a Survival Guide

Festival Hair

Festival Hair Survival Tips from a Pro

Festival season . . . the time we’ve waiting for all year long with eagerness and exciting anticipation is almost upon us. A time made of little tiny moments of joy when listening live to your favorite band, meeting new stimulating people, and most of all escaping city jobs and pressing deadlines. But festivals come with some challenges for our hair. Water sources from scarce to none, wind and sun . . . hair dryer better left at home, hair balm would only take up luggage space uselessly. In years passed this would have been a disaster, waiting to happen. But nowadays it isn’t scary at all.

Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

Because they don’t make hair products like they used to . . . they make them better. Today, you can actually keep your hair clean throughout a festival weekend.

Dry shampoo . . . a powdered substance that has the same functions as liquid shampoo, only you don’t need water to use it. Genius, isn’t it?

So when can you make the most out of dry shampoo? In fact, inside the hairstyling industry dry shampoo isn’t exactly fresh news, but many of my new clients haven’t even heard of it. It’s actually with this thought in mind that I created my website HairPanic. Staying informed is vital, be it in the tech industry or daily hair care.

When should you use dry shampoo?

  • When the open air festival you’ve been coveting lasts more than 2 days. I’ve been to festivals, I’ve seen the imminent disaster, in my own and other people’s hair. Trust me, dry shampoo saves the day and all the extra time you’re planning to spend out of town.
  • When you’ve gotten your hair used to frequent wash. Over washing dries out your hair, strips off natural oil, and actually damages more than it strengthens.
  • When you’ve decided a new hair color would be a welcomed change of style. Wash your hair with classic shampoo too often, every day or every 2 days, and your new color will fade out quicker.
  • When you simply don’t have the time for washing, blow-drying and then styling once again.

How Dry Shampoo Works

Dry shampoo is made of ingredients that have what it takes to quickly soak up oil and dirt that are cloaking the scalp on a daily basis.

How to Use Dry Shampoo

Simpler than you think. First, take your pick: Powder or Aerosol Spray. Powder dry shampoos are applied onto the scalp directly, brushed through or massaged with the tips of your fingers. Aerosols are sprayed onto the scalp from a few inches away. Brush through or massage with the tips of your fingers. It’s that simple. The trick is that scalp oil is actually found only at the roots of the hair. There’s no need to use dry shampoo on the entire length. This makes the process so much more effective and quicker.

It may sound scary but fear not, you wouldn’t be the first skeptic. It’s the price novelty has to pay. Be that as it may, hundreds of professional hairstylists around the world are assessing it with best reviews and thousands of happy clients confirm them.

Any questions, need for advice or more information on which dry shampoos are best and how to use them? is your go to place. Comment, write your question in the contact section or go directly to your submission page on top and express yourself. I’ll be right there with answers and solutions.

Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
Contributing author Miki Tunde became a hairdresser by mistake, but as life proved later on it was the best mistake of her life. Currently she works as Professional hairdresser for popular magazines, famous photographers and most of all, for the people on the street. And she updates all the good stuff as well as useful information about daily hair care and styling on HairPanic


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How to Choose a Hair Dryer

How to Choose a Hair Dryer

The Smart Girl’s Guide on How to Choose a Hair Dryer

I had lost touch of just how important my hair dryer was in achieving quick, easy and fabulous hair styles until my Solano hair dryer died last month. A good hair dryer is the backbone of creating a hairstyle that holds, quickly and efficiently. When I had to get rid of my old dryer, I did have the Dyson hair dryer in mind that I wanted to purchase as a replacement. As I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one, I’m excited to try it out. A good dryer doesn’t have to be expensive, but does have to be effective. There are important features that make some hair dryers better styling tools than others.

Wattage (air speed)

You should have at the low end 1500 watts, and up to 1875 watts to get enough air flow and concentrated heat to dry your hair quickly. More than 1875 watts and you can blow the style right out of your hair. Your heat settings should be easy to use and should give you at least a low and high setting.

A cool shot button is ideal for setting in a curl you’ve made with a round brush, and for adding shine to the hair. Curls you’ve made with a blow dryer and round brush can collapse when taken out when still warm. Directing cool air on the hair before removing the brush, sets the curl and closes the cuticle for a shinier finish.


We expect most hair dryers to now be equipped with a nozzle attachment and a diffuser, but that’s not always the case. Most dryers made for traveling don’t come with nozzle or diffuser attachments. The nozzle helps direct air and heat in the spot where you need it most, without messing up other areas. Diffusers are best for drying curls without disrupting them.

Ionic vs. A Regular Hair Dryer

If you are using your hair dryer as a hair styling tool, with a round brush to curl or with a flat brush to straighten the hair, you might want to consider an ionic hair dryer. When my hair dryer died, I decided to try a new ionic hair dryer. Ionic is a fairly new technology in the hair styling industry. Very few hairdressers can describe how the technology works. But I don’t have to know how the air and gas are compressed in my engine in order to drive the grocery store either, so to cut to the chase. . . It will make a major difference in your hair and hairstyles. I could feel the difference in my hair the first time I used an ionic hair dryer.

The good: your hair will feel more conditioned, reduced frizz, reduced static electricity and more hair shine.

The bad: flatter hair, won’t hold as much curl. (That could be a positive for some of you)

So if you have trouble with dry hair, frizzy hair, or static electricity, an ionic hair dryer will help. Just realize you may be giving up the ability to get a lot of oomph and style-ability into your hairstyles.

What did I buy? After reading the reviews at Consumer Reports and the hair dryer reviews at Folica I decided on a CHI hair dryer.


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