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What Celebrities Know about 1940s Hairstyles That You May Not Have Considered

Long Soft Curls of The 1940s Hairstyles Are Hot For Fall

1940s Hair Style glamour makes a comeback ~~ Jill Hilbrenner over at Helium has been watching the runways and has noticed that the likes of fashion designers such as: Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen (a fav of Gwyneth Paltrow’s) and Gavin Douglas have all featured 1940’s hairstyles. I predicted this trend back in July. I love the 1940s hairstyles, those beautiful waves are such a classy feminine look. The classic hairstyles of the 1940’s have never really gone out of style, iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor made these looks timeless. Check out my article 1940s Hairstyles are Hot! For more great looks from this glamorous decade.



1940s hairstyles


Agyness Deyn's super short blonde haircut

Short Haircuts Getting Attention in Toronto ~~ Agyness Deyn’s super short haircut is a hit with Erin Kobayashi of the Toronto Star she writes about the trials and tribulations of going with a super short hairstyle. In it, she notes short cuts on: Mia Farrow, Jean Seberg, writer Gertrude Stein, Canadian architect, Phyllis Lambert, Karen Kain and Zoe Centeno. I’ve got plenty more great pixie hairstyles in my article Pixie Haircuts Showing up in Hollywood.

Young woman with bruntette 1940s hairstyle

Canadian West Like Short Hairstyles as Well ~~ Joanne Blain, from the Vancouver Leader-Post interviews three of the leading Canadian hairdressers who talk about what is hot the hot fall hairstyle trends. They like Bobs, Crops and the long and soft 1940s hairstyles that have been seen on Katie Holmes, Ellen Pompeo, and Selma Blair.

1940s Hair Style

David Evangelista Likes Long Waves Too! ~~ One of my fav celebrity hairdressers is David Evangelista, a regular on The Early Show, on CBS. His Fall hairstyle predictions are that wavy hair is back. Big, beautiful, loose curls are sexy and classic. Give it a look his video clips are always fun to watch.


For more great 1940s hairstyles, check out our Pinterest Retro Hairstyles board.


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What Every Woman Should Know About First Date Hairstyles

How to be Popular, in the First Date Hairstyle Arena

Choosing a first date hairstyle can be a bit nerve-racking – finding the perfect outfit, faultless make-up, practicing your date laugh and hours of laser hair removal just to be sure you’re as smooth as you can be. But what about the first date hairstyle? Obviously, the destination is the most important thing that puts the tone of the evening or day, but that said, the old adage, “less is better than more” fits here, for your outfit, your make-up, (definitely your date laugh) and your first date hairstyle!

We’ve got some first date hairstyle ideas here that are sweet and simple and sure to ease those first date jitters! Make sure you’re fully prepared for the date and read 270 Good Questions to Ask When Starting a Conversation With Anyone to make sure you and your date have some things to talk about.

Big Volume First Date HairstyleBig Volume First Date Hairstyle

Big and Beautiful

If you are blessed with big voluptuous hair that defies gravity, go with it. Guys love a head of thick, shiny hair full of body hair cascades over the shoulders. To the male species, it’s a signifies a healthy mate! (True, they say it’s in their genes to be attracted to a woman who look healthy and fertile, who will be able to carry on their gene pool.) Tip: Try not to go overboard on the hair spray, you don’t want to miss out on a hand-running-through-your-hair moment. Simply work some mousse through damp hair before blow-drying for fullness and some hair oil or serum to give your hair lots of shine.

Marissa Miller with beach waves a great first date hairstyle

Kate Hudson with Beach Wave Hair Perfect First Date Hairstyle

Soft and Casual Beachy Hair

If you don’t get on especially well with curls, go for the sultry just-off-the-beach look. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a matted, salty mess – after you’ve worked through your hair with hair straighteners, spray some sea-salt into your palms and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Your hair will still be straight, but will leave you with a tousled look that suggests you’re easy-going and up for lots of laughs.

messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle
messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle

Easy Updo

Sometimes, trying to get your hair to do anything can be a lose-lose situation and if that’s the case when you’re down to the wire and need to be ready-to-go . . . put it up! We hope you’ve had some practice in whipping your hair into some sultry, magnificently delectable looking updo, before your ‘first date’ is knocking at your door . . . but if not, it’s never too late to learn.

Not only will putting your hair in an updo get it out of your way, but putting it up can elongate your look to make you look taller and slimmer. For a casual look, tease your locks to give more volume and don’t be too picky about every strand of hair being in place, remember, casual is better than looking too done!


girls with flower headbands

updo with colored bobby pins


If time isn’t on your side and your usual date hair routine takes more time than you have, add a simple accessory to your hairdo. Whether this is an elegant flower or a touch of sparkle depends on what fits you and the occasion best. Keep in mind where it is you’re going on your date (if he’s told you) as you don’t want to be all ready to disco if he’s planned for cocktails on the beach at sunset.


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How to Wear Iconic, Classic, Retro Hairstyles

6 Must Have Iconic, Classic, Retro Looks Renewed

Classic, retro hairstyles are considered iconic for a reason – they have managed to surpass the test of time and continue to make headlines when seen on red carpets and big gala events today. We have seen the comeback of notable hairstyles of icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, but even so, it can be hard to make the plunge into wearing one of these retro styles that  were innovated so many decades ago. With a few styling tricks and a modern twist, you can wear these hairstyles of the past and make it look updated. Read on to get more styling ideas for your hair and how to own the look.

Audrey Hepburn

a classic and retro hairstyle

a classic and retro hairstyle

This is probably the most recognized hairstyles Audrey Hepburn wore. The characteristic feature of her beehive is that it is oversized and therefore a bit larger than life. And yet, there is also a glamorous quality to the look, which is quite fitting for an icon like Audrey Hepburn.

Renovate this retro hairstyle by backcombing the top to create plenty of volume, and by combing out small pieces of hair (or bangs, if you have them) to frame the face. This helps to soften the look so it’s not too severe, and gives it a modern, more casual appeal. Even though it’s styled to look somewhat undone, it’s also a classic look that’s perfect to wear for any glam event.

Marilyn Monroe

a classic and retro hairstyle

a classic and retro hairstyle

There is probably no other iconic hairstyle that has been copied as often as Marilyn Monroe’s. Roller sets and plenty of hairspray were big in Hollywood during Marilyn’s era, and she set the stage for sexy blonde hair color to go viral.

To recreate Marilyn’s famous hairstyle break out your hot rollers, velcro rollers, or any other type of roller that may be in your household from years past.  You can create big sized retro curls, or you can opt for feminine curls that are not overly defined. If you have dark roots, play it up with an ombre touch  as the color transitions from roots to ends.  And don’t forget a most important element to recreating Ms. Monroe’s look – ruby red lips.  Here is a step-by-step tutorial given to us from Australia’s award winning hairdresser Michael Davids, of Bouffant Delacroix, on how to achieve this romantic hairstyle.

Diana Ross

a classic and retro hairstyle

a classic and retro hairstyle

Who can forget the larger-than-life volume in that kinky hair of Diana Ross? In the 70’s, the theme was the bigger your hair, the better! But that does not mean that you cannot sport this hairstyle even when it is way past the era. Her gravity-defying curls have withstood the test of time.

You can opt for a disco-inspired look by sporting a highly volumized kinky curl. It also comes with a center part and filled with fluffy curls. You do not need to have natural curls to wear this hairstyle – you can style your hair with kinky curls. Do not forget to use the hairspray so your curls will stay up!

Veronica Lake

a classic and retro hairstyle

a classic and retro hairstyle

This blonde bombshell from the 40’s is most notable for her feminine and sultry side swept waves. Her trademark hairstyle is also copied by several celebrities on the red carpet because it is the epitome of Old Hollywood glam.

Indeed, not one red carpet event goes without at least one star strutting her hair in Lake’s iconic side swept waves. A slick side part and brushed out curls make quite a statement. You can also toss in a retro lipstick or accessories to give a retro feel to your modern look. It is easy, classy and sexy!


a classic and retro hairstyle

a classic and retro hairstyle

Cher is best known for her pin-straight, ivory black hair during the early days. Women love the super straight quality to the look, which is difficult to copy even with the best flat irons in the market.

There have been several runway shows that have picked Cher’s inspirational hairstyle for their models. But the best thing about this hippie-chic hairstyle is that it is versatile enough to be worn on the street as well. You can create a 70’s style resurgence by styling your glossy locks with a heavy eyeliner or eye makeup. This will help create more attention to your face, as well as your hair.

Jerry Hall

a classic and retro hairstyle

Oh, those big spirals and frizzy curls! This long and flowy look from Jerry Hall is no doubt an icon. You can, however, make this look modern and downplay it a little bit as an everyday look by adding a fun twist. Instead of going with super defined curls, try opting for brushed out curls instead so it looks more natural. The bigger the volume, the better!

Which of these iconic classic or retro hairstyles are you giving a try?

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