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    I started this blog in 05′ as a place to air what’s going on in the world of hair and as a place to extend my thoughts about questions clients and students had about their hair issues. Hairstyle Blog now has about 1,100 articles addressing reader’s questions and a range of topics that affect them from A to Z.  We dig deep to bring you honest, unique, authoritative content that’s both helpful and fun, with plenty of relevant links to helpful resources.  We also bring in leading professionals and beauty experts to share their knowledge on topics that help women be their best.

    At the time I started this blog, hairdressers in general, were not into this techy stuff like blogging or websites. Now, of course, you can find possibly more than you ever wanted to know about tips and tricks of the trade!  So why do I still do it?  I love the hair business! What I enjoy sharing mostly with my readers, is answers to questions I know can affect their lives.

    A little background . . .

    Barb is a nationally recognized hairstylist, educator, makeover artist, freelance writer and beauty blogger. In 94′, recognizing the contribution computer-imaging technology could make to the hair styling industry, Barb founded Styles on Video, a hair styling computer imaging company. Barb has been invited to work in over 3,000 Salons and Spa’s where she helped clients envision themselves in a new look.

    Since then, Barb has become a nationally recognized hair designer, speaker, trainer, and America’s first online hairstyle consultant, counseling more than 15,000 women on how to create their most flattering hairstyle.

    Together, Quinn and her husband Gary Fugere created Growth Strategies, an innovative online business providing online training. Here she became America’s first online hairstyle consultant. Her class, Finding the Right Hairstyle for You, is offered in over 300 Colleges, Universities and Continuing Education facilities across the country. Barb’s background has brought her a unique perspective in the beauty industry.

    “I love to positively affect women’s lives. Mostly I love the lift of spirit people get when they feel better about how they look. For the most part, a simple change can make a big difference in a life. It’s instantaneous and often the change is the catalyst to building better self-confidence, getting the job, or simply producing more happiness.”

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