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    American Idols Best Hairstyles

    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article

    Who Gains Title to American Idols Best Hairstyles?

    “American Idols Best Hairstyles Awards”Wow, I sure hope you watched the American Idol finale Wednesday night. Idol underdog, Kris Allen came in with a new record in votes, beating out competitor, Adam Lambert. I think Kris was in total shock, what about you?

    Chris’s win put aside, I’d like to weigh in on his and Adam’s ‘rockstar’ hairstyles. They had some of American Idols best hairstyles for guys. Kris, going with an all-American short crop and Adam, going with more of a rocker/emo edge, both wore perfect hair for their individual styles. The makeovers many of these contestants get when they are going through the American Idols process, are astounding to me, especially their hair. Here, in my opinion, are the American Idols Best Hairstyles over the seasons:

    .Season 8 American Idols Best Hairstyles – Adam Lambert

    Although he was second choice to win, Adam Lambert won my vote for American Idols best hairstyles season 8. I loved his unique hairstyle that was a shiny blue-black with subtle blue high lighting. It complemented his whole look and of course, his rocker edge. He changed it up a bit too, like the above picture, to give the ‘Elvis’ vibe.


    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article
    American Idols Best Hairstyles-Season 7

    Season 7 American Idols Best Hairstyles-Syesha Mercado

    In my mind, Syesha Mercado had Season 7’s American Idols best hairstyle because she embraced her natural texture. And what a beautiful texture it was! I love when clients decide to work with their natural hair texture versus fighting it. All those gorgeous ringlets gave her a style all her own.


    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article
    American Idols Best Hairstyles-Season 6

    Season 6 American Idols Best Hairstyles-Blake Lewis

    A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll, Blake Lewis’ short haircut was a tad bit all-American with a pinch of rock and roll, making it the perfect hairstyle for an American Idol contestant. I loved his hairstyle because it was right on par with the trend of a short men’s style with tons of texture. It’s got that lovely messy look that you can find here: It’s not too little or too much, just right.


    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article
    American Idols Best Hairstyles-Season 5

    Season 5 American Idols Best Hairstyles – Katherine McPhee

    Style star Katherine McPhee, was my choice for season 5’s best hairstyle. Her hair was always styled so glamorously and she keeps up with that same look today. Her long, luscious locks are shiny and healthy looking, which makes me (and every other woman of the world) envious of her hair.


    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article
    American Idols Best Hairstyles-Season 4
    Season 4 American Idols Best Hairstyles – Carrie Underwood

    Carrie Underwood, won season 4 of American Idol and she won my vote for that season best hairstyles too. She was totally made over for the show and I loved her makeover because her hair went from country bumpkin to glamour girl. She continues to be a glamour girl and I love her music too!


    American Idols Best Hairstyles Article
    American Idols Best Hairstyles-Season 3

    Season 3 American Idols Best Hairstyles – Jon Peter Lewis

    Do you remember Jon Peter Lewis, from season 3? Well almost by default, he wins this season’s American Idols Best Hairstyles. I thought the hair from this season was horrendous, but his stood out because it reminded me of what I call ‘heartthrob hair’. His hair was cute and curly and reminded me of Dr. McDreamy’s ‘do’ on Grey’s Anatomy.


    Season 2 American Idols Best Hairstyles – Kimberly Caldwell

    With a cute crop hairstyle, Kimberly Caldwell caught my attention and won my vote for American Idols Best Hairstyles season 2. I just love that she wasn’t afraid to chop it all off. I hope it encourages more people to be adventuresome when it comes to chaning their hairstyle. Her haircut is so cute and fun, I almost want to steal it for myself!


    Original idol, Kelly Clarkson wins best hairstyle for season 1 and overall Winner!!

    I can’t even count how many times my clients came in with pictures of this girl, wanting to get her hairstyle . . . both the color and cut. Her hairstyle must have been the most requested hairstyle our salon got for months and for good reason. Keeping up with the current hairstyle trends at the time, she had chunky streaks of blonde and her color also incorporated a beautiful mahogany and brown throughout. What a winner!
    Although I’m not a devoted fan, I’m looking forward to the next season of American Idol, not only for the talent, but also to see what American Idols best hairstyles will be in season 9!!

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    1. Kimberley certainly had the best haircut of the entire show.
      I love her.

      Comment by Megan Longley — September 5, 2010 @ 2:07 am

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