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    Best Oscar Hairstyles

    Angelina Jolie Oscar Hair style

    Some of my Favorite Best Oscar Hairstyles

    Angelina Jolie, half up-do with vertical curls. No surprise, she looks effortlessly chic! Angelina Jolie has dramatic bone structure in her face and looks best with her hair pulled back off it. The cascading curls add a soft feminine touch! Her hairdresser created a silhouette with height on top (lightly backcomb) and sides kept closer to the head. The sides are pulled back into a ponytail with a piece of hair wrapped around the band, secured with a bobby pin. One inch sections are curled with a medium-sized curling iron in a vertical position.

    Alicia Keys Oscar Hairstyle
    Alicia Keys, horizontal waves Oscar hair style

    I love that Alicia Key’s creative style isn’t limited to her musical talents and that it shows up in the variety of hairstyles she wears as well as dress. She has so many looks and she pulls them all off well. I barely recognized her at the Oscar’s. I didn’t care so much for her makeup, thought it was too heavy, but loved her hair style. She looks all grown-up! Check out the difference of her horizontal waves vs. Angelina’s vertical curls. Can you see the difference? Horizontal waves can be easily done with a flat-iron.

    Amanda Seyfried Oscar Hairstyle
    Amanda Seyfried, obviously a Veronica Lake wannabe

    Amanda Seyfried, the lead in Mamma Mia, may not be getting noticed for her impromptu speaking abilities, or lack there of, but her hairstyle gets attention for mirroring Old Hollywood, Veronica Lake! And love the waist bow on her Valentino gown. This longer version of Veronica Lakes hairstyle takes some new styling moves to make it happen. Here is a how-to video that might help.

    Robin Wright Penn Oscar Hairstyle
    Robin Wright Penn, classic simplicity

    Robin wears a simple, classy hairstyle that again mimics the olden days but with big soft curls and not waves.


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