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    Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women

    Clip in Hair Extensions for Black Women

    Clip On Hair Extensions For Black Hair Beauties

    Clip on hair extensions offer endless possibilities. The idea of adding instant length to our hair has taken huge leaps and bounds since hair extensions first surfaced some years back. Rightfully so, I mean really now, ladies think about it, how many women do you think are willing to fork out hundreds of dollars regularly and endless hours in the salon to have a little extra added, temporary length to their hair? And if that isn’t painful enough, these salon hair extensions have been notorious for breaking off the good healthy hair you might have had in the first place. (Remember Paris Hilton?)  Whew, no wonder why so many of you didn’t give the idea a second thought.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love extra add-on hair, clip on hair extensions and partial wigs. There will always be a big market for these easy to use accessories.  I have a number of different styles of the synthetic stuff in all different shapes and sizes. I’ve been a consumer of extra added hair for years, I think it may be a compulsion of sorts.

    Thank the lord for the way consumerism and the marketplace works. We now have available instant, beautiful, sexy hair that’s quick-n-easy to achieve AND at an affordable price! (I’m not selling for anyone here, I promise.) OH . . . did I forget to mention, it would take a professional hair-weaver to recognize the extra accessory you are wearing  with the new clip on hair extensions? I swear, even your Mother won’t know for sure.


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