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    From Blonde to Brunette

    Blonde to Brunette

    Look Younger and Sexier with Brunette Hair

    It’s time to bust the old wives tale that, “darker hair makes you look older.” when you reach a certain age. This myth has been floating around ever since I can remember. I’ve worked in Beverly Hills for 20+ years as a hair color specialist and hair stylist so I’ve experienced hundreds of hair coloring transformations. And, in going from blonde to brunette, it has been my experience, the darker hair color makes many women’s skin tone glow and look more alive! On top of that, many who make that change from blonde to brunette, look YOUNGER! Yes I said it, younger. . . this is not a typo.

    Hilary Duff blonde to brunette hair color

    I know some of you might find this surprising, as you’ve been told you should lighten your hair after a certain age.  But, this idea seems is not true in all cases. Many women come in with hair so lightened, it makes they look sickly and washed out. I have seen more extreme blonding on women over 50, that makes them appear grey and sallow, defeating the softening effect they were looking for in the first place.

    The trend of deepening blonde hair to beautiful shades of  brunette, has remained big in Hollywood for a while now. Celebrity hair stylists have taken the likes of Hilary Duff, (above) Ashlee Simpson and Nicole Richie, from blonde to brunette and brought them new life! Not to mention plenty of  media attention. There are more than just a few celebrities hopping off the blonde bandwagon and opting to ride the brunette train.

    One of my favorite things with this change is how the skin glows when hair color is deepened and how it can really make the eyes pop! I recommend going no more than one or two levels deeper in color than your natural base or color of your eyebrows, it’s  always the safest choice. For more softening we can always add some caramel highlights, especially around the face, to break up too much of a solid color look.

    Ask your stylist and colorist their opinion. They can assess your current hair color and condition, and make recommendations on how dark you can comfortably go for your skin tone.  Just remember, it’s always easier to add more color. For a beautiful blonde to brunette transition, just keep it natural looking whatever your choice may be and for more great hair color ideas check out our Pinterest Hair Coloring Ideas Board.

    Guest author and celebrity hair stylist Carmela Tunzi, of Juan Juan Salon in Beverly Hills, has over 20 years experience as a hair colorist and stylist. Some of her A-List clients include Mariah Carey, Janice Dickenson,  Molly Ringwald and more. You can follow Carmela on Twitter @Carmela_Tunzi.


    1. Hi Mae,

      Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Don’t miss the article Secrets to Sexy Brown Hair Color. It’s a must read for us ladies that love brunette hair.

      Have a great hair day!

      Comment by Michelle Skye — June 3, 2012 @ 6:36 pm

    2. Thanks for sharing this, Carmela. I always love brown color on the hair and I’m happy to know that this color makes one look younger and the skin more glowing :)

      Comment by Mae — May 23, 2012 @ 1:18 am

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