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Thinking of Bangs or Fringe? Consider Clip In Bangs

Buying Clip In Bangs Made Simple

Every woman at some time or other asks “should I get bangs?” and “what bangs are right for me”? Whether you call them bangs or fringe . . . lots of attention is being paid to bangs by Hollywood celebrity hairdressers these days.

Personally, I’m glad to see it. I think hairstyles with bangs are often overlooked as a style option. It can be wonderful for those of you that have great eyes. Bangs will draw the visual focal point toward your eyes. Bangs are also a must for those of you with oblong face shapes and high foreheads.

If you have been itching to wear a hairstyle with bangs, but you’re scared to death to make the move and cut them in or to grow some out. It’s understandable, most of us have a story or two of bangs gone bad. But now we have the perfect way to add bangs or fringe without making the cut  . . . with clip in bangs.  Here are some things you may find helpful when purchasing your new bangs.


Buying Clip In Bangs Online

Clip in bangs have been available online for quite some time, but there are some problems that come with purchasing them through the internet.  What you can’t do when purchasing online is . . . try them on! Getting a good match between your hair color and a color swatch online is probably the most obvious difficulty, and it’s a big one. Do you really want bangs that don’t look natural?

Don’t forget to read the fine print, as many companies won’t allow you to return the clip in bangs once you’ve opened the package. (How will you know if you like the bangs unless you try them on?) Other problems include matching the style and texture of the piece with your hair.  Also, do you know if it’s necessary to pay the price for human hair vs. synthetic?

It may appear that clip-in bangs are a quick and easy purchase online, but you’re apt to save yourself some money and a lot of headaches by purchasing them at a salon near you. If you doubt this, just read some customer reviews on sites that publish them, and you’ll see what I mean.

clip in bangs

Buying Your Clip In Bangs From the Salon

Thanks to renown stylist, Ken Paves, we have Hairdo clip in bangs available at many local salons. So now you are able to try, before you buy. A professional can help you get the best possible match. They have 9 multi-blended hair colors and they come ready to cut and curl. The Tru2Life fiber clip in bangs from Hairdo are a synthetic material, which I am told by my local supply store, can safely be heated up to 350 degrees.

clip in bangs

Most clip in bangs look more authentic with some tailoring and a professional hair stylist can customize your bangs by cutting and texturizing them to blend perfectly with your existing hair. The bangs can be modified any way you like, they can be cut to add lift and volume on top as well as being trimmed to create a number of different bang hairstyles. Ask your hairdresser if you should consider a human hair piece, which can be colored or highlighted, or if a less expensive synthetic piece is sufficient.

clip in bangs 3

clip in bangs 4

Other Local Options to Buy Clip In Bangs

My largest professional beauty supply store locally, Aerial, carried the Jessica Simpson HairDo clip-in bangs for a while, but told me that hair salons just weren’t buying them. Katherine said,”We had lots of hairdressers who just loved them and purchased them for personal use, but not for salon retail.” The biggest problem reported with buying clip-in bangs on-line has been in getting the hair color to match up right and no return policies . . . not a surprise.

Salons in our area didn’t jump on the bandwagon to get into the clip-in bangs retailing and you more than likely won’t be able to find them at a salon near you either. . . So where can you go where you can see them or match them up with your own hair color? These are the only two stores in my area that carry the clip-in bangs.

clip in bangs

Ulta Stores – Jessica Simpson HairDo Clip in Bangs $29.99

The majority of women who have bought these clip in hair extensions have been very happy with them. They say they are comfortable and blend well, especially with the bit of side layering. They are made from a synthetic fiber that is thermal friendly up to 350 degrees. These bangs can be wet set or curled with steam rollers. Also, when placed at the crown these clip in bangs will give height and more fullness to thinning hair.

Ulta stores have a good return policy and I have been told you can return these if you’re not happy with your purchase. Ask them upfront before buying, however, as normally any product that may be in contact with the scalp is normally NOT returnable. Keep in mind, your hairdresser can trim these pieces, making them shorter or wispier!

clip in bangs extension

Sally’s Beauty Supply — The Sassy Collection The Bang Thing

These Human hair clip in bangs can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply for $22.99 or for sale online now for $16.99 the hair color chart has 6 hair colors to choose from. I would highly recommend visiting Sally’s in person where you can determine if the color is a match.

The Sassy Collection is a clip in side swept bang and is 8″ long. These bangs can be curled or flat-ironed with a low to medium heat setting before attaching.

Sally’s Beauty Supply also carries Design Length The Bang Thing for $22.99 or $16.99 online.

These clip-in bangs were given a poor rating by 2 out of 3 people who bought them. Bad clips, hair too thick and clumpy and they can’t be returned, so buyer beware.

Bangs and fringe has been showing up everywhere lately, so if you want the look, but are terrified of taking the plunge. . . it might be time to reconsider clip in bangs.

Now you don’t need to worry about whether to cut in bangs or not. You can have a new hairstyle with bangs anytime you want, the bangs that you’ve always wanted but were so afraid to cut in! Just find a supplier near you . . . and try on some new bangs for size. And don’t forget to check out my Pinterest beautiful bangs and fringe board for some great ideas on how to wear bangs.


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What Every Woman Should Know About First Date Hairstyles

How to be Popular, in the First Date Hairstyle Arena

Choosing a first date hairstyle can be a bit nerve-racking – finding the perfect outfit, faultless make-up, practicing your date laugh and hours of laser hair removal just to be sure you’re as smooth as you can be. But what about the first date hairstyle? Obviously, the destination is one of most important things. When choosing a location for a first date, DatingPilot suggests that you pick a location where you feel comfortable. Don’t compromise just to seem more interesting and instead pick something you both will enjoy. Only then your relationship is off to a good start. The place you meet sets the tone of the date, but that said, the old adage, “less is better than more” fits here, for your outfit, your make-up, (definitely your date laugh) and your first date hairstyle!

We’ve got some first date hairstyle ideas here that are sweet and simple and sure to ease those first date jitters! Make sure you’re fully prepared for the date and read 270 Good Questions to Ask When Starting a Conversation With Anyone to make sure you and your date have some things to talk about.

Big Volume First Date HairstyleBig Volume First Date Hairstyle

Big and Beautiful

If you are blessed with big voluptuous hair that defies gravity, go with it. Guys love a head of thick, shiny hair full of body hair cascades over the shoulders. To the male species, it’s a signifies a healthy mate! (True, they say it’s in their genes to be attracted to a woman who look healthy and fertile, who will be able to carry on their gene pool.) Tip: Try not to go overboard on the hair spray, you don’t want to miss out on a hand-running-through-your-hair moment. Simply work some mousse through damp hair before blow-drying for fullness and some hair oil or serum to give your hair lots of shine.

Marissa Miller with beach waves a great first date hairstyle

Kate Hudson with Beach Wave Hair Perfect First Date Hairstyle

Soft and Casual Beachy Hair

If you don’t get on especially well with curls, go for the sultry just-off-the-beach look. This doesn’t mean that it has to be a matted, salty mess – after you’ve worked through your hair with hair straighteners, spray some sea-salt into your palms and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Your hair will still be straight, but will leave you with a tousled look that suggests you’re easy-going and up for lots of laughs.

messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle
messy bun a stunning first date hairstyle

Easy Updo

Sometimes, trying to get your hair to do anything can be a lose-lose situation and if that’s the case when you’re down to the wire and need to be ready-to-go . . . put it up! We hope you’ve had some practice in whipping your hair into some sultry, magnificently delectable looking updo, before your ‘first date’ is knocking at your door . . . but if not, it’s never too late to learn.

Not only will putting your hair in an updo get it out of your way, but putting it up can elongate your look to make you look taller and slimmer. For a casual look, tease your locks to give more volume and don’t be too picky about every strand of hair being in place, remember, casual is better than looking too done!

girls with flower headbands

updo with colored bobby pins


If time isn’t on your side and your usual date hair routine takes more time than you have, add a simple accessory to your hairdo. Whether this is an elegant flower or a touch of sparkle depends on what fits you and the occasion best. Keep in mind where it is you’re going on your date (if he’s told you) as you don’t want to be all ready to disco if he’s planned for cocktails on the beach at sunset.

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8 Gorgeous Ideas for Wearing Head Scarves this Summer

Head Scarves

Head Scarves – The perfect accessory!

Are you tired of searching for new hair cuts in order to freshen your look, or to keep up with the trends? If you are not so keen on styling your hair in the hot summer months only to have it fall flat, why not opt for a new hair accessories instead?  Scarves are highly versatile and you can create a variety of fun looks that are bound to turn a few heads.

We have eight creative ways to wear head scarves that will change your look. and just maybe make your life a bit easier.  You will be surprised at how many different looks you can create with these adorable scarves!



Head Scarves

Retro hairstyles are still hot!  In fact, they have made a huge comeback again this year  with several reinventions, such as crimping and styles like the bouffant. If you’re looking for a fun way to wear a scarf, this look is worth a try. Tease the hair at the crown of your head and smooth it over into a bouffant.  Fold a long headscarf to create a long thin strip about 1 to 2 inches wide. Tie it around your head leaving the tails fall over your shoulder. Smooth side swept bangs or a blunt fringe are perfect for this look. Scrunch in a bit of texturizing spray for a casual summer appeal.  It is a great look for keeping your hair off your face throughout the day.



Head Scarves

If you have always dreamed of channeling Jackie O’s style, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Drape your headscarf over your face and tie the pointed ends together. When styling your hair this way, make sure to let a few hair strands on the sides of your face loose to create that effortless chic look. Go for a patterned scarf for maximum styling effect.


Twisted Turban

Head Scarves

This is a perfect look for casual, easy weekends in the summer. Who wants to waste precious hours of  beauty sleep, getting up much earlier than needed, just to do your hairdo’?  I’m sure most of you would agree, we hate that! The twisted turban is a go-to look  for the fashionable housewife, or just those with a flair for cuteness!  Put your hair into a high bun and leaving a few wisps of hair out to frame your face.  Fold your scarf to create a wide 4 to 5 inch band. Wrap it from the back to the top of your head and tie it into a bow. If you end up with long ends, simply tuck them under the scarf.


Bohemian Style

Head Scarves

Create a hippie hairstyle by adding a long and skinny headscarf to play up your bohemian look. For added drama, allow the other half of your scarf to trail along the side. This is the ultimate festival hairstyle and look this summer. For more festival looks check out our article Festival Hair; a Survival Guide.


Retro Tie

Head Scarves

This is one of the most popular ways to wear a head scarf simply because of the chic vibe it brings. If you want to get more punch out of this idea, opt for bright colored or patterned scarves!


Bigger, Bolder

Head Scarves

In most cases, scarves are used as complimentary styling accessory for your hairstyle. But why don’t you step it up a notch and make your scarf the centerpiece of your hairstyle? Oversized accessories look great for summer too, because you want to keep everything else minimal. By wearing an oversized scarf such as this one you can; cover up a bad hair day; protect your hair from harmful UVA and UVB rays; or just sport a unique summer cool look!


Wrap It

Head Scarves

If you are hair challenged and simply lack the desire to do all the knotting and tying involved with a headscarf, try an elastic head wrap. This is super easy to wear as you simply slide it over your head and you’re done! What could be easier?  Wear it as a bandanna or just like a headband, either way the scarf will have its own unique appeal.

When choosing a scarf any pattern is fun;  just keep in mind your favorite wardrobe colors, or pick one like this to match the color of your eyes and make your baby blues pop!

Do you like wearing scarf as hair accessory? What is your favorite way to wear it?

Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and FaceBook.


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