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    Lindsey Vonns Long Layered Hair Style a Winner!

    Long Layered Hair Style

    Long layered hair style perfect for Lindsey Vonn

    Lindsey Vonn’s long layered hair style reeks classy sophistication on this two-time World Champion! What could be more delectably feminine than long blonde softly face-framing layers on a fiercely competitive gal like Lindsey? It almost seems like an oxymoron . . . and that’s one reason she is the ‘darling,’ the poster girl of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.


    Long Layered Hair Style


    OK, I’m looking for some reason to put up a post on Lindsey Vonn. There are plenty of us in her hometown of St. Paul/Minneapolis who will be vigorously cheering on our poster gal this weekend. Every kid who has hit the slopes of “Buck Hill,” in the Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville, where Lindsey got her start, will be holding on to the seat of their pants, (no pants on the ground) in anticipation.


    Long Layered Hair Styles


    Lindsey Vonn is arguably the all time world’s best woman alpine skier with two consecutive World Cup wins in 2009 and 22 World Cup wins on her resume! She has been on ski’s since the age of 2 and has spent over 20 years perfecting her talent in this sport! She is in pursuit of 5 gold medals in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics starting this Friday, February 12th. She will first compete in the ladies combined downhill on Valentine’s day February 14th.  Jim Tracy, a United States ski-team coach, described the first time he saw Vonn ski. “She’s hauling down the mountain, her skis probably going 60, but the rest of her was hardly moving. It was like watching water flow down a hill.”

    But, back to Lindsey Vonns long layered hair style, since that’s what hairstyle-blog is about . . . the question comes to mind, what does a beautiful world-class athlete do with her hair? Her hair style needs to be functional first and foremost. For any athlete, a hair style needs to stay out of the face when practicing and competing and it needs to be quick and easy to style. Lindsey shared recently that she spends 6 to 8 hours a day in the gym preparing for the Olympics . . . that doesn’t leave much time for fussing with hair!

    For Lindsey a long layered hair style is perfect because it does both these things and it’s so versatile. She can pull it out of her face, into a ponytail or bun, for practicing and working out and put a cap on it as she is often seen doing out and about. For a head turning bouncy, feminine look, a long layered hair style can be curled using hot rollers, curling iron or velcro rollers. Long layered hair styles can also easily be converted into a variety of updo’s.


    Long Layered Hair Styles
    Long Layered Hair Styles

    Lindsey marries Thomas Vonn 9/29/07 Lindsey is a class act, everything we could hope for in our top athletes. We wish her success in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics!!  She is a fearless competitor who has worked, like world-class athletes work, towards her dream. Here is an excerpt from an article from Bill Pennington, a sport reporter for the N.Y. Times writes, from an interview he did with Lindsey;”Vonn is not naturally introspective. But when I asked her how she has managed to perform successfully under pressure in recent years, especially since stress seemed to undo her in the past, she paused. “Athletics at the highest level is a sport within a sport,” she answered, looking at the ceiling. “When you’re young, you develop ways to win, and you think they will always work, but then you get to the top, competing against the other top athletes, and sometimes things don’t work. You go home and ask yourself what went wrong, and for me the answer was that I didn’t have enough confidence in my preparation, and I didn’t have enough trust in myself.

    “So now I know that I’ve worked harder and prepared myself better than anyone. And I have put things in place. I have a race routine. I have a team of people helping me. I have winning habits. I believe in myself. I have balance in my life. In the end, it’s a mental maturity to let your best come out.”


    Barb Quinn on Google+  



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    Hairstyle Trends

    A collage of the 6 Hotest Hairstyle Trends for 2013

    Hairstyles So Hot, They’re Worth Wearing

    The year of 2012 was certainly eventful with another Presidential Elections and a Mayan apocalypse under our belts. But another memorable part of 2012 was of course, the fabulous hairstyles. From flirty up-dos to sexy texture, the past year has  revealed relaxed, feminine, and timeless hairstyles that are worth wearing into 2013.


    Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding Deep Side Part 2013 Hairstyles Trend

    • Who is it Best For:  Straight or wavy hair, medium to long lengths, Round, Heart, Square & Oval Face Shapes.
    • How to Style:  Apply volumizing spray on roots, focusing on the crown and the left and right of the part. Use a comb to create a clean side part. Allow hair to air dry and style with a large curling iron or blowdry with a roundbrush.
    • Recommended Products: Redken Body Full Volume Spray


    Olivia Wilde: Face framing ombre 2013 Hairstyle Trend
    • Who is it Best For: Those who want highlights without  monthly retouches, medium to long lengths, and naturally medium to dark hair.
    • How to Style: This hair color looks great with face framing layers. Smooth and straight, or tousled and wavy, this color can be worn in a variety of hairstyles.
    • Recommended Products: Kenra Platinum Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner
    • Additional Tips: Keep color looking fresh and shiny with hair gloss treatments every 4 to 6 weeks.


    Gisele Bundchen: Urban Wavy Hairstyle, Caramel Highlights 2013 Hairstyle Trend
    • Who is it Best For: Fine to Medium Hair, Oval, Heart, & Oblong Face Shapes
    • How to Style: Apply texture cream or beach spray to towel dried hair. Section hair into three or four large braids. Speed up dry time with a blow dryer, or allow to air dry.  Remove braids and enjoy sexy, relaxed waves.
    • Recommended Products: Sexy Healthy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray
    • Additional Tips: For more bounce, touch up straighter pieces with a medium to large barrel curling iron.


    Gossip Girl Celebrity: Blonde shorty layered bob 2013 Hairstyle Trend
    • Who is it For: Heart, Round, Square, & Oval Face Shapes
    • How to Style: For a tousled and sexy bob hairstyle, apply a mousse for volume and texture on towel dried hair. Blowdry the roots for volume and finish off with a dry wax for pieciness.
    • Recommended Products: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam; Paul Mitchell Dry Wax


    Zooey Dechanel: Long Brown Hair with Layers & Long Wispy Bangs 2013 Hairstyle Trend
    • Who is it For: Ideal for naturally straight hair, this hairstyle works well on Oblong, Heart & Oval Face shapes.
    • How to Style: Comb bangs forward while hair is damp. Blow dry bangs with a flat or round brush and touch up with a flat iron when completely dry if needed. Emulsify a tiny drop of shine serum in hands to run through hair and bangs for control and shine.
    • Recommended Products: Enjoy Shine & Smooth
    • Additional Tips: For this edgy, wispy bang it’s ideal for a hairdresser to point cut to add texture and reduce bluntness. Also, ask your stylist to go on the longer side; you can always ask them to go shorter, but they can’t put length back on!

    EDGY SHORT (short!)  STYLES

    Miley Cyrus Platinum Blonde Pixie Short a 2013 Hairstyle Trend
    • Who is it For: All hair types; Face Shapes that are Heart & Oval.
    • How to Style: Apply a volumizing gel or mousse on towel dried hair. Use a blow dryer on the roots to create volume and movement. Use a dry wax spray on tousled style. Use fingers to create additional volume and style.
    • Recommended Products: KMS Hair Play Dry Wax
    The votes are in and the hairstyles of 2012 are officially a hit!  Who says we need to retire such great style with the close of the year! Rock these hot trendy looks into 2013 for hairstyle that’s flirty, effortless, and ultra sexy! Stay up with all the happenings in hair trends by following our Pinterest Hair Trends  and Celebrities Boards.
    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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    Hair Color Ideas; Awesome Fall Trends

    Hair Color Ideas

    Heat Up Your Look this Fall With These Gorgeous, Rich Hair Color Ideas!

    With honey blonde, champagne reds, and rich caramels and chocolate, the forecast for fall hair color ideas are delicious. Whether you want to explore your darker side or want to lighten up this fall, tis the season to try something new with your hair color. We’ve got you covered with the 4 hottest hair color ideas this fall season.

    Honey Blonde

    Hair color this fall is taking on warmer tones including blondes. This golden shade of warm honey blonde is a great way to enhance naturally warm skin tones. If you don’t want to go all the way, consider adding some honey high lights or low lights to enhance your glowing skin. Warm honey blonde looks gorgeous with long flowing hair or untamed waves.


    Hair Color Ideas

    Champagne Red

    Take your blonde to another level with this trendy champagne hair color twist. Because it’s cooler than copper and strawberry blonde, champagne red is a great choice for skin with blue undertones or olive skin. If you have paler skin, champagne is also a great way to add depth as lighter blonde colors can wash out women with lighter skin. This color pairs well with a sweet bob or pretty pixie.

    Hair Color Ideas


    Caramel & Chocolate

    Embrace fall hair color with a deep chocolate shade complimented with accents of a rich caramel hue. Fall is a great time to experiment with darker color, and these irresistibly warm and velvety hues can make skin brighter and more youthful. Pair this color with layers or waves to show off the gorgeous dimension.

    hair color ideas

    Cinnamon Stick

    Now that you’re done swimming in the pool and sitting in the sun for a while, it’s officially the  the best time to enjoy those vibrant red colors again! Paired with pale or cool skin tones, cinnamon red is a fun way to give your look a punch of color. Whether long or shorter, this spicy color looks great with bangs.

    Hair Color Ideas

    Dark Chocolate

    Go au naturale with a shade in rich dark chocolate. If your go-to color is black, consider warming up your look with a shade lighter. This is a subtle way to modernize your hair color without a drastic change. Shine on with a super smooth and straight look for your dark chocolate locks.

    If you don’t want a major haircut but want to change up your look for fall, hair color is a great way to experiment with your look. Our tans may be fading along with shorter evenings and lazy vacations, but we can still hold on to a bit of warmth with fall’s rich (warmer) hair shades. For more terrific looks check out our Hair Color Ideas Pinterest board.

    Hairstyle Blog contributing author Lindsay Hausch
    Contributing author Lindsay Hausch has provided clients with professional cutting edge color and cutting techniques at exclusive Paul Mitchell and Bumble and Bumble Signature Salons for the past seven years. She co-founded Sedona Beauty Team, which represents a team of artists that offer luxury, on-location beauty services. She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise. You can follow Lindsay on Twitter and FaceBook.

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