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    Punch Up Brown Hair Color with These Ideas

    Brown hair with highlights

    How to Add Life and Vitality to Brown Hair Color

    Do you feel your brown hair color has become a bit drab and boring lately, and it needs a lift? Or, maybe you just need a change from the same old, same old?  Beautiful brunettes have a big range of hair colors to choose from that will perk up dulled locks. Whether you want to deepen, brighten or lighten your strands, (or maybe a little of both) here are a few ideas of what you can do to add radiance to your brown tresses.


    brown hair color

    Skin Tone

    Before choosing a hair color, you’ll first need to determine your skin tone in order to know which shades of brown will be the most flattering on you. It’s always best to choose a color that will enhance your natural beauty. A simple rule of thumb  for choosing the right shade is;  if your skin has cool underlying tones, pick a hair color that is also cool in tone, and the same is true for warm tones. An easy way to test this is to hold up something silver and gold next to your skin, in the daylight, and observe which color is more complimentary on you. If you find it hard to be objective, invite a friend to help out. If you opt for gold, you have warm tones in your skin, if you opt for silver, its cool tones for you.

    Brown hair golden highlights

    Hair Color

    Choosing a hair color off the shelf is difficult. The general rule is to stay within to 2 to 3 shades lighter than your natural color. Consider chestnut brown, or deep chocolate brown, for those of you with cool tones, and caramel or golden browns for a lighter, warmer look. After you have chosen a color, you’ll need to decide your length of commitment to the color. If you want a color that will wash out fairly quickly with the least amount of damage to your hair, your best option is semi-permanent hair color. These hair dyes last roughly 6 to 12 shampoos ( or more depending on your hair)  and they won’t lighten your hair color. You can only go darker with semi-permanent colors.

    If you want something that will last a bit longer try a demi-permanent hair dye. These colors normally last from 12 to 24 shampoos, and provide a noticeable change to your hair color. They can cover gray hair, or just tint the gray’s, depending on the hair type. Demi-permanent colors are a great choice for adding shine and depth to color that has faded. They are not as damaging to the hair as permanent dyes.

    Permanent dye does what it says, it permanently changes the color of your hair.  It contains ammonia and peroxide which gives it the superpower to lighten your hair color and deposit a new color over it.  Keep in mind, if you make a big color change with permanent hair color, you’ll need touch-ups approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.

     Brown Hair with Red Ends

    Want a Pop of  Hair Color that’s Temporary?

    You can inject bright colors into your hair by using a temporary product called Hair Shadows, by Colorsmash. These powers packs are a way to add zing to your hair color without the commitment. Simply rub the color onto the sections of hair you want brightened, seal it with a spritz of hairspray or a hot iron and you’re good to go.  Just wash it out when you want!

    These colors appear a bit darker on brown hair, but they still look fantastic. Colors that look amazing in brown hair are blues, purples, greens, some reds and pinks, but feel free to experiment with them all – these are washout products so you can’t lose. This semi-permanent solution is another option for the dye-hard fan of bright colors. Semi-permanent colors can be applied to prelightened or bleached hair for maximum effect. Again reds, blues and purples will look best in brown hair color. These products can readily be found on the Internet at affordable prices, and will often wash out within 12 washes depending on the porosity of your hair.

    Whether you want to change your look with a full head of color; highlights; lowlights; or just to be more adventurous; brown hair color is extremely versatile. It will brighten your look when you have found the shades that suit you best. Remember to use products for color treated hair to help your color stay vibrant and last longer!

    Contributing author Anisha Bhogaita is head of Editorial Creatives for a hair dye provider in the UK, Hunt or Dye, who specialise in providing bright hair colours and bleaching kits from brands such as La Riche and Crazy Colour . She enjoys writing articles that share her expertise.

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    Oops! I got my Hair Color too Dark, Now What?

    hair color too dark

    How to Fix Hair Color That is Too Dark

    It’s a common mistake to get your hair color too dark, but it is a mistake that’s tricky to fix, especially for non-professionals. I can’t tell you how many of these types of hair color disasters I’ve seen and been asked to fix over the years. It can be the hardest hair color correction to handle.

    Many times, hair color correction requires multiple steps, bleaching out the old hair color and then adding back the base hair colors that make up your natural hair color. The basic principle theory of color applies here, if you are at all confused about what artistic colors from the chart of hair colors mix to make other colors, don’t take it into your own hands. It takes a trained hair colorist to understand how to get you there with the least amount of added hair damage. There is high potential for major catastrophes here. Here are two recent comments on my blog to support my point.

    Hi, I dyed my hair jet black over a year ago. I want to lighten my hair to a nice light brown and put blonde high lights in it. My hair is coarse, curly and extremely frizzy. When i used to dye my hair it never took. I don’t want to go to a salon because i have a beauty store by my house that sells the same products. Is there a way i can strip my hair and get rid of the jet black dye? what should i do? i don’t want to mess it up because my hair gets dry easily. Should i bleach it? please help me

    Hi Melinda??I have the EXACT same problem, I bleached my hair blonde and my hair is naturally dark brown with subtle red high lights (in the sun) the hair colour turned out to look freakishly orange and to cover up the embarrassment and hair colour I dyed it blue-black. But the hair colour looks too dark with my warm brown skin tone. I look pale and scary. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Although my best advice is to have a professional colorist fix this kind of problem, I know many of you don’t have the money to invest in a hair color correction service. Here is an option: just keep in mind it also will dry hair, so if you choose to do this, follow the directions carefully.

    How Can I do Hair Color Removal? — The chemical process of hair color removal, and then getting the hair color you desire, requires an experienced hair colorist to get it right. There are different solutions depending on what hair color your trying to correct, what chemical processes are already on your hair, and how much more abuse your hair can take.

    L’Oreal, Revlon, and Clairol all have consumer hotlines that take thousands of calls a year from customers who didn’t get the hair color they were hoping for. Do you know what they all have in common? When asked if they did a strand test, the overwhelming response was “No.” Why? The excuses are similar, “didn’t have the time,” “didn’t want to cut off some of my hair,” “didn’t think it was really necessary.”

    Clairol — 800-223-5800
    L’Oreal — 800-631-7358
    Revlon — 800-4Revlon

    You can try the hotline, but beware and think twice before trying hair color correction at home. A better bet here would be a consultation with your hairdresser. If they are specialized at hair coloring, great, otherwise let them refer you to someone who is. You may be able to get close to the original hair color you intended, but not without spending some more time, more money and possibly doing irreparable hair damage. All of that being said, and you still want to try a home remedy to lighten hair color too dark, here are your options:

    • Use a clarifying shampoo Metalex by Clairol — A product that claims to remove problem overtones that occur from hair colors that have deposited too much ash, red, copper, or lavender. It contains sulphonated oil, which supposedly does the stripping. The product only works for temporary hair dyes, not permanent hair dyes. You can find this hair care product and many other specialty hair care products at your local Beauty Mart, Sally Beauty Supply, or my favorite Folica.
    • Soap-bleach shampoo cocktail — The most effective, and will be the most challenging to use. To lift out hair color removal, combine one packet of bleach powder to two ounces of shampoo. You can add some water for longer hair. Mix it up and shampoo into your hair. WATCH CLOSELY for the hair turning lighter as the old hair color leaves. Wash it out when the hair color has lifted out. It’s better to wash it out early as you can redo this step as often as needed. Now you can apply a level two hair color that you wanted in the first place.

    Barb Quinn on Google+  


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    Hottest Fall Hairstyle Trends

    Fall Hairstyle Trends

    5 Must Have Fall Hairstyle Trends

    Summer is officially and sadly over. Even though no one wants to let it go, the up and down temperatures say it all and it is that time of the year to dig in our closets and make a change. It is also the time to get our coats and jackets ready for the cold weather coming our way. Our hair is no different, as changes are necessary to incorporate the feeling of the new season in our lives, and for every beautiful and warm outfit we wear this autumn, a beautiful and hot hairdo is also required to make you feel glamorously prepared for the fall season.

    Considering the time it’s going to take to prepare for that new school or job, what woman doesn’t like something simple to style to avoid wasting time in the morning? Fringe is a great way to go, and when I say fringe, I mean major bangs! Although it is important to achieve the ideal cut that matches the shape of your face, the front and side bangs are modern and stylish hairstyle trends for this fall. To achieve better results, you should smooth the foundation and put some protecting spray before you blow-dry it. Don’t forget to use some serum afterwards and finish it with hairspray so your bangs can shine all day long.

    Big Hair ladies should also be prepared because this is their time to rock, as we have seen a recent hairstyle trend to big hair during the past NYFW. Those big and bouncy curls have the perfect place in the fall season. To build on this hot hairstyle trend, the goal is to make those curls become very fluffy and retro looking. Add some sophistication by using some light hair mousse and let it air-dry. To make it even curlier you can do one-inch curls with the curling iron, making sure the top of your hair closest to the part is straight, adding an impactful and curly bounce to the ends of your tress. For women with shorter hair, trying adding more curly hair extensions from NewTress to give you that added bounce at the ends.


    Hairstyle Trends

    Another very modern and edgy hairstyle trend for this fall is the slicked back hairdo. Seen on stars on red carpets across the globe, the style is very easy to make and changes the whole look of an outfit. If you ever wanted to look like Kim Kardashian, pay attention as we know she loves this look! To obtain that look you need your hair a little damp, then use a comb to style it slicked from the top near your forehead to the back, making sure there are no knots. The main part is to use a wet looking gel and apply it by using your palms. The back of your hair though needs to be gel free, in order to preserve the impact of the slicker part of your hair.

    Hairstyle trends

    Lastly, lets talk about colors, as a subtle change can make a whole different between summer and fall hairstyles. For those with blond locks, it is important to not go overboard with your tone, try instead to put some brown / light brunette hue into it to make it look more natural, either in the roots or with highlights. As we move to the brunettes, we go actually with the opposite, adding a gold tonality to the brown hair will make it look more interesting; however, make sure to keep those gold ribbons ultra thin. Oh, and if you are looking for a big change, why not go red? As crazy as may seen, you can actually make the look very soft by going with a deeper shade of red and pairing it with brown. Red has been recognized as a huge trend for 2013 that most expect to carry onto next season as well. As we can see, the earthy hues are totally in!

    Hair Trends typically change slowly, so be sure to watch your favorite celebrities as their stylists are usually on the avant garde with new styles. Big Hair and Curly Hair are definitely in and so are slicked hairstyles, but you can always play it safe by going with braids, which seem to be making a strong comeback this year. I am so ready to start this season. What about you? How is your hair starting the fall?

    NewTress Virgin Hair Extensions

    Carla Alves, brings her love for fashion across the Atlantic from Sao Paulo, Brazil to New York, New York. A regular contributor to the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising International Student Blog, Carla finds herself consistently seeking new challenges and opportunities to grow in fashion. As a Beauty Blogger for NewTress Virgin Hair, Carla combines knowledge in blogging and interviewing with fashion experience at large events such as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and Miami Fashion Week. Connect with her on .


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