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    Bohemian Hair Styles, DIY Insider How To Secrets

    How to do Boho Hair Styles Like a Pro

    When I think of Bohemian hair styles, (aka Boho hair) I think of earthy and natural looking hair. Long hair parted in the middle and hanging in loose subtle curls is a throwback to the 1970’s hippie scene.  Back then, young women wore long flowing hair with leather headbands, faded jeans and chunky jewelry, very much like some of our Bohemian hair styles today. With or without bangs, the Bohemian look enhances your natural beauty and brings out a feminine glow. Loose face-framing curls can give you a soft, romantic look.

    Thick, straight bangs are one option, while some prefer long, side-swept, almost wispy bangs. No matter what texture your hair is, wearing it in its natural state is perfectly Boho.

     Brooke White and Carly Simon wore Bohemian Hair Styles

    Brooke White and Carly Simon wore Bohemian hair styles, you can create this wild child Boho hair, by scrunching even or layered hair sprayed with a curl activator such as TIGI’s, Curls Rock or a mousse like Paul Mitchell’s Sculpting Foam with conditioner.  Scrunching will give your hair more texture and volume, let your hair air dry and finger comb through. Your bohemian hair is uniquely yours to wear and as a hairdresser, I think our individual differences are what make each of us beautiful.

    The Bohemian or Boho look is a versatile classic goto style that really can be appropriate for any occasion (especially those where you want to steal the show). You’ll feel appropriately styled if you’re attending a weekend festival or a formal dressy event. Boho hair styles are low maintenance and look ultra-feminine, so keep make-up fresh and light to go with your hairstyle.

    Minka Kelly with a Bohemian Hair Style

    Minka Kelly in half up do with braids, clearly a Bohemian hair style, this quick and easy Boho style is long natural hair with two loose braids on either side of a center part, then connecting in the back. Easy to do and looks sooo cute!

    Bohemian Hair Style on Sienna Miller

    Sienna Miller in a Bohemian style updo. You can create a braided halo; start with a center part and a long braid. Wrap the braid around your head and pin it down as you wrap, secure the end of the braid under the beginning of it.

    A Bohemian French Braid Updo Hair Style

    Another Bohemian updo starts with two French braids on the sides, which are braided to the neckline where the ends are secured with elastic.  Separating the ends into smaller sections, twist each section into a coil then pin it down, leaving the ends free. It’s an artsy, Boho updo that turns out differently every time you create it.

    Your Bohemian hair style may be as simple as pulling your hair off your face and letting long waves spill over your shoulders. Whichever, you choose, remember that a Bohemian hairstyle is clean, shiny and natural!

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    6 Vacation Hairstyles to Survive a Summer Road Trip

    Vacation Hairstyles

    6 Smart Vacation Hairstyle Strategies

    Road trips and travel plans are quite hectic during summer. You want to take advantage of the weather and time off from work or school in order to experience a new adventure with friends or family. You spend a lot of time planning every aspect of your road trip or travel to ensure that you can have a fun time, while checking out the private jet charter cost estimator wondering if you will ever be to live that jet set lifestyle. Picking a hairstyle for a long summer road trip should be hinged on three factors: 1) style, 2) comfort and convenience, and 3) ability to cope with the heat. If you’re going somewhere a little more cold, like Iceland, coping with the heat may be less of a concern for your hair; deciding what to pack for iceland should be your chief concern and then your hairstyle can follow. Thankfully, you do not have to spend hours trying to decide what hairstyle works best for your impending travel. We’ve showcased the most effortlessly beautiful hairstyles that take only a few minutes to do.

    Headband Braid

    Vacation Hairstyles

    There is no better combination of chic hairstyle and comfort than going for a headband braid for those long hours in transit. It is also a good option for women who like to keep their hair down, but wanted to keep the bangs out of the way. This trendy plait works on all face shapes, too. Meanwhile, there is a certain playful touch associated with this hairstyle.

    Knot It Up

    Vacation Hairstyles

    A top knot will never go out of style because it serves a lot of purpose. Evidently, it is one of the best hairstyles for keeping hair off of your face. Hence, it is not only a trendy look but also highly functional. The best thing about wearing a top knot is that it is one of the most forgiving hairstyles around – there is no right or wrong way to wear it. And don’t even get me started on how simple it is to make your own top knot…

    Pigtail Braid

    Vacation Hairstyles

    Another functional hairstyle for your summer road trip is a pigtail braid. The fact that it parts your hair into two sides provides comfort to the back of your neck during hot summer days. Meanwhile, securing them into a braid helps to ensure that you won’t have to deal with frizziness caused by the humid weather. This is also a fantastic hairstyle if you like to wear hats as it does not get in the way.

    Loose, Messy Ponytail

    Vacation Hairstyles

    A ponytail is the go-to hairstyle for women on-the-go. But for your summer road trips, add some spice and sass to your look by going for a slightly undone look to your ponytail. Add lots of volume with teasing and spritzing some volumizing mousse into your hair before gathering them into a ponytail. You can also pull out small sections of hair along the side of your face to create a framing effect. If you’re looking for some sexy ponytail ideas Barb has a great DIY how to in her article Cute Ponytail Ideas.

    Short ‘Do

    Vacation Hairstyles

    Short hair is the hot trend for summer 2014. Why don’t you use this excuse to go for a short ‘do, especially if you have considered chopping off your locks for some time now? A short haircut like a bob or pixie is also ideal during summer road trips because you don’t have to worry about staying hot and having to keep your strands in line. It is carefree without losing its chic vibe.

    Beach Waves

    Vacation Hairstyles

    The quintessential summer vacation hairstyle is the most popular choice of look for summer. If you like the carefree vibe of this look, and if you can deal with the fact that your long hair is down, it provides an easy way to style your hair for those long summer road trips. What makes it an even more convenient choice is the fact that you can wash your hair the night before your road trip, then braid your hair and leave it on overnight. The morning after, you simply take out the braids for an effortless beach wave. No more styling in the morning and you’re good to go! What is your favorite hairstyle to wear on the road? We’d love to hear about them!

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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    Fun Low Bun Hairstyles for Summer 2020

    Low Bun Hairstyles

    Deceptively Simple Low Bun Hairstyles

    Now that summer is officially here, you’ll be busy planning summer fun things like trips and rendezvous with friends. With so many things to do, you don’t want to be spending time worrying about how your hair looks. And yet, who doesn’t want to look effortlessly beautiful for all those soirees and summer snapshots?  We got you covered with these quick and easy low bun hairstyles.  A low bun is the perfect go-to hairstyle for summer. It adds a dash of glam to any look without sacrificing precious time to create the hairstyle. Here’s how to rock a low bun in 5 minutes or less!

    Messy Low Bun

    Loose Low Bun Hairstyles
    Loose Low Bun Hairstyles

    This hairstyle is the perfect epitome of the laid-back vibe of summer. If this does not convert you to loving low buns, I don’t know what will. The messy low bun infuses romance and sophisticated elegance into one look. Be sure to let wisps of hair haphazardly fall out to capture the look.  It’s also highly versatile because you can rock it with a swim suit as well as a long dress, gown, or any casual attire. If you don’t have the time to change your hairstyle from day to night, no need to worry;  the bun transitions flawlessly well.

    To style a messy low bun, start by applying a volumizing cream to the hair. Volume is critical for creating this look. Then, take a 1 ½ inch curling iron and form large curls on your hair. Brush through the curls using your fingers to soften the waves. Gather all of your hair and form a ponytail before you loop it one more time to create the low bun. Finish off with hairspray and take out small pieces of hair along the sides of the face for a soft, messy look.

    Curly Low Bun

    Low Bun Hairstyles

    Low Bun Hairstyles

    If you have naturally curly hair this look will be a no-brainer, but curling tools are able to give most of you this look. One thing that gives this style it’s gorgeous look is the fact that it frames the face while giving an elegant, effortless touch to your overall look!

    Prep your hair by applying a small amount of texturizing spray before styling. Then, use a one inch barrel curling iron to form ringlets and add definition to your curls. When you are done, gather your hair into a low ponytail and wrap it until you form a loose, low bun and pin in to place. For a more casual look, leave out a few strands around your face. Finish off your style with a shine serum.

    Low Bun with Side Braid

    Low Bun Hairstyle with Side Braid

    Low Bun Hairstyle with Side Braid

    If you prefer a low bun hairstyle that is romantic and ultra feminine, then this is the hairstyle for you. The addition of braids to the mix gives this bun extra glam appeal.  And, looking all girlie and romantic is also the same qualities that make this an ideal look for summer.

    To recreate this hairstyle, start by dividing your hair into two sections: the upper and lower part. Work with the upper section first and clip the lower part of the hair to keep it of the way. Secure the lower section into a ponytail and loop the hair around the base to form a bun. Divide the upper section and create a French braid on each side. When you reach the ends, go from French braiding to regular braiding. Secure the ends into the bun with bobby pins.

    Low Side Bun

    Low Side Bun Hairstyle

    Low Side Bun Hairstyle

    This is one hairstyle idea that you can try with a low bun if you want something that is classy and a bit more on the dressy side. And the most surprising part or this look is how easy it is to do!

    Start by gathering your hair into a low ponytail on one side. Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic tie. Form the top layer of your hair into another ponytail (make sure it is directly above the first ponytail you created). Start teasing your ponytails to create more volume. Use your finger to comb through the ends in order to form a single ponytail. Wrap your locks around the base and pin to create a beautifully textured but glamorous side low bun.

    What is your favorite way to wear a low bun hairstyle?

    Questions to Ask Your Hairstylist
    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.


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